Whitelines Flexo Notebooks

Whitelines Flexo Notebook Laying Flat

After yesterday's post about the top selling notebooks on Amazon, I thought I should follow up today with a post sharing a pretty cool new notebook that I think should end up as a top seller one day.  I first saw these new Whitelines Flexo notebooks at the National Stationery Show earlier this year.  Wen they finally became available on Amazon I grabbed a few to do this review. … [Read more...]

Whitelines Hard Wire A5 Black Cover

Whitelines Hard Wire Black A5 and A6 Lined with Fountain Pen

One of the cool office supplies I got to get a look at when i was at the National Stationery Show were these new Whitelines notebooks with black cover  Adding a black cover to a notebook doesn't really make it much different, but it certainly makes these cool notebooks look even cooler. … [Read more...]

Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook

The Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook

A while back I reviewed a Whitelines Notebook that I really enjoyed using, and actually still do enjoy using, so I wanted to write up another of their notebooks.  This one is the pocket sized lined version, which is much smaller, but still quite nice. … [Read more...]

Whitelines A4 Wired Graph Paper Notebook Review

The Whitelines A4 graph paper notebook

The Whitelines brand of notebooks offer a unique design that I have not seen with other notebooks or stationery in general.  The Whitelines paper itself has a very soft gray color to it, and the lines are actually pure white, so it is basically the opposite of any white paper that you may have seen that has gray lines.   There are a lot of other unique things about the Whitelines notebook (via Amazon.com) with graph paper, so let me get into today's new … [Read more...]

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