Uniball Kuru Toga Roulette All Black Mechanical Pencil

Uniball Kuru Toga Roulette Knurled Grip

I've mentioned before that I'm a sucker for all black pens and pencils, and this new Uniball Kuru Toga Roulette caught my attention a few weeks ago when it popped up on the new products page over at JetPens, although it is also available via Amazon.   I've already done an extensive Kuru Toga review, so I don't know that i have much more to add to this one other than some ogling over the looks. … [Read more...]

Uni-ball NanoDia 0.5 mm – 2H Low-Wear Pencil Lead

Uni-ball NanoDia 0.5 mm - 2H Low-Wear Pencil Lead

After more than two year years of writing this blog about office supplies, I just recently realized that I have never written a review of any mechanical pencil leads.  With that in mind, I set out to JetPens to find a lead that I thought would be worth testing out, and naturally I gravitated towards the Uniball line of leads that comes with the Uniball Kuru Toga mechanical pencil. … [Read more...]

A Pen for Left Handed Writers – Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold

Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold Taken Apart

The new Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold caught my eye the other day when I was looking around for some more new office supplies to review.  I'm a big fan of any Jetstream pen I've ever tried so I was pretty sure this one would be no different.  I also have had a few questions about pens for left handed writers lately and I don't think I ever explored the fact that the Jetstream line is probably one of the best pens for left handed people to write with, you can … [Read more...]

Uniball Kuru Toga High Grade Mechanical Pencil

Uniball Kuru Toga High Grade

I think I've stated my hatred for writing with a pencil on this blog before, which is why I thought it was pretty funny when I found myself writing down notes the other day with my Uniball Kuru Toga High Grade (via JetPens) that I picked up a while ago.  The interesting thing about this was that I didn't even remember making a conscious decision to pick up the pencil, that I've been carrying in my pencil case ever since I bought it.   In the past I claimed … [Read more...]

Uniball Jetstream RT 1mm Retractable Roller Ball

Uniball Jetstream RT Bold

I was doing some office supply shopping recently and I came across the Uniball Jetstream RT in a Bold 1.0 mm on my travels.  Although I don't typically like a point that big, I thought it would be fun to try out a pen that is literally twice as big as the .5mm tips that I usually like to use. … [Read more...]

Uniball Power Tank Smart Series Pen for Hot and Cold Weather

Uniball Power Tank Smart Series No Label

I love any review where I get to start by saying "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!"  With the Uniball Power Tank Smart Series (see it here from JetPens)there are certain things about it that just beg for some extreme testing, like the claims that it is a great cold weather pen and also a great hot weather pen as well as being able to write upside down and on wet paper. The first half of the review will be the usual stuff, but the last half will be the more fun … [Read more...]

Uniball Jetstream Color Series – Orange

Uniball Jetstream Color Series - Orange Body

I was excited when I saw that JetPens (links to all the colors) had some new versions of what I believe are the best ballpoint pens you can get, the Uniball Jetstream.  Being that I'm a pretty big fan of many things orange, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pick up an orange ballpoint pen.  Standard disclaimer here...no discount from JetPens, this pen was purchased by yours truly. … [Read more...]

Uniball Gel RT Micro .38mm Pen Review

Uniball Gel RT Micro .38 mm

I've reviewed a bunch of Uniball Signo pens in the past, but the majority of them have come from JetPens, and are not usually available at many places within the US, especially not at any major retail office supply stores.  For that reason, I was excited when I learned that the Uniball Gel RT Micro .38 mm was available from OfficeMax, and also here from Amazon.com if you are so inclined. Most of my reviews of the Uniball Signo line have consisted of … [Read more...]

Uniball Signo 207 Ink Drying Test

Rhodia Web Notebook 90g Paper

Recently I had a comment on my first Uniball Signo 207 review regarding the drying time for this ink on different papers.  When I went back and looked at the review, I realized that I never did any kind of test to see how quickly these pens dry.  So Luis, here is an update to take a look at the Signo 207 on some different paper. … [Read more...]

Uniball Signo .5mm Brown Black

Comparison of the Uniball Signo .5mm and .38mm

Back when I did my first review of the Uniball Signo DX .38 in black brown, I mentioned that I didnt like how the ink looked mostly black on paper.  Well, I had a comment from one of my friendly readers suggesting that I try out the .5mm version if I wanted to be able to better see that it was brown black instead of looking like regular black, so I picked one up at Maido Stationery in CA to try it out and compare. … [Read more...]

Uniball Jetstream Premier 1mm

The Uniball Jetstream Premier 1mm in its package

Eventually you might get tired of coming to this site looking for cool office supplies only to find yet another review of a slightly different Uniball Jetstream, but I assure you that I think this may be one of the last Jetstream reviews for a while.  Not because I don’t like them anymore, but just because I think I’ve covered the majority of the Jetstream line.  I picked up this Uniball Jestream Premier from Amazon recently for this review. … [Read more...]

Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Basic .7mm Red

The Uniball Jetstream ballpoint in red.

This is probably a shorter office supply review than you are used to here, but I realized I forgot to do something when I did my initial review of the Uniball Jetstream ballpoint pen in the past, so I wanted to revisit it for two reasons.  First and most importantly I love the Uni-ball Jetstream, even for a ballpoint they just write so well, and they look awesome too.  Second reason is because I picked up this red version of the Un-ball Jetstream from … [Read more...]

Exclusive Review: Uniball Signo Gel Pen & Mechanical Pencil in One

The all new Uniball Signo MF2 Gel Pen and Mechanical Pencil.  Both writing points are a .5mm tip.

The good people over at Uniball have shown their generosity and let me get my hands on their new and yet unreleased Signo MF2 Gel Pen and Mechanical Pencil. Specific thanks go to @Uniball_Pen_Gal on Twitter. She works for the Uni-ball brand, and was the one responsible for sending this new pen over to me. When I started this blog I really just thought it would be a good excuse for me to buy some more office supplies to play with, and I could justify the … [Read more...]

Uni-Ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen .7mm

uniball jetstream

The Uni-Ball Jetstream ballpoint .7mm Pen is one of the very few ballpoint pens that I can honestly say that I like to write with.  In addition to enjoying writing with this pen, I also have to say that this is one of the more attractively designed pens that I have seen in a long time, excluding any pen that you might pay upwards of $25 for...luckily this awesome pen can be had from JetPens.com for only $2.25, and comes in red, black, and blue.  The thing … [Read more...]

The Uniball Paper Clipper – Can Uniball make a better binder clip?


The Uniball Paper Clipper is a unique item in the sense that it is a Uniball branded product that is not a writing implment, but rather a system for fastening sheets of paper.  The easiest way to describe this is that it seems to serve the same purpose as your standard binder clip.   The medium size version that I have here is suited to bind up to 40 pages, while there is also a small and large verison which bind 60 and 15 pages respectively.  When I saw … [Read more...]

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