Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets

Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Full

These little Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets by 3M (Buy via Amazon)are a really handy little accessory for your notebook or just about anywhere you don't mind affixing some 3M sticky adhesive to.  Although the above photo and this review are for the 2 pack of 2 5/8" x 3 7/8" version, they come in a few larger sizes as well. … [Read more...]

Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes

Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes Sticky Area

 This is a short post today.  Not short because the Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes don't deserve a long write up, but short because they are just what you would expect from this exceptional brand.  The Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes are standard 3 inch by 3 inch sticky notes with one difference from their regular counterparts.  There are many variations that you can buy these in, however this package has 4 colored pads with 25 sheets on … [Read more...]

Post-it Graph Paper Sticky Notes Package

Post it Graph Paper Sticky Notes Front and Back

Sometimes lots of random searching through Amazon will turn up a great product, and in this case that product would be the Post-it Graph Paper Sticky Note Pads pictured above.  I never really gave thought to graph paper sticky notes but was very happily surprised to see that they exist. … [Read more...]

Post-it Notes Grip Pop-Up Dispenser

Post-it Notes Grip Pop-Up Dispenser

This fairly innocuous looking box of Post-it Notes is part of the Post-it "grip" series that I've reviewed in the past they are the Post-it notes Grip Pop-up Dispenser.  Back in April of last year, I took a look at one of the other items in this line, which was the desk set of Post-it flags with the grip, which I thought was really cool and useful. … [Read more...]

Post-It Durable Filing Tabs

Post-it Durable Filing tabs in their dispenser

I took a trip to Staples the other day to see what cool new office supplies I could find, and the good people at 3M and Post-it  didnt let me down.  I picked up these Post-it Filing Tabs, they said "New" on the package and I dont remember seeing them before so Ill assume that they are in fact new. … [Read more...]

Post-it Flag Plus Highlighter Review

The Post-it Flag Plus Highlighters in Green, Blue, and Yellow.

What good is an office supply review blog if you dont review one more frequently used office tools out there?  The 3M Wide Barrel Post-it Flag Plus Highlighter is not only a highlighter, but also a Post-it flag dispenser.  This is another office supply that was sent to me for review by my generous contact at 3M.  The Post-it® Flag Plus Highlighter, 3 Pack, Yellow are available via Amazon, or you can also grab the Post-it® Flag Plus Highlighter, Assorted, … [Read more...]

Post-it Brand Pockets

3M and the Post-it Brand offer the Post-it Pocket for your organizing needs

The 3M company and their Post-it brand is one of the first that always comes to mind when I think about office supplies.  These new Post-it Brand Pockets from them has the familiar characteristic of being a re-stickable (if thats a word) item which is something they have proven to be a leader in manufacturing.  It is different from their Post-it notes though in the fact that this is an aid for organizing rather than being a stationary product.  Much like … [Read more...]

Post-it Brand Desk Grip Dispensers for Post-it Flags

Just wanted to give some fair time to the non-refillable version of the Post-it Desk Grip Dispenser.

The Post-it brand has a new line of Post-it flag dispensers that add a little bit of extra (and very helpful) functionality to an already great office supply.  These new Post-it Desk Grip Dispensers were given to me by my contact at 3M a few weeks ago, and now that I've had time to use these a little bit I thought I it was time to do my review of them. I did a quick check to see where these were available, and you can find them here on and … [Read more...]

Exclusive Review: Post-it Flag+ Gel Pens

The new Post-it Brand Flag+ Gel Pen line up.  2 colors, 2 size points.

I'm sure you have noticed that I have recently done a few Post-it Flag Pen reviews here, and you are probably thinking, great, here is another one. But before you decide to move on to doing actual work instead of reading blogs for the day, hang on a second.  Although these pens are similar to the permanent marker version, and the ballpoint versions I recently reviewed, it is exciting to see these pens will soon be offered in a gel version.  Even more … [Read more...]

Post-it Flag+ Pen ballpoint (medium) review

The Post-it Flag+ Ballpoint Pen

Typically when I think of pens, I have to say that 3M is not the first brand that I think of.  On the other hand, when I think of office supplies in general, then 3M and Post-it certainly come to the top of my mind.  I think sticky notes are one of the most commonly thought of office supplies, so the fact that they are starting to offer a wider line of pens should come as no surprise.  The Post-it Flag + pen that I am reviewing today comes directly from … [Read more...]

Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker

Woody with the Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker

The Post-it Flag Plus Permanent Marker was an Office Supply Geek impulse purchase that happened while I was checking out what my local Office Depot had to offer. I had never really tried or been a big user of the Post-it flags, however when I saw this, I thought that it was a pretty practical item and I would check it out since it was only about $6 for two of them.  The Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker  is identified as being an extra fine point, and the … [Read more...]

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