Pilot G2 – Is Orange Better?

Pilot G2 Orange .7mm

If you have seen any of the other posts here about the ever popular Pilot G2 pen, you will know that the thing is kind of a mystery to me, and certainly is not one of my favorite pens.  When presented with the opportunity to get some new pens for review from our friends at Jetpens, I coudln't help but see if the Orange Pilot G2 might offer … [Read more...]

Pilot G2 .38mm Ultra Fine Refills

Pilot G2 .38mm Ultra Fine Refills

In the past I've written plenty about how I don't think the Pilot G2 is deserving of all the praise and popularity that it gets.  In this review of the Pilot G2, I show some writing samples that clarify exactly why I've felt that way.  As a result of those comments and reviews, many of you have told me that I should try out the .38mm Ultra Fine Pilot G2 Refills because they wrote much better.  With that in mind we are looking at the Pilot G2 .38mm refill … [Read more...]

Pilot G6 – Is Bigger Better?

Pilot G6 and Pilot G2 Comparison

So bigger is better, right?  Well....if you wan the short and quick answer so you don't have to read the rest of this post, then no it is definitely not better.  If you care to know why, I will indulge you with my thoughts on the Pilot G6 Gel Ink Pen and why I was an idiot for even buying it in the first place. … [Read more...]

This Pens Ink is Baffling to Me – The Pilot G2

The Pilot G2 Pens Ink is Baffling to Me

  I don't think I've made any secret of the fact that I'm really not on board with those who think that the Pilot G2 is the best pen and in fact, I've been pretty harsh in my criticism of it here in the past.  I found something odd the other day though when I started using a G2 by accident, and something about this pens ink really surprised me when I took a second to look closer. … [Read more...]

Pilot Bottle to Pen (B2P) Recycled Water Bottle Pen

The Pilot B2P Water Bottle Pen

These new earth friendly pens from Pilot called the Bottle to Pen (B2P) get their interesting name because they are made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  Seems like a cool idea from Pilot to be earth friendly, so I thought I'd pick some of them up to take a closer look at and share with you. … [Read more...]

Best Gel Ink Pens

Good, better and best concept

I was checking out Amazon.com for new office supplies to review, and I came across their list of the top selling gel ink pens and I thought I'd share how the best gel ink pens rank by Amazon sales.  So although this post is title best gel ink pens, I guess it should really be interpreted as being the gel ink pens that Amazon managed to sell the most of at the time of this writing. 1. Uniball 207 2. Pilot G2 3. Pilot FriXion 4. Vivo … [Read more...]

The Pilot G2 Limited with Extra Fine Refills

Pilot G2 Limited Grip

After trying the regular Pilot G2 and not being thrilled with it, I decided Id give the Pilot G2 Limited a try to see if I liked the different and higher end body style any better. I also swapped out the .7mm ink cartridge with the Pilot G2 Extra Fine Refills ,which are .5mm based on comments from my original Pilot G2 Review. … [Read more...]

Is the Pilot G2 the Best Pen

Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pen

The Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pen is one of the most popular pens out there according to various sources.  If you believe their own packaging it is the #1 selling pen in America.   It is currently in the #1 spot on Amazon's list of Top Pens and Refills and is #1 on the Amazon list of Top Rollerballs as well.  Personally, I've never been convinced that it was the best pen out there.  This seems to go against commonly accepted opinion among people who enjoy their … [Read more...]

OfficeSupplyGeek News from the Web

The Pen Guy has a great site where you can see his previous projects where he recycled old disposable pens. He is currently looking to collect 1,000,000 more pens to work on projects to re-use and recycle the vast waste generated by disposable pens. Great site, you should take a look, and help him out if you can. Handmade Fusion has a fancied up and gift-boxed Pilot G2 for sale. InventorSpot has a list called "10 Quirky Pencils, Pens, And Funky … [Read more...]

Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen – Pt. 3

Uni-ball Power Tank, Pilot G2, and Pilot Varsity on wet paper

We have reached the final post in this 3 part series on the Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen.  The results might be a bit surprising. I managed to successfully freeze all of the pens in a test tube and get some more writing samples from each of them. I also did a quick test to see how each of these pens write on wet paper. One thing I realize that I did not do is compare another ballpoint pen to the Power Tank, I might have to try that at a later date. … [Read more...]

Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen – Pt. 2

Uniball Power Tank review frozen

Well, I've got my experiment for part 2 set up, so I thought Id post a quick update with some pictures too.  We have a Uniball Power Tank frozen for this review to see how it handles extreme conditions. As I had mentioned previously, I mostly use the Uniball Power Tank to track my gas mileage, so I am often writing on gas receipts leaning against my steering wheel or some other non flat surface that requires the pen to be on an angle. In addition to … [Read more...]

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