Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology

Avery White Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology

Its hard to do much thats exciting with shipping labels, but to tell you the truth, what Avery has done with their TrueBlock technology is pretty cool as far as office supplies go.  Id even say that because of what Avery has done with these Shipping Labels these are environmentally friendly in their own way. The cool part about these Avery shipping labels is that you can use them directly over a shipping label from any box or package that you already … [Read more...]

The gripsharp Pencil Sharpener and Grip

The gripsharp pencil sharpener and grip

There are  so many cool ideas out there for office supplies, and I always find it fascinating because when it comes to something like a pencil or a pencil sharpener, I never think there is much room for improvement.  When I was contacted by the people that make the gripsharp pencil sharpener, I was surprised yet again by the creativity of their product. … [Read more...]

The Staples Better Divider with Sliding Tabs

Staples brand divider

I usually enjoy a stop at my local Staples to see what kind of stuff they have, but as much as I love it there, they dont usually have what I consider to be really unique office supplies because they obviously need to cater to the larger market of folks who just need the basics.  I was surprised when I saw the better divider sitting on the shelf a few weeks ago when I stopped there, because it looked like such a great idea. … [Read more...]

RAGGEDedge Sailcloth Pocket Folder

Inside the RAGGEDedge folder

I think one thing that we can all appreciate when it comes to office supplies is finding something that is durable and will last you a long time.  When I was contacted by the nice folks at RAGGEDedge Gear, I was immediately impressed with their idea to use sailcloth to add a good deal of durability to some office supplies and other items that typically take some abuse and end up becoming unusable as they deteriorate. … [Read more...]

Office Supplies to Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud

2 shredded checks.  Why wouldnt you own a good paper shredder?

Long post today, it covers Uniball pens, Paper Shredders, Privacy Screens, and a bunch of online resources.  Just my spin on how to use office supplies to keep your personal info protected. I'm sure that many of you have already seen the above Uniball commercial that explains some of the benefits of their pens in preventing identity theft and fraud, and I know that there have been some other good posts on other pen review sites about these pens and … [Read more...]

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