Daycraft Signature Notebook with 100g Paper

The Daycraft Signature Notebook with Aqua Cover and Orange Accents

Back in December, I was contacted by the people who manufacture the Daycraft series of notebooks and planners to see if I would try out some of their products and review them here.  At first I was a bit reluctant because they were not yet offering their products here in the US, however being that they are so popular in China, and that they do have plans for introducing these into the US soon, I figured I should check them out.  I was also intrigued because … [Read more...]

Miquelrius Flexible Notebook

Miquelrius Flexible Notebook

On my trip to Massacheusets, I picked up a bunch of items in my tour of the local office supply stores, and this small Miquelrius Flexible Notebook came from Bob Slate Stationer.  I was excited when I saw this notebook on the shelf there because I really like my other Miquelrius notebook and recently I've been on a small pocket size notebook kick. … [Read more...]

Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection

The fun and bright design of the Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate collection.

I recently received some great office supplies to review from Carolina Pad, including some samples from their Sasquatch line, and now this review will focus on their Hot Chocolate line.  As you can see from the first photo, the Hot Chocolate line from Carolina Pad is full of bright colors and energetic designs.  The items they sent from this line are the notebooks, a ballpoint pen, and the notebook bookmarks. … [Read more...]

The RevolveR Bound Journal

The Revolver Bound Journals red cover.

The RevolveR Bound Journal is one of the innovative office supplies that I discovered at the National Stationery Show this past May.  When I passed the booth for the RevolveR Bound Journals at the Stationery Show, I didnt notice how unique this item was, and it is the prime example of why you shouldnt judge a book by its cover...with this one you should judge it by BOTH of its covers. … [Read more...]

Rhodia Bloc Top Staple Graph Paper Notebook

THe Rhodia Bloc Top Staple Graph Paper Notebook

The Rhodia top staple graph paper notebook is another sample item that was given to me by Karen over at The Quo Vadis Blog to review. The Rhodia bloc notebook measures 3.3 inches by 4.7 inches and is stuffed full of 80 sheets of 21.3 lb graph ruled paper.  The paper is super smooth and bright white, with a nice shade of light violet lines that make up the graph markings. … [Read more...]

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