Make Your Own Notebook with Scout Books Review and Giveaway

Scout Book Notebooks Giveaway

The Scout Book is a cool notebook that gives you, the end user, the ability to create your own cover design, and select your own paper to make a very customized 3.5" x 5" pocket notebook.  The nice folks from ScoutBook sent over a few of these notebooks for me to review and to give away to some of my readers. … [Read more...]

Leuchtturm1917 Ruled Notebook Review

The Leuchtturm1917 Ruled Notebook

The Leuchtturm1917 notebook is pretty new in the US market, however as its name implies it has been around since 1917.  The tag line "Details Matter" lets you know that they have spent those 90 years perfecting the little details of their notebooks.  I picked up this version of the Small Ruled Leuchtturm1917  a few weeks ago and am now getting to review this fun office supply. … [Read more...]

Pantone Universe Notebook Flame Orange

The Pantone Universe A5 Notebook with lots of orange pens and some orange ink

I almost forgot I had this Pantone Universe A5 notebook that I picked up from Maido in San Francisco a few months ago.  Being a big fan of most things orange, it was hard to pass this one up when I saw it, and I thought Id make this review a little fun by using only orange pens and ink since I do have a good variety of them. … [Read more...]

Kiki James Medium Tuscan Wrap Journal

Inside the box of the Kiki James Tuscan Wrap Journal Box

Kiki James, based in England is a manufacturer of luxury leather goods, including some very nice journals and other unique office supplies.  I was thrilled when they reached out to me and asked if I would like to review one of their journals, so upon my agreement, they sent over this medium size (8 1/2" x 6") British racing green leather Tuscan wrap journal. … [Read more...]

Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook

The Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook

A while back I reviewed a Whitelines Notebook that I really enjoyed using, and actually still do enjoy using, so I wanted to write up another of their notebooks.  This one is the pocket sized lined version, which is much smaller, but still quite nice. … [Read more...]

Kokuyo Work Support Notebook with Pen Holder

Kokuyo Work Support Notebook with Elastic Pen Holder Cover

The Kokuyo Work Support Notebook with Elastic Pen Holder looked like a pretty unique notebook when I first saw it on the shelf at Maido.  Plenty of notebooks have an elastic strap to hold a pen for you, but usually on the edge somewhere....since this one has the strap built into the cover I figured Id buy it for myself and give it a try. … [Read more...]

Revolver Bound Journal Available Now!

News and Updates

Back in June I did a review of the RevolveR Bound Journal, which is a really cool notebook that I discovered at the National Stationery Show in May.  I just heard from the very friendly folks that created this unique notebook (and that gave me a free one to review) that it is  now available online at their website, and can also be found at some small gift shops across the country such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Walker Arts Center … [Read more...]

LIHIT LAB B5 Twist Ring Note

The B5 Twist Ring Note by LIHIT LAB

During my recent trip to San Francisco, I wanted to make sure I found some stores that sold unique office supplies and stationery so I could pick up some stuff for new reviews, luckily I found Maido Stationery to fill that need.  One of the first items that caught my attention there was the B5 Twist Ring Note by LIHIT LAB.  Check out their site at that link, but dont ask me to translate anything on there for you. :) … [Read more...]

Black n’ Red Notebook Ruled & Perforated

The Black n' Red Ruled & Perforated Notebook

On my many trips to Staples for office supplies, Ive always seen the Black n' Red notebook brand.  I never really thought much of them so I always passed them up for something else.  On my last trip to Staples I finally broke down and decided to pick up a Black n Red notebook, so I went with the polypropylene version that was $4.99. … [Read more...]

Mini Notepad and Pen – Picopad Wallet Notes

Picopad Wallet Notes in the palm of your hand

This mini notepad and pen, The Picopad Wallet Notes by Everyday Innovations has to be one of the smallest (3.4" x 2.1") notebooks Ive ever seen, and as hard as it may be to believe, it even has a pen tucked away inside of it...this is definitely one of the more unique office supplies Ive written about so far.  This is another product that was supplied to me by Alan at Everyday Innovations after having met him at the Stationery Show in NYC. … [Read more...]

Stifflexible Colours Notebook

The front cover of the Stifflexible Notebook

Today's office supply review brings us to yet another notebook, the pocket sized Stifflexible Colours Notebook.  I picked this notebook up during my trip to Boston at the Bromfield Pen Shop, where they have an excellent selection of not only pens, but also inks and stationery.  This was one of those last minute impulse purchases because they had a small display sitting on the counter, and since I never tried one of these before, I figured Id grab one to … [Read more...]

Miquelrius Flexible Notebook

Miquelrius Flexible Notebook

On my trip to Massacheusets, I picked up a bunch of items in my tour of the local office supply stores, and this small Miquelrius Flexible Notebook came from Bob Slate Stationer.  I was excited when I saw this notebook on the shelf there because I really like my other Miquelrius notebook and recently I've been on a small pocket size notebook kick. … [Read more...]

Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection

The fun and bright design of the Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate collection.

I recently received some great office supplies to review from Carolina Pad, including some samples from their Sasquatch line, and now this review will focus on their Hot Chocolate line.  As you can see from the first photo, the Hot Chocolate line from Carolina Pad is full of bright colors and energetic designs.  The items they sent from this line are the notebooks, a ballpoint pen, and the notebook bookmarks. … [Read more...]

The RevolveR Bound Journal

The Revolver Bound Journals red cover.

The RevolveR Bound Journal is one of the innovative office supplies that I discovered at the National Stationery Show this past May.  When I passed the booth for the RevolveR Bound Journals at the Stationery Show, I didnt notice how unique this item was, and it is the prime example of why you shouldnt judge a book by its cover...with this one you should judge it by BOTH of its covers. … [Read more...]

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