Preview – Moleskine Light Metal Roller Pen 0.7mm

Moleskine Light Metal Roller Pen 0.7mm

I've had a history of not being too pleased with many Moleskine products, but their pens have always been a peasant surprise to me, so naturally I was excited to see a new pen released from them.  They have a Light Metal Roller version of their popular pen that will be available sometime in April of this year. Although I wasn't a fan of the squared body edges, this new Light Metal version is definitely a good looking pen, and if it writes as well as its … [Read more...]

Moleskine Shell XS Storage Case in Orange

Moleskine Shell XS Orange Package

A while back Moleskine released their line of Shell line of carrying cases which come in a few different sizes and colors.  Today we will take a look at the Moleskine Shell XS in Orange, one of my favorite colors. … [Read more...]

Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set

Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set

Today we have some Moleskine Highlighter Pencils to take a look at, which I am pretty sure are recent additions to the Moleskine line.  I don't remember seeing them until recently, but I could be wrong.  The set consists of two pencils with one cap and a sharpener, as well as some small stickers that can be put on the top of the cap or the long flat side of the body.  You wont see the stickers pictured in this review because to be honest, I lost them...I … [Read more...]

LEGO Moleskine Limited Edition Notebooks

Lego Moleskine with Indy and Buzz

A few months ago the new Limited Edition LEGO Moleskine Notebooks appeared on Amazon, and much like the other (Snoopy, PacMan, and Star Wars) limited edition Moleskine notebooks, I couldn't resist ordering a few for myself. … [Read more...]

Moleskine Folio Professional Filers – Orange

Moleskine Folio Professional Filers

Sometimes when I buy a new product to try out and review I find myself thinking "Really?  I'm going to review THAT?" and that is exactly what went through my head after I bought this package of three Moleskine Folio Professional Filers (also available in black, pink, and purple) from Amazon. … [Read more...]

Star Wars Moleskine Journal Review and Giveaway

Star Wars Moleskine Ruled and Unruled

This is definitely the biggest giveaway I've done here, we are giving away a total of 12 Limited Edition Star Wars Moleskine Journals to 6 lucky winners! Based on how popular the Pac Man Moleskine giveaway was, I thought this would be something that people were really interested in, and I wanted to do something to give back to all of the great readers that make this site possible.  Check out the review first, and then read below to see how you can enter to … [Read more...]

Snoopy Moleskine – Limited Edition

Limited Edition Snoopy Moleskine

    These Limited Edition Snoopy Moleskine Notebooks aren't exactly new, but I've had them sitting in a box of notebooks for a while now and completely forgot about them until today.  Keep in mind that the Snoopy Moleskine was a limited edition line, so they might be hard to come by now. … [Read more...]

Moleskine iPhone App, Your Thoughts?

Moleskine iPhone App Page Photo

  Before I even get started on this discussion (yes, its a discussion because I'm hoping for your input) let me just be clear that I've never been a fan of Moleskine or Apple products, so when I saw this new iPhone Moleskine app, I naturally saw it as the perfect storm of horribleness.  As someone who owns an Android phone (specifically the HTC Thunderbolt with Evernote installed) I can't actually download and use this app to test it out, so … [Read more...]

Moleskine Pac-Man Notebook Giveaway

Moleskine Pac-Man Notebooks

I thought it would be nice to end the week, and go into the holiday season with another giveaway, so here is your chance to win some Pac-Man Moleskine Notebooks.  Each black version of these Pac-Man Moleskine Notebooks has lined pages, while the yellow versions each have blank pages.  All four of the notebooks also come with a special set of Pac-Man stickers tucked away inside.  For a closer look at the notebooks and what is inside, take a look at the … [Read more...]

Moleskine Folio Professional Printable Paper for Inkjet and Laser Printers

Moleskine Folio Professional Printable Paper for Inkjet and Laser Printers

Back in May when I attended the National Stationery Show, I came across lots of new products from Moleskine, including this Moleskine Folio Professional Printable Paper (via Amazon) for Inkjet and Laser Printers.   In this review we will take a look at how it compares to standard printer paper when used with an inkjet printer because in all honesty I don't think I've ever had problems finding paper that works well with laser printers.  The Moleskine Folio … [Read more...]

Moleskine Folio Tools: StickNotes

Moleskine StickNotes Folder

Last week we took a look at the new Moleskine Index Cards that I saw back in May at the National Stationery Show, and this week we've got the Moleskine version sticky notes to review.  Just for the record as we go on here, they are called Moleskine StickNotes, and I didnt miss they "y" when I typed this, although it is very tempting to refer to them as sticky notes.  A quick note too, the photo above still has the removable Moleskine packaging on it with … [Read more...]

Moleskine Index Cards: Professional Memo Cards

The Moleskine Professional Memo Cards in their Protective Folder

I first saw these Moleskine Professional Memo Cards at the National Stationery Show earlier this year.  Recently I was able to get my hands on a pck of them from Amazon.  These are one of the many new items from Moleskine that I referred to in our last newsletter (sign up for it here if you have not already) that I've got lined up to review.  I also decided that I should get going on my index card reviews when I recently read Brad's nice gridded index card … [Read more...]

The Sharpie Pen Review


There are lots of reviews out there of The Sharpie Pen and I have been writing with mine for a while now.  I don't know why but I never got around to writing up my Sharpie Pen review until now.  They come in fine point in red, blue, black and green and are available at most stores that I have visited.  Amazon has the assorted color packs available in both a 4 pack and 14 pack.  There is also a 4 pack of black only available, and both Staples and OfficeMax … [Read more...]

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