Levenger Circa Week’s End Notebook Refills

Circa Weeks End Refill Writing Sample

It's been a while since I did some shopping at Levenger, so these Levenger Circa Week's End Notebook Refills (via Levenger) were new to me and I wanted to grab some to see if they would help me plan a bit better for the weekends. … [Read more...]

Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen

Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Close Up Writing Sample

Our good friends over at Levenger were kind enough to send this amazing looking fountain pen over for us to review today.  Its the Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen and has a Broad nib.  I typically stick to Fine or Extra Fine nibs, so writing with this pen was a bit of a different experience for me.  One thing that does go along with my usual preference is the sleek black look and the nice silver accents on this fountain pen.  Many thanks to the … [Read more...]

Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refills

Levenger Green 120g Circa Refill Package

Recently I received a package of new products from our friends at Levenger.  One of the things included in there was this sample of their new Levenger Recycled 120gsm Circa Refills.  I'm always a sucker for new and improved paper from them, so this was quite a nice surprise.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first recycled product I've seen from them. … [Read more...]

Levenger Upgrades their Planner Page Paper

Levenger 100g Paper vs Old Stock

Kind of a short post today, but I thought this was important to point out.  A few weeks ago when Levenger released their new line of planner pages for 2012, I noticed that they had upgraded the paper from 60 lb stock to 100g.  Having had some issues in the past with my fountain pens on the 60 lb stock, I was really excited to get my hands on the new paper to see if I could get better results with it.  This is one reason that Levenger is such a great … [Read more...]

Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets

Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid and Ruled Sheets

  The other day when the nice folks from Levenger sent over the new standard 90g Circa paper for me to try out, they also included some sample packs of the Circa Shaded Annotation Grid and Regular Ruled 100g paper for me to test out and share with you.  In the photo above, the package in front is the Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets with green shading, and behind it is the regular ruled paper with blue shading. … [Read more...]

Levenger Page Nibs™ – Better than Bookmarks

Levenger Page Nib

Its been a while since I reviewed the Levenger Page Points (see that review for how to actually use them), however there seems to be a lot of interest in this item as indicated by some recent comments on that post.  Those recent comments and questions reminded me that I have had the new version of these called Levenger Page Nibs for a while, and still have not reviewed them. … [Read more...]

Aluminum Circa Discs in Blue

Aluminum Circa Discs in Blue

Not too long ago, I was thrilled to be able to review the new aluminum Levenger Circa discs because I had long been lamenting the fact that the old nickel discs were discontinued.  Recently I went back to browse around the Levenger site, and was surprised to see that they now offered the 1" aluminum circa discs in blue and other colors.  Besides the blue version that you see above, they also come in green, purple, red, and the original silver color now. … [Read more...]

The Levenger Thai Pad for Your Kindle, iPad or Books

Levenger Thai Pad With the Kindle Charger Tucked Away

I received this awesome little Levenger Thai Pad™ from Steve Leveen a few weeks ago, and have really been enjoying the comfort and convenience that it offers.  It is a great stand for an eReader like a Kindle, for a tablet such as an iPad, or even just for one of those old fashion books.  The soft exterior (available in multiple colors) is made from silk, which is stuffed with a nice light weight padding, and measures about 12"x12"x6". … [Read more...]

Levenger Rhodia Circa Notebook with Clairefontaine Paper

Levenger Rhodia Circa Notebook Cover Label

I've been hearing rumors about new Levenger Circa with Rhodia Paper for quite a while now.  When I finally saw it on the Levenger website, it was like a dream come.  I've been a faithful user of my Levenger Annotation Ruled Paper in both my letter sized and junior sized Circa notebooks and my daily planner.  I've also been enamored with the incredibly high quality of the 90g paper found in the Rhodia Webnotebooks.  Luckily we now live in a world where both … [Read more...]

Levenger Circa Clincher Discs Reviewed

Levenger Circa Clincher Discs

I was pretty excited when I saw these Levenger Circa Clincher Discs a few months ago.  I thought it was the perfect idea for storing your pen or pencil in your Circa Notebook if you didn't like to use (or didn't have) a pen loop on your Circa cover.  For those of you not familiar with the Levenger Circa Notebooks, I highly recommend that you check them out, you can see my Circa Notebook review to find out more about them. … [Read more...]

Levenger Aluminum Circa Discs

Levenger Nickle Circa Discs and Aluminum Circa Discs Compared

In April of last year, I reviewed one of my favorite Levenger accessories, their nickel Circa Discs that I used with my leather Bomber Jacket covers.   To my disappointment, by the time I reviewed them, Levenger had already discontinued them.  The review received a good number of comments, and the feedback made its way to the folks at Levenger including Levenger's CEO Steve Leveen (Steve on Twitter) himself.  With all of the feedback, from the readers here … [Read more...]

Levenger Notabilia Composition Style Notebook

Levenger Notabilia Composition Book

The Levenger Notabilia Notebook (via Levenger or Amazon) is Levenger's high quality version of the classic composition notebook.  As with most other Levenger products, you can feel the quality just from picking this item up and having it in your hands. … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Levenger Fine Fountain Pen Nib

Writing sample of the two different fine sized Levenger nibs and comparison to a Pelikan fine size nib

A few days ago, I did a review of a replacement fountain pen nib for my Levenger True Writer, but I was surprised at how thick the line was that it laid down, especially when compared to the Levenger medium nib.  When I notified Levenger of the issue, they quickly sent out a new nib and a shipping slip to return the old one for free. One of the biggest reasons I like shopping with Levenger is because their customer service is so great, and this is just one … [Read more...]

Levenger Cocoa Fountain Pen Ink

Levenger Cocoa Bottled Fountain Pen ink with Levenger Circa Planner and Pelikan fountain pen

I have been meaning to try some of the Levenger fountain pen ink for a while, so I finally decided to add some to my most recent Levenger order.  I figured I would go with the Cocoa, which is their version of brown.  I went with this color because I decided it would probably look nice in my Levenger Circa Bomber Jacket planner. … [Read more...]

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