Plug Hub Cord Management System by Jared Joyce and Quirky

Plug Hub Cord Management System Side Closed

If you have been reading the blog for any period of time, you will remember that in the past I’ve shared a website with you called  The website features inventions that are submitted by users, and then it facilitates a process for other users to provide feedback and ideas on things such as the design elements, additional functionality, product name, and tag line.  There is a voting process every step along the way so only the best products, … [Read more...]

Another Chance to Influence Some of Your Favorite Office Supplies from Jared Joyce and Quirky

The Business Card Holder and Display Case

During the course of 2010, we shared some great ideas for office supplies by inventor Jared Joyce that were in competition on to win the chance to be developed through their unique social product development cycle.  Unfortunately some of the office supply products were not successful in the first round of voting so they never became products that made it to the design, development, and sales phase where you can participate more and even earn … [Read more...]

Titan Water Bottle by Jared Joyce

Titan Water Bottle

As I mentioned before, I am taking a short break with the "What's on Their Desk" series until 2011, however I do have a new product from inventor Jared Joyce to share with  you that he has submitted over on Quirky.  For those of you who don't know about Quirky, it is a place where people submit inventions, and based on user feedback and voting, they select one product that gets developed by the member community and eventually produced and put up for sale. … [Read more...]

Lightbulb Shaped Paper Clips

Bright Idea Light Bulb Paper Clips by Jared Joyce

I don't usually post anything on Thursday, but the opportunity presented itself to share another of Jared Joyce's inventions.  I thought some of you would enjoy seeing these lightbulb shaped paper clips and having the chance to go vote for them in this weeks round of new inventions on Quirky.  If you vote for these and the product wins out over all of the other ideas submitted, you will be in line to earn a small percent of every set of these that get … [Read more...]

An Ergonomic Clipboard that is Just Your Size

Ergo CB with Paper

I've shared some products from inventor Jared Joyce with you before, however this ergonomic clipboard was actually the very first of his cool office supplies that I ever came across.  As with many of his other inventions, you can check out the Ergo CB on the social media product development site  If you have not used Quirky before, you should check it out.  Providing your feedback on products can earn you a cut of each product sold. … [Read more...]

Pull-and-Pop Paper Clip Dispenser from Jared Joyce

Pull and Pop Paper Clip Dispenser

Friend to Office Supply Geeks everywhere, and accomplished Inventor, Jared Joyce has come up with yet another great idea that will help organize your office supplies and make you the envy of  your office mates.  The Pull-and-pop paper clip dispenser from Jared Joyce brings organization to a situation that is usually an unwieldy mess.  With this latest invention, Jared has transformed the traditionally messy magnetic paper clip dispenser into a "one at a … [Read more...]

Stitch-it Staple-less Stapler from Inventor Jared Joyce

An Innovative New Office Supply from Inventor Jared Joyce

Back in April I highlighted Jared Joyce, an inventor of some pretty innovative office supplies, and at the time I shared some information on his Tape Stamp that he was introducing.  As I write this today, Jared has another really cool office supply in the works.  The photo above might not instantly remind you of any familiar office supply, however what you are looking at is intended to replace an every day desktop item that you have definitely used before. … [Read more...]

Innovative Office Supplies by Jared Joyce on

Jared Joyce Logo

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Jared Joyce (Check out Jared on Twitter and FaceBook) who is an inventor that just so happens to have quite a few cool office supplies that he is working on.  In addition to inventing innovative office supplies, Jared also introduced me to an awesome website, which  is a Social Network focused on the new product development process.  The site relies on group feedback to influence products in areas … [Read more...]

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