What’s on Their Desk – Chad Doane: Founder of Doane Paper

Chad Doane

Lots of you have probably seen my reviews of Doane Paper, or at least heard of Doane Paper before, so today in our "What's on Their Desk Series" we will take a look at the desk of Doane Paper founder, Chad Doane.  First though, I wanted to share a quick bit of background on Chad and Doane Paper.  Believe it or not, Chad does not make a living from his paper and notebook empire alone, his primary way of making a living is as a marketing executive for a … [Read more...]

Doane Paper Fountain Pen Test

Sample of various fountain pens, and fountain pen inks on Doane Paper.

Over on The Fountain Pen Network I posted something about Doane Paper, and someone was asking how fountain pen friendly the paper was, so I told them I would do some quick writing samples and tests of my fountain pens on it.  The above photo shows a mix of the different fountain pens and fountain pen inks on the Large DoanePaper Writing Pad.  The pen and inks used are as follows: Platinum Preppy with Blue Black Ink Lamy Safari with Noodler's … [Read more...]

Office Supply News from the Web

Chalk Board News

OSG News from the Web SmartMoney's small business site has a great article about Chad Doane, creator of Doane Paper.  It also features everyone's favorite pen blogger, The Pen Addict and even has a quote from some guy that blogs about office supplies. The Stainless Steel Sharpies are now available and shipping from Amazon.  Thanks again to @sharpiesusan for providing me with the Stainless Steel Sharpie for my review below. There seems to be a lot … [Read more...]

Students damaged psychologically by pens!

Red pens are upsetting, do not look directly at the red pens.

What a horrible horrible thing to have happened. If you have not read this story yet, you should. It seems that for years now teachers have been inflicting intense irreversible psychological harm to their students, and thankfully now someone is stepping in and trying to put an end to it.  We must stop students damaged psychologically by pens. After reading that article, I think it is my duty to post some of my favorite red pens with a quick pen review … [Read more...]

Doane Paper Review

The doane paper writing pad and notebook

The first time I saw any of the doane paper products was when I started reading the great pen reviews over at the pen addict site where it was being used as a the standard paper for all of the writing samples. The unique design of the graph paper + standard ruled lines jumped out as being a pretty good idea to me, and I was able to think of a few instances in past jobs where it would have really come in handy. They offer two options for their paper, one is … [Read more...]

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