Fun with Binder Clips: OfficeMax Color C-Clips

OfficeMax Binder Clip C-Clips in Red and Blue

So I was perusing the OfficeMax website a few weeks ago, and among the many cool home office supplies that I came across, I found these cool OfficeMax Color C-Clips (aka binder clips) that come in two sizes and multiple colors.  I couldn't pass up the unique design and bright colors, so here is a quick look at them.  You should note that for now OfficeMax has a bunch of stuff including these C-Clips on sale until March 20th they are Buy 2 get One Free, and … [Read more...]

Binder Clips for Better Organizing

Bucket of 12 Utility Task Clips

These Utility Task Clips that the folks over at Knock Knock sent over for me to look at (and for you to win in the giveaway) look like they could be a helpful tool for organizing, even slightly more helpful than regular binder clips that have no printing or color coding on them.  I think that binder clips are probably some of the most frequently used office supplies, so naturally people have taken great effort to spruce them up and/or add extra … [Read more...]

OXO Good Grips Binder Clips

Teh evolution of comfort (from left to right) in binder clips

I think we all familiar with the OXO Good Grips brand, for their innovative products, so naturally their entry into the office supplies category was something that I was excited about a few months ago when I first saw their products.  When I stopped at Staples recently, I saw the OXO Good Grips display of products that were specially designed for Staples.  I decided to grab some of the OXO Good Grips Binder Clips to try out and review. … [Read more...]

Jumbo Binder Clip

Jumbo Binder Clip

    UPDATE: Where to buy the jumbo binder clip: -Jumbo binder clip here here on -Also, you can also get the jumbo binder clip in white from Poppin. These seem to be a very popular item.  I've watched them go in and out of stock frequently over the last year, so I would suggest ordering from one of these three places as soon as you recognize the need.  If not, you may be in for a wait before they are stocking them again. We … [Read more...]

Staples Brand Soft Grip Binder Clips


One of the most often used and easily recognized office supplies has to be the standard binder clip.  They are right up there with duct tape in terms of the many uses (intended and unintended) that have been found for them.  I dont think there is an office anywhere in the world that doesnt have a box of these or a hand full of them in use somewhere.  For as long as I can remember, binder clips have pretty much been unchanged in how they were made, just two … [Read more...]

Things to come…

As I gather my thoughts on the direction that I want to take my blog in, I thought I would build myself a little outline of some of the items I expect to review in the coming days. Pens: I have a small handful of pens to review that range from a $1.50 highlighter to a mid-range Waterman rollerball.  Most of the pens are recent acquisitions from JetPens, Colorado Pen Direct, Paradise Pens, and the old stand-by aka "Staples" Not only do I plan on … [Read more...]

The Office Supply Geek

Have you ever used a binder clip to fix or create something...something that did not just simply involve holding a stack of papers together? Have you ever found yourself in the pen aisle at Staples for an embarrassing amount of time?  If you answered yes to any of these then you might be interested in this blog about cool office supplies that will include reviews of office supplies, pen reviews, notebook reviews, and everything else you can think of that … [Read more...]

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