Chalkboard Labels by Martha Stewart and Avery Exclusively at Staples

Chalkboard Labels by Martha Stewart and Avery Exclusively at Staples

  These Chalkboard labels by Martha Stewart and Avery are exclusive to Staples, and before purchasing them, I was admittedly a bit concerned as to how they might work, as I'm sure many of you might be.  Also, before we get started, just a warning that some of these pictures might look like they are meant for a cooking blog, but I assure you they are my own and I wont try to tell you how to cook on these pages...ever. … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Exclusively at Staples

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Event at Staples in NYC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a promotional event in Manhattan that showcased the new Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line available exclusively at Staples.  It was great to see the line described by Martha Stewart herself, so I wanted to share some video of her atthe event with you, along with my initial thoughts on some of the product that I got to take a look at. … [Read more...]

Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes

Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes

Today we have one more great new sticky note product from Avery, which is their new Lay Flat Sticky Note.  Previously we showed you their perforated sticky notes and see through sticky notes, so lets take a look at this third offering that adds adds a new and unique feature to your standard sticky note. … [Read more...]

Avery Perforated Sticky Notes

Avery Perforated Sticky Notes Writing Sample

I'm pretty impressed with the many quality products from Avery lately that are not just labels.  I found these Avery Perforated Sticky Notes the other day while shopping on Amazon.  I thought they sounded like a great concept so I figured they would make for a good review.  We have received other free products from Avery for review before but that is not the case with today's review.  These were purchased by me and with no influence from Avery products. … [Read more...]

Avery See-through Sticky Notes

Avery See-through Sticky Notes Pink and Yellow

These may look like your average sticky notes, but take a closer look, they are actually see-through sticky notes by Avery.  Thats right, you cant tell from the package shot here, but they are actually transparent with yellow and pink hues to them. … [Read more...]

Avery Note Tabs – See Through

Avery Note Tabs Package

    So I think I'm a sucker for anything that helps to modify or accessorize a notebook in a way to make it more useful.  These (hard to photograph) Avery Note Tabs are just such an item though, so naturally I had to give them a try. … [Read more...]

Avery Removable Label Pads

Avery Removable Label Pad on the Spine of a Notebook

Some office supplies are harder to get excited about than other.  Sometimes you have to look past the surface to see what is under the surface to make them really cool.  These Avery Removable Label Pads are one of those office supplies that may seem boring at first.  Once you get to use them you will immediately recognize how valuable they can be.  These were sent to us for review by our friends over at Avery.  This should stand as our standard disclaimer … [Read more...]

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