Suggestions and a Reminder to Check Your Email

Suggestions for a Laptop Cooling Pad

Any Suggestions for a Laptop Cooling Pad?

So with my travel earlier this week I had to delay the monthly email announcement of the Jetpens gift card winner.  Be sure to check your email this morning to see if you are the winner.  Also, in the email for those of you that don’t get it, we are looking for some suggestions on laptop cooling pads to review, so if you have any suggestions leave a note in the comments, or check your email and respond there.

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    Just because they sell laptop cooling pads doesn’t mean you actually need one. I think it is one of those solutions in search of a problem. If you are worried about too much heat on your lap, a lap desk is a better solution.

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    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Definitely a good point, but I do currently have one of those…and to be totally honest, the reason my laptop gets so hot is because I’m constantly running that SETI program to find Aliens, so sure I could turn it off and not have this problem, but where is the fun in that? :) And you thought I was just a pen/paper dork.

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