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A few weeks ago I implemented an Amazon style shopping page to help readers find some of the items I’ve reviewed in the past, and quite frankly, I hated it.  I didnt like how it looked, I didnt like how it functioned, it slowed the site down, and most importantly, the user experience was terrible for people who just wanted to quickly find and add something to their Amazon cart.  Thankfully it was just a piece of trial software that was easy to install/uninstall, and I didnt have to spend any money on.

I’ve taken another shot at it, but decided to take a more simple approach and just design/code a few pages on my own.  You will now notice a “Shop OfficeSupplyGeek” tab in the top navigation bar that brings  you to a page with a few categories you can select from to help guide you to some of the office supplies that you have seen reviewed here.  Clicking on the product links there will open a new window and you can place the item in your cart, and from there you can continue shopping for anything you want, unlike the previously mentioned trial.  Oh, and of course I will continue to add things to those pages as I continue to review things.

I’d love to hear feedback, good or bad.  Hopefully the feature makes finding your cool and unique home office supplies much easier than trying to navigate and search elsewhere, but if not, I am definitely open to your feedback.  And also (in full disclosure mode) the quick and simple answer is “yes” I make a small percent comission on stuff that you might buy from these links, but there are also ways around that if you don’t want that to happen.  I think if you just copy the full name of the product and delete it from your cart, then log out and log back in then research using the copied product name it gets around that.  I say that “I think” it works because I cant really test it without fear of violating the Terms of Service agreement with fraudulent clicks.

Anyway, like I said, your feedback is much appreciated.  Good or bad, Id like to hear it, and if you have suggestions for things that should or shouldn’t be on there, just let me know.  Just keep in mind it will only be for products that are available on Amazon because its just much easier to code that way, and it keeps the look consistent across those pages.

Bottom line is that even though it is an affiliate link, the goal is to make it a little easier for you to quickly find and purchase the stuff you read about here without having to go back and find every individual office supply review.

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  1. 1
    Cannon says:

    It seems to work pretty well. My only suggestion would be to include a link back to the review of a listed item if that’s possible. While looking through the store links, I stumbled upon some things that I missed the first time around. It would be nice to be able to go directly to those reviews and not have to navigate to them from the home page.

  2. 2

    I agree with Cannon. As a pen luster, I would immediately go to the shopping links, so it’s nice to hear what you’ve noted about the products, especially if I missed the review!

    Otherwise, it’s a welcome addition!

  3. 3

    @Cannon – Great idea, thank you! It wont be super easy to blend it into the layout I have, but Im going to see what I can figure out, I think it will be a great addition to the pages. Also, I checked out your site, you have some fantastic looking art that you created.

    @does this Pen Write – Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Glad that you agree about the review links, I really like the idea so Im going to figure out a way to get them in there.

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