A Minor Delay…

Apologies to those of you looking forward to new posts and an announcement on the winners of the Staples Pens.  Hurricane Sandy has left me with no power, so I’m just getting this post up in the mean time to let you know we will be back eventually to post the giveaway winners, and to get back on track with new posts.  I’m also not sure what the shipment timing will be for the pen winners at this point because regardless of when I get power back, the local post offices may not be back up and running when I am.  Other than that everything here is fine, much better off than many other folks that were in the path of Sandy, so we are grateful for that. Current estimates for a return of power range anywhere from November 5th to November 11th.  In the mean time,   all I have to offer is a picture of the moon and some National Guard trucks that I took while being bored with no power. :)  Be back soon…I hope.

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    Glad you’re ok! Personally I would say don’t worry about the pens. Get the important things taken care of. In a month or two when life is mostly back to normal get them out. Be safe.

  2. 2
    mstraat says:

    Yep. I love pens but people take priority.

  3. 3
    ibap says:

    You and your neighbors in the same boat are of course the priority. We’ll take it that when things get back to normal (or as nearly as manageable) otherwise, so will the blog.

    No power is a pain, but for us (on a well) it also means no water, thus no toilets or showers, so I hope that is not the case for you.

  4. 4
    Cory says:

    In the same boat as you. Although, I did make it to Target and managed to buy some new Uni-Balls to try out. Of course I can hardly see how the appearance of my writing is with the candle light…

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