Sharpie Stainless Steel Permanent Marker Exclusive Review

Sharpie Stainless SteelPermanent Marker with Black Ink.

The Sharpie Stainless Steel Permanent Marker with Black Ink.  The Sharpie Logo art work (if you can call it “art”) was done by me and my limited artistic skills, and the help of a Sharpie Metallic Silver marker.

I’m sure that just about anyone who has ever read this blog has used a Sharpie before, and probably has more tan just one of them in their desk drawer or wherever they keep their office supplies.  It is a favorite for everyone from office workers, to autograph seekers, to arts and crafts hobbyists.  Naturally when I saw Susan Wassel, their PR Manager (aka @sharpiesusan on Twitter) mention that they were coming out with a Stainless Steel Sharpie, I immediately started to pester her with questions about when they would become available and when I could get my hands on one to review.  To my surprise, she offered to send me my very own Sharpie stainless steel permanent marker before the official release date to review.  I have been lucky enough to have this one for a few weeks now to use and get familiar with.  Being my first “exclusive” review, and for such a popular brand and product, I thought I would try to include as many photos as possible.  I hope you enjoy and they are helpful to you as you read through the end of this.

sharpie stainless steel permanent marker

The classy and elegant looking Stainless Steel Sharpie being displayed by Woody.

The Stainless Steel version of the worlds most popular permanent marker takes a product that we are all familiar with, and gives it a simple, yet major makeover.  There was never anything wrong with how they looked, in fact it was a nice simple design that was pretty timeless, but it seems that the stainless steel look is quite popular now.  The sturdy plastic construction, the color coded cap, and the plastic clip that allowed you to fasten the pen to whatever you needed to…what more could someone ask for in a permanent marker?  Well the folks over at Sharpie decided to step it up a bit and give their classic marker a stainless steel cap and body, and the results couldn’t have been better.  Right now, has the Sharpie Stainless Steel for $6.99 ($5.59 now) plus shipping, but it does say that they are not yet shipping for another 2-4 weeks.  It might still make sense to get your order in now though because I have heard that they are selling very well.  They also have the refills available for $2.20 each.  Eventually they will have these available at Office Depot, Staples, and Wal-Mart too.

sharpie stainless steel permanent marker logo laser etched

Close up of the laser etching of the Sharpie logo on the Stainless Steel Sharpie.

One of the first things that you notice about this version (besides the fact that its stainless steel) is the cool Sharpie logo that is laser etched into the barrel of the marker.  This is one of the features of this item that really shows the attention to detail and quality that went into this Sharpie marker.  You will also notice (in the next picture) that when you take out the refill cartridge, they decided to go with a metal threading to screw the cartridge into.  I like this option because if they had used plastic and you stripped it, you would have just ruined your fancy new Sharpie Stainless Steel marker…by making the threads on the refill cartridge plastic, it pretty much eliminates that possibility.

Sharpie Stainless Steel inside

Sharpie Stainless Steel inside. See the metal threads for securing the replacement cartridges.

Speaking of the refills, they are pretty basic and simple to put in. There really is not much to it, but I thought a picture was in order just to make sure we cover everything about the Stainless Steel version of this permanent marker.

Sharpie Stainless Steel refill

The Sharpie Stainless Steel refill. This was the only way I could take the picture without the refill rolling all over the place.

Sharpie Stainless Steel uncapped.

The Sharpie Stainless Steel uncapped.

In the uncapped picture above, you can see that the only part of this pen which is not stainless steel, is the plastic grip section of the refill cartridge. As with any other Sharpie, the grip section of the marker is pretty comfortable. The only noticeable differences between the Stainless Steel and the regular version is that the grip section on the stainless steel version is more of a matte or flat finish compared to the glossy finish of a regular one, and it is also a little longer and thicker on the stainless version and comes to a tapered end towards the tip rather than a rounded end.  Ive included a picture for comparison purposes below.  Another thing to note is the clip, I know I’ve used the clip plenty on the regular Sharpie to attach it to sheets of paper and such, so no worries here, the metal clip functions just as well, but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to force too many sheets of paper or anything under the clip.

sharpie stainless steel permanent marker comparison

Comparison of the grip section of a regular and a stainless steel Sharpie. The stainless version is longer, and a bit thicker, and the end tapers rather than just rounding off.

One thing that has not changed at all with the Sharpie stainless steel permanent marker that I could notice, was the way that it writes. Its identical to any other regular Sharpie I’ve ever used, but it feels funny to do a review of any writing implement without adding a writing sample. The silver ink you see in the writing sample there is a Sharpie too, its the metallic silver one, same one that I used to do my rendering of the Sharpie logo for the photo backgrounds.

Sharpie Stainless Steel writing sample

Writing sample for the Sharpie Stainless Steel, and also for the Sharpie Metallic Silver markers.

If you are someone who finds themselves  presenting in front of a group and writing on those big white flip charts, this stainless steel permanent marker will really do a great job of adding just another small hint of stylish professionalism to your overall look, and it also makes for a nice pointing device. Weather you are gesturing with this stainless steel version in your hand, or actually writing up on an easel and flip chart with it, I think people will notice, but not be distracted by it as it is a very nice looking accessory for any professional.

Sharpie stainless steel marker as a gestruing or pointing tool for impact.

The Sharpie stainless steel marker as a gesturing or pointing tool for impact.

If there was one improvement that I could make to this new Sharpie stainless steel permanent marker, it would be some way to indicate the color that it was, but without having to remove the cap.  I am thinking something like a clear plastic window on the side along the length of the barrel would probably do the trick, although I’m sure that the folks over at Sanford already have their own ideas on how to tackle that issue.  More along the lines of “nice to have” suggestions rather than improvements, I think it would also be cool to see this marker in an all black stainless version, or any other color bodies.

Sharpie Stainless Steel would look awesome in black, or even blue

I cant help but think that the Stainless Steel version would look awesome in black, or even blue. Hopefully someone who has some pull over at Sharpie agrees.

In talking further with Sharpie’s PR Manager, Susan Wassel, she did mention that “due to the response to the new black ink stainless steel sharpie, they hope to expand with new colors, tips sizes and more.” so hopefully we can look forward to additional versions of this great looking permanent marker!  The official Sharpie page for the Stainless version of their classic marker can be found here, or you can always grab one from Amazon.

I’ll leave you with one last picture of the stainless steel version to enjoy.

Sharpie Stainless Steel in action.

The Sharpie Stainless Steel in action.

Update: For another unique office supply from Sharpie, check out The Sharpie Pen review.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


  1. 1
    dowdyism says:

    That’s really cool! I was wondering what the refills look like, so thanks for all of the photos.

  2. 2
    nrepose says:

    Great review. I’m glad to see that your persistence paid off. Nr

  3. 3
    mimismac says:

    Well done, OSG. Lovely pix, perfect description.

  4. 4
    bardharlock says:

    I rather enjoyed the review. I too would love to see some different barrel colors. Also, do you happen to have an office or kitchen scale around? It seems to me an all stainless steel casing might be rather weighty and you never mentioned it in the review. Thanks again for another awesome review.

  5. 5
    Kim says:

    For whatever reason, your recreated Sharpie logo just makes me smile.

    I think this kind of Sharpie I might get if I ran across it in a store, but I would really really like a VF stainless steel Sharpie!

  6. 6

    -dowdyism: Thanks! Glad you found the extra photos helpful, I spent a ton of time trying to get them to look ok, so Im glad they are appreciated.

    -nrepose: Happy to see you liked the review, and I think sometimes “persistence” can also be considered being a Pain in the…. :)

    -mimismac: Thanks for the positive feedback. :)

    -bardharlock: Always happey to hear feedback, so thank you! :) I do have the weight listed in one of the pictures (the writing sample) but you are correct, it probably should be in the text of the review. Its not all that heavy though, 1.4oz. You certainly dont pick it up and think you are holding a brick or anything. It is very maneuverable, comfortable, and manageable to write with.

  7. 7

    Kim – Nice to know the recreated Sharpie logo was appreciated…thats about the extent of my artistic skills. :)

    I too would love to see other point sizes, and based on what Susan said in the review, it seems like it is at least a possibility.

  8. 8
    Jim Deitzel says:

    Now I knew Sharpie launched these but I didn’t realize how cool they were. I’m going to call @sharpiesusan and get her to send me some. Nice post

  9. 9
    Inkophile says:

    Sharpie got a new suit? Cool! Very professional looking and a great, thorough review. :)

  10. 10

    Jim Deitzel – They are REALLY cool. You definately have to bug @sharpiesusan and get yourself one!

    Inkophile – Thats funny, I like that “a new suit for Sharpie” Glad you enjoyed the review.

  11. 11
    Marte says:

    That must be the neatest marker I’ve ever seen. I want one for when I get my cds autographed! Would have to be careful so no one took it, though, I tend to be one of the few who actually brings a marker to concerts :p

    Great presentation too, I especially love the first picture with the logo.

    Oh, and I agree with you, a black one would be even better!
    As for a window on the side to show the ink, I think that would subtract from the sleekness of it, and make it look cheaper. If they had the etched writing on the side in the ink color, that’d be cool… if it’s even possible.
    Or a small indicator on the cap or opposite end of the barrel, like an encased colored bead, perhaps. Or a small, thin colored ring around just where the cap meets the barrel. Something very discreet, anyway.

  12. 12

    Marte – Thanks for the great feedback. I know what its like to have your Sharpie stolen…I remember from my days at as a kid trying to get autographs at Yankee Stadium.

    I agree with you on the window/barrel idea to show the color, once you said it it opened my eyes and I think you are right. Something more subtle would be best.

    thanks for the compliment on the photos and art work too…not my strong suit so its always nice to hear that its not as horrible as I think it is. :)

  13. 13
    Amy Lynn says:

    I’ll add this to my post! Thanks!

  14. 14

    Amy Lynn – Thanks! :)

  15. 15
    Zoe says:

    Can’t wait to find one locally. It looks like a wonderful art pen.

    Thanks for the preview!

  16. 16
    Gentian says:

    Great review! I really want one. (Not that I need another one)It will be nice when they have various colours or an extra fine tip version!

  17. 17
    Breliant says:

    Great review.

    Unfortunately, Amazon aren’t shipping them to the UK.

  18. 18

    Gentian- I guess nobody ever really “needs” another, but you really cant go wrong with this one…Im also looking forward to the other sizes and colors if they make them.

    Breliant – That is unfortunate, hopefully they will soon. Thanks for reading the review, and Im glad you liked it.

  19. 19

    A blog for office supply geeks! Finally! So glad I found you-you’re now in my Favorites list. :-)

  20. 20

    Great review, well written, nicely illustrated.

    Everyone is very proud of the new Sharpie Stainless Steel models here at Sanford’s LMTC (Liquid Manufacturing and Technology Center – where Sharpie ink is made). Just one minor quibble, and a FYI, my (very expensive and accurate) lab balance tells me the new Sharpies weigh an average of 23 grams: 15.6 grams for the case and 7.4 grams for the refill. (That works out to 0.8 ounces for the full marker). For comparison, the Sharpie Fine Point markers weigh about 10 grams, so the Sharpie Stainless is a little more than twice the weight of the typical Sharpie. (Don’t mind me, I’m a little obsessive about this stuff)

    Thanks for a thorough and well-thought-out review.

  21. 21
    Jes says:

    Great review! I’m big fan of Sharpie. I will definitely be picking one of these up!

    – Jes

  22. 22

    Sharpie Ink Maker – Thanks for checking out my post, pretty cool to hear from someone actually involved with making Sharpies. I really appreciate the correction on the weight, I dont mind at all. Having that information is really helpful, but now it makes me wonder what the average human limitation is in being able to even tell the difference in whights so low…anyway, thats my issue to figure out. :) Thanks again for stopping by and commenting…and thanks for making such a great product!

    Jes – Glad you liked the review, you will love it when you get one…or two…or a dozen. 😉

  23. 23
    Ann says:

    The Stainless Steel Sharpie is a pleasant surprise! And it’s something one can treat oneself to without breaking (what’s left of) the bank. Thanks for the nice review. :)

    Best, Ann

  24. 24
    Mandrel says:

    Now, if they would only use a barrel like this to make their -pens- with. I’d be in heaven.

  25. 25

    Mandrel – I do remember bugging @sharpiesusan about that a while ago on Twitter but I dont remember the response.

  26. 26
    OfficeSupplies says:

    Great review office supply geek. I couldn’t agree more on your point that they should put some way to indicate what colour is the market, not just making the whole thing metallic.

  27. 27
    Alberto says:

    Very informative and thorough review. Thanks for the preview. Not leaning towards ordering it right away, but I will probably pick one up once I spot it at retail.

  28. 28
    Ange says:

    Great review. I scored 2 of these when Office Depo had their buy 1/get 1 deal last weekend (on all Sharpie Products) and I love it. I lusted after it when I first heard they were making them, and I wasn’t disappointed. it is an excellent pen, and while I’m not a Sharpie fan, per se, I am a huge fan of this pen. I can’t wait for them to make an ultra fine version or to come out with cartridges in other colors.

  29. 29
    Speedmaster says:

    VERY cool, I really want one of those!!! 😉

  30. 30
    Chris Kelly says:

    Thank you for an excellent product review, now I have to have one too!!

  31. 31

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  32. 32
    | says:

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  33. 33
    Toast says:

    am I wrong for hoping that this would actually write in stainless steel, rather than being just a regular sharpie with a steel outer casing?

  34. 34

    @Toast – not at all…although the mental image of putting down actual stainless steel ink makes me think of writing with a welding mask on and seeing sparks fly. :)

  35. 35

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  36. 36
    Fran says:

    I wan to clarify if this is a pen that permanently marks a stainless steel product? and if so, how long will the mark last?
    Many thanks,

  37. 37

    @Fran – No, the “Stainless Steel” mention in the Sharpie’s name is simply reflective of the material that makes up the permanent markers body.

  38. 38
    rider says:

    As an artist I expected more from the “Stainless Sharpie” than a cosmetic re-do of the old, too-easily -evaporating Sharpie. The point does NOT hold its point, and that’s the point. If you’re going to put something on the market to advance its use and gain a loyal additional demographic, this case artists, give it some strength. They’re simply giving the consumer tail fins on the car.


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