TUL Permanent Marker with Ultra Fine Point Review and Giveaway

tul ultra fine point permanent markers

TUL Ultra Fine Point Markers by OfficeMax

A few weeks ago, the friendly folks from OfficeMax sent me some of their TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers to take a look at, and in addition to providing a set for myself, they also sent over an extra set for me to give away to one of my lucky readers.  At the end of the review, check out the rules and how you can get yourself three  entries to win a set of these permanent markers for yourself.

TUL Permanent Marker by OfficeMax

The TUL Permanent Marker by OfficeMax, with a Loop Cap

The TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers from OfficeMax come in a set of 12 colors, are water-resistant, and have durable tips designed to lay down smooth consistent lines.  In addition to those features, these permanent markers also have a unique feature, which is that each cap has a loop built into it, which would make it really easy if you wanted to put one of these on a lanyard or any other similar item to keep the marker handy.  All of the markers have a gray body accents on the loop , grip section, and top of the pen to indicate the color.  When I was testing these out, one thing I noticed is that when you post the cap on them, they tend to be a little bit tight so you have to be careful when removing the cap that you dont pull out the little plug on the top of the pen.

TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker Tip

Close Up of the TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker Tip

The tips of these permanent markers appear to be pretty solid, and I think they might actually be some type of plastic which should help them keep their original shape.  If they are not plastic tipped, I am not sure what the material is, but it is definitely not felt tipped.  The grip section of these markers are very short, but still quite comfortable to write with, and are easy to maneuver very precisely.

TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers by OfficeMax Writing Sample

Writing Sample of the TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers by OfficeMax

Writing with these permanent markers proved to be a very smooth and comfortable experience.  As advertised, the lines were consistent, and the writing experience with them was very smooth, resulting in some nice bright and solid colors.  There was no feathering with these markers when I wrote with them, however you should keep in mind that they are permanent markers, so you do get a good amount of bleed through on regular paper.  In addition to being a great option for everyday things like labeling file folders, I also did a quick test and saw that they work well for writing directly on CDs and/or DVDs to label them.  I did also test the claim that these permanent markers are water-resistant, and that claim stood up well…in fact, the paper itself started to show signs of breaking down while the ink still retained the original bright color and didn’t fade or run.

TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers by OfficeMax

TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers by OfficeMax

Sometimes I just like to throw in an extra photo or two, and I thought that this one came out well so here it is.  The Ultra Fine point TUL permanent makrers come in Black, Brown, Magenta, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Aqua, Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange, and Red.  The set of 12 is reasonable priced at about $11, so they come out to just under $1 each.

TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers Giveaway

TUL Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers Giveaway

Now for the free stuff.  There will be one winner, and you can enter up to 3 times to win these TUL Permanent Markers by doing the following:

1. For your first entry, leave a comment.

2. For your second entry, follow @OfficeSupplyGee and @OfficeMax on Twitter, tweet the text below (without the quotes), and come back to post the link to the status update:

“Enter the @officesupplygee contest to win a 12 pack of TUL Permanent Markers from @OfficeMax http://bit.ly/cyd8UV #giveaway ”

To get a link to the status update, just click on the text below your tweet that tells you the date, time, or how long ago the comment was posted.

3. Become a fan of OfficeSupplyGeek and OfficeMax on FaceBook and share a link to the contest there.  Come back and leave another comment with your name to verify that you are now a fan.  If you are already a fan, thats fine too, just make sure to share the link to the contest and leave the 3rd comment here.

You will have until 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday, April 26th to leave your entry, and the winner will be announced on the morning of April 27th.

Good luck to all, and I will ship internationally if the winner is not in the US.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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    Tim – NO comparison at all, these are two totally different classes of writing tools. The Sharpie pen is just that, a pen that is intended for daily writing in a notebook and such, the TUL markers are permanent markers that will bleed through normal paper and are intended for surfaces other than notebook paper. Both are fantastic in their own respect though. Thanks for the question and for checking out the blog. -OSG

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