Uni-ball Jetstream BLX .7mm Retractable

Uni-ball Signo 207 BLX .7mm Retractable Package

Uni-ball Jetstream BLX .7mm Retractable Package

A few weeks ago I reviews the new Uniball Vision Elite BLX pens, which are a great mix of some new colors with black ink infused in them.  The popular Vision Elite, and now the Uni-ball Jetstream come in the BLX line of colors.

Uni-ball Jetstream BLX .7mm Retractable Lined Up

Uni-ball Jetstream BLX .7mm Retractable Lined Up

Just like the Uniball Elite, these Jetstream BLX Gel Ink pens come in a very unique set of colors that are some popular colors with a dash of black ink in them to give them a unique look.  The line of colors include Blue Black, Red Black, Purple Black, Green Black, and Brown Black.  Although each of these colors are a bit out of the ordinary, they are far from being “flashy” or not appropriate for most settings.  I’d have no problem busting any of these out for whatever reason, including note taking in a meeting with no fear that people would judge me for an inappropriate choice of ink color for some serious work.

Uni-ball Jetstream BLX Writing Sample.

Uni-ball Signo 207 BLX .7mm Retractable Writing Sample

The Uni-ball Jetstream BLX .7mm Retractable Writing Sample in a Black n Red Notebook

As you can see in the writing sample above, each of the Uniball Jetstream BLX colors are both unique and subdued.  Personally I think I like the green black the best, it has a very subtle but noticeable look to it that would probably make most people look twice to see what you were writing with.  I think the Uni-ball Jetstream pens are something that everyone should have on hand just for the different and unique color options that they offer.  Don’t forget that they are also incredibly smooth to write with AND the ink in them embeds itself into the fibers of the paper that you are writing on, making it incredibly hard for anyone to commit fraudulent acts like check washing and changing the things you have written when using these pens.

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  1. 1
    kj says:

    It seems to me, that these pens have nothing to do with Signo 207. Clearly says Jetstream on the pens, and the packaging…

  2. 2

    @KJ…totally right, thats embarrassing, I don’t know where my head was when I wrote this so thanks for the correction. Feel free to shoot me an email with your name and mailing address and I’ll send some pens/notebooks your way as a thank you.

  3. 3
    kj says:

    One more thing, the links are still pointing to the Signo. (Nice to know though that the Signos are also available in BLX.)

  4. 4
    Heidi says:

    I bought some of these, and I feel like they are more cheaply made than the other Jetstreams. I had one break on me the first time I tried to use it.

  5. 5
    Penacious H says:

    I am a 1.0 mm Jetstream fanatic and in past liked the BLX inks in the Vision Elite. But after trying the three pack of Jetstream BLXs available at Staples, my impression is that the infused ink is not nearly as dynamic in the Jetstreams…the blue/black is far more blue, to my naked eye, then in the V E pen…though I am not a fan of the V E grip…

    I’d like to see if the Jetstream pens become darker or better, blx-wise as more are produced.

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