Titanium Pen and Stylus with Multiple Refills by Big Idea Design (Launched on Kickstarter)

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Compatible Refills

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus with Some of its Compatible Refills

Back in June of last year we highlighted a really cool new pen that was being funded through Kickstarter that took the refills for dozens of your favorite pens, and also functioned as a stylus.  The pen got enough momentum to actually get funded and I recently received mine as a funder of the project.  The Titanium Pen and Stylus can be found over at the Big Idea Design website if you are interested in purchasing one.


Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus in Hand

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus in Hand

The Titanium Pen and Stylus is a very solidly constructed pen, with a screw on cap (also screws onto the back when posting) and is made entirely of titanium including the cap, clip, and grip section.  It is available in Bead-Blasted Matte Black, Bead-Blasted Matte Silver, and a High Polished Chrome Finish.  The one you are looking at here in this review is the Bead-Blasted Matte Black, and it looks really awesome in person, it has a very stealthy look with the flat black everywhere.  The only non-black part of the pen is the small Ti Titanium periodic chart emblem that is laser engraved (so it wont scratch or peel off) on the clip in white.

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Tip and Cap

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Tip and Cap

Here is a full view of the pen with the stylus tip installed and off in the distance there you can see the Ti printed on the clip if you click on the photo and look a bit closer.  In this photo  you will notice that the cap is not posted, which is how I found myself writing with the pen most often.  With the cap posted it does get slightly top heavy, so for long writing sessions it is probably best to avoid posting the cap.  Otherwise it is incredibly comfortable in the hand and I love the slightly heavier feel of the pen as opposed to the often light weight feel of many of the bodies that you usually use these refills in, so it gives your favorite pen a different feel and writing experience.

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus with Pilot Precise V5 Refill Inserted

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus with Pilot Precise V5 Refill Inserted

Now one of my favorite pens to write with (but not necessarily look at) is the Pilot Precise V5 RT so it was naturally the first refill I wanted to try in the pen.  The refill slipped right in and the grip section screwed back on effortlessly, now the next test was to actually write with it.  One of the things I feared with this pen was that since it was able to take so many refills, the refills might have a little bit of play in them and you would feel the refill move around a tiny bit as you wrote with it, but that was definitely not the case.  This refill was in there nice and tight, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of play as the tip hit the paper each time.

Kickstarter Titanium Pen and Stylus Writing Samples with Successfully Fitted Refills

Kickstarter Titanium Pen and Stylus Writing Samples with Successfully Fitted Refills

The manufacturer of the pen lists a ton of different refill that fit, and I didn’t have the ability to test them all, but the scan above (and the first picture in the review) shows all of the pens that I did test successfully with it.  Below is the official list from the manufacturers website with the refills they tested it with.  Much like I was surprised by how snug the refill fit with the Pilot V5 RT, I was equally impressed with every other refill that fit.  Not one of them had any play between the tip and the hole in the tip that it fit through.  The spring inside the body of the pen does an excellent job of keeping your refill snug and not rattling around while you write for each of the refills that I tried.  Here are the compatible refills from the manufacturers site, but keep in mind that names, model names, and designs can change over time.

UPDATE:  In the writing sample above I wrote “Do Not Use” next to the Uniball Signo 207, and then neglected to mention why in the write up here.  Basically what happened when I used it was that the spring inside of the pen that rests against the top of the refill to keep it in place got stuck inside of the refill and yanked it out when I removed the refill.  This happens because the opening on a Uniball Signo 207 refill has a larger opening in it where the ink goes and it allows the spring to get caught in there.  Rather than risk damaging the spring like this I would recommend just not using that particular refill since there are so many other options out there, although it does fit and write properly.

Thanks to the folks at Big Idea Design for pointing that out to me, obviously they are on top of their product and interested in hearing customer feedback which is always a great sign of a company that cares about their product and customers.

Pen Name/ Refill Name
•Bic Velocity Gel 0.7mm (Medium)
•Cross Gel Rolling Ball Refill 0.7mm
•Dong-A Fine Tech RT Pen (GRC-43 refill)
•Duke Rollerball Refill (Medium)
•Faber-Castell Ceramic Rollerball Refill 0.5mm
•Foray (Office Depot’s Brand-USA) Replacement Refills
•Mont Blanc Fineliner Refills
•Mont Blanc 163 Rollerball Pen Refills  (M) & (F)
•Monteverde Rollerball Refill (Mont Blanc Style Replacements)
•MUJI 0.5mm Refill
•Ohto Ceramic Rollerball Refill (C-305P, C-307P)
•Pentel ENERGEL BLN105 pen (LRN5 & LRN7)
•Pentel HyperG Retractable KL257 Series (LR7 & KLR7)
•Pilot Frixion Ball pen BLS-FR5 (LFBK-23EF-B refill)
•Pilot Ge (America’s #1 selling ink gel pen, 0.38, 0.5, 0.7, &1.0mm)
•Pilot G2 Pro
•Pilot G6
•Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier (Same performance as Hi-Tec-C, but with more ink) ****
•Pilot Precise V5 RT/V7 RT, named Hi-tecpoint V5 RT/V7 RT in Europe
•Pilot Q7 Needle Point Refill 0.7mm (BLS-GCK-7 / LHKRF-8C7)
•Pilot V ball RT (BLS-VB5RT)
•Pelikan Roller Refill 338 Rollerball
•Schmidt Safety ceramic roller 888 Fine
•Schneider Topball 850
•Staples Classic Grip Pen 0.7mm Gel (#31581)
•TUL GL1 Gel Pen Retractable Needle Point Fine 0.5mm
•Uniball Impact RT 1.0mm Bold (Signo UMR-80)
•Uniball Signo RT Gel 0.38mm & 0.5mm (UMN-138)
•Uniball Signo (UMN-152)
•Uniball Signo 207 Gel Refill 0.7mm (UMR-87, UMR-85)
•Uniball Jetstream 1mm (SXR-7)
•Visconti Rolling Ceramic 0.7mm (AA40)
•Waterman Rollerball Refill
•Zebra Sarasa Clip Pen Refill
•Zebra JF Gel Ink (JJ2; JJ15; JJZ15; JJ21; RJF5 pens)

***Note – This is not the standard Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill, the Cavalier takes a different size refill than the standard Hi-Tec-C

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Non-Compatible Refills

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Non-Compatible Refills

Now more important in my opinion is knowing what refills won’t fit in the pen, so I tried as many different options as I could to see what I could come up with.  The photo above represents the ones that didn’t fit, but I will list them out below (in left to right order in the photo) so you know what to avoid.

  •  Bic Cristal 1.6mm
  • Uniball Signl UM-153
  • Uniball Vision Insight
  • Magna Tank
  • Uniball Signo Bit
  • Uniball Signo DX .38mm
  • Pentel Slicci
  • Uniball Power Tank
  • Uniball Vision RT
  • Staedtler Maxum
  • Uniball Style Fit
  • Pilot Better Retractable Pen
  • Zebra JJ101 Hyper Jell
  • Uniball Signo Stick .7mm UMR-7
  • PaperMate Ink Joy 700RT
  • Pentel Vicuna BX157
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C Standard
  • PaperMate Earth Write Bio-degradable pen
  • Tornado by Retro 51

Obviously that is not a complete list, but they are the ones I was able to verify as not fitting the titanium pen/stylus body.  Now this is not at all intended to be a knock on the pen because I think that its awesome that it does fit so many other refills.  I just wanted to make sure to document as many non-compatible pens so that we can avoid anyone buying this in hopes of it fitting one of those.

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Tip Options

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Tip Options

The Pen/Stylus also actually gives you the option of removing the stylus tip and replacing it with a matching titanium flat screw if you don’t like or need the stylus tip on the back.  As a stylus I didn’t notice any flaws in using it, having tried it on my Amazon Kindle and my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone.  It operated very smoothly, and having it as an option on the back of whatever your favorite pen may be is a huge plus.

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus in Case

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus in Case

Almost forgot to mention the free soft case that comes with the pen/stylus.  Kind of looks like a little sleeping back for your pen, but definitely a nice touch to add this with the pen.


Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Box

Kickstarter Titanium Pen Stylus Box

Overall I am very pleased with the Titanium Pen and Stylus from Big Idea Design, and I’m looking forward to using it a lot more.  For someone like me, this pen and stylus body sets me up to be able to get  some use out of the tons of pens and refills that I have sitting around by giving me the opportunity to put them into a very handsome looking body that is a pleasure to write with, and also gives me the added benefit of a stylus if I want.  I’ll probably be stocking up my pen case with a bunch of my favorite refills that I have sitting around so that I can always put this pen to use at a moments notice and feel like I’m getting the most out of my vast accumulation of pens.  I may even consider picking up an extra one of these so I have a back up should I ever misplace it or more likely if someone “borrows” it when I’m not looking.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


  1. 1
    Michael Hodgman says:

    Wow, that is one nice looking and handy pen!  A little out of my price range at the moment, but someday, it will be mine!

  2. 2
    Robert Watkins says:

    I also got one from the Kickstarter campaign along with the smaller XTS.  I love the feel and the look both.  I had to order an extra for my girlfriend after she had it for less than a minute.  I have a Jetstream cartridge loaded up.  The only negative that I can offer is that I haven’t found anything to put in the XTS except the G2 mini-refills and I just can’t use those without offering up rather impolite comments under my breath.  :)

  3. 3
    foggylemon says:

    Why did you say “Do Not Use” for the Uniball Signo 207?

  4. 4
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Michael – Its definitely very visually appealing and the thing is built like a tank, so one day when you are in better position to pick one up, it will be a great investment that should last you forever.

  5. 5
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Robert – Thats too funny that your girlfriend kind of permanently borrowing it from you.  In regards to the XTS, I don’t own that version, but you could probably trim down the back of a used Jetstream (or any other cartridge) with a razor or Xacto knife.  As long as you cut any refill you pick above any clear gel that is in there you will probably be good, or if it has one of those plastic caps on the top like a G2 just be sure to use that to plug up the version that you trimmed.

    I’m with you on the G2 refills, not my favorite at ALL.

  6. 6
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, I actually had an email about that as well, so I’ve updated the review to reflect that issue.  Basically the spring in the pen was getting stuck in the hole in that refill because the hole is rather large.  Everything still works, but there is risk of damaging the spring when you remove the refill because it can get stuck in there.

  7. 7
    BIGiDESIGN says:

    Michael- Just wanted to point out that we also have a more economical and light-weight 6061 aluminum version of this same pen over on our website. 

  8. 8
    Donnie Tucker says:

    Maybe I got a bum refill with mine, but it seems the G2 refills write really light grey since last time I used them… Thankfully I had a Uniball 207 refill ready to use!

    This pen is amazing. It’s one of the first pens I’ve used that feels substantial and heavy enough for my needs.

  9. 9
    RobertRegets says:

    I’m glad you like the Ti pen. Your review summarizes my views on it almost exactly. I have wanted to use Jetstream ink for a while now, but none of Uni’s pen bodies appeal to me at all. Now that I have the Ti pen, I have been using a Jetstream 1mm refill as my primary pen – and I have been loving it.

    I do admit that I wish it was a little lighter. Just like you mentioned, the weight combined with the length makes writing with the cap posted a little awkward. If I am going to be writing anything at length, I will write with the cap off. The pen gets posted when it is resting nearby, so it doesn’t roll away.

    BidiDesign posted in the comments about the aluminum version. I ordered one of the those. It is now out of customs. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. I am looking forward to seeing how much of a difference there is between the titanium and aluminum.

    When I ordered the aluminum version, I had a long weekend of deciding whether to get that one or the smaller XTS version. I bought a pack of G2 pens to try out first. I did not care for them at all, so I ordered the full size pen instead. I know cutting down a used refill to the size of the XTS would probably work, but you never know and it would be an expensive trial and error process. There is no way I am using the G2 ink cartridges.

    Thanks for your review, and for giving some attention to this great pen!

  10. 10
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, here is the link to the aluminum version:


  11. 11
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of the G2, but it does sound like something is wrong with the refill if its writing grey.  Thye are usually pretty dark and inky.  I wonder if the little rubber ball on the end to keep it from drying out fell off or had a crack in it.

  12. 12
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Thats awesome, I’m glad you liked the review!

    Feel free to come back and let us nknow how you like the aluminum version once it arrives.

  13. 13
    Luke Hoersten says:

    Did you end up getting your aluminum pen? I’m wondering if the weight with the cap posted is better for writing than the titanium version. Also, does the aluminum version look as cool?

  14. 14
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Actually just got them today, so hopefully I’ll have the review up here in the next 7-10 days.  Definitely looks cool, I’ll do some testing though and document your other question in the review.

  15. 15
    RobertRegets says:

    I received my aluminum version in the mail last Saturday. It was mailed back for a refund by Wednesday.

    The aluminum version is significantly lighter than the titanium version. It is striking how much lighter. That is about the only good thing I have to say about it. It is so light that it feels cheap, as if it is a recycled soda can. My Ti pen, that I still use constantly, is black. I ordered silver for the Al pen. The silver version did not stand out in any way. I also found that the silver finish was a little more smooth than my black Ti pen. The smoothness combined with the light weight made it a little difficult to hold onto when writing.

    There did not seem to be enough threads on either end of the pen, particularly the back end. I had some trouble threading the cap. I had a lot of trouble threading when posting the cap. A couple times when the cap was posted, it fell off when I set the pen down on my desk. Also, the clip was a little loose.

    My advice for anyone considering a BigiDesign pen + stylus, and you should, is to save a little more money and get the titanium version. I am not going to let my experience with the aluminum pen effect my opinion of the titanium option. I have even changed my mind about the smaller XTS version. I plan on buying a chrome XTS pen (titanium, of course) when they become available. I just hope that I wear down enough ink cartridges to be able to use it – I change the ink in my full-size Ti pen so often that it may be a while before I can trim one down to use in the smaller pen.

  16. 16
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Wow, thanks for all of the great feedback!  Ill be sure to address some of that when I do my review.

  17. 17
    James says:

    I bought 2 of the Titanium pens from the kickstarter campaign. I love the feel and the ability to use so many different refills and it is often admired by people that have used it.

    There are a couple minor negatives to mention though. Both pens are black, one was finished well, the other had very light spraying on one end allowing the titanium grey to show through lightly. BigiDesign did offer to replace if I paid to ship it back to them. I decided to hang on to it so I can have the finish removed and will anodize it for a different look. I wasn’t totally thrilled with the idea of having to pay to return defective items. The second one has poor threading on the back and the cap can pop off, another half a turn would have been great. Even the first is a bit troublesome to get threaded. Both thread just fine to close.

    Outside of those issues I love the feel of the pens. On the campaign I did see a number of complaints that the cap clearance was too low and was crushing a number of refill tips, rendering them useless. I don’t seem to have that problem, at least with the refills I use (207, G2).

  18. 18

    I LOVE my titanium pen. I got 2 of the chrome versions although I wish I would have bought a bead blasted black one instead of the extra chrome. In fact, if anyone has an extra black one, I’ll trade ya. :)

    I typically use the cross rollerball refill or a Mont Blanc Fineliner refill.

    Again, I would definitely recommend this pen. I love it.

  19. 19
    John says:

    Would love to try one out!

  20. 20
    Fanet T. says:

    I saw this project on kickstarter a while back and was blown away but just didn’t have the money to back it at the time and soon after I forgot about it. Now I have just ordered one in black and all I can do is, literally, prowl the interwebz salivating over reviews of the pen until mine miraculously makes it to my doorstep.

    To be honest though, since I’m pretty caught up in the every day carry (EDC) lifestyle, I reaaaaallllyyyy wanted the smaller XTS Ti version. Its smaller, lighter, and given the rest of the items I plan to carry around, more practical; thus, I would be more likely to always have it on me. At the time I was mesmorized (for some reason) by the Four Sevens Titanium Pen. Imagine how my world came tumbling down when I found out that the XTS basically only took G2 refils!!!!!!!!! :(

    One of the refills I really want the ability to use, like really really bad, is a Fisher pressurized cartridge. I didn’t see it in BigiDesign”s list of accepted refills but then again I didn’t see it in this review’s list of refills that don’t work either. So basically I’m praying that by hook or by crook, somebody overlooked mentioning that refill and my dreams can still come true. lol

    Can anyone tell me if any Fisher refills fits in the full size Ti ????????? (I whole-heartedly accept any minor or major modifications necessary to make this dream come true)

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