Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen – 0.3 mm

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen  0.3 mm Full Body Cap Posted

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen 0.3 mm Full Body Cap Posted

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen is a new spin on the very popular and great performing Pilot G-Tec-C Gel ink Pen.  The inside of the two pens are the same, but the outside is where you can see the real difference.  This particular set of pens was given to us for review by our good friends over at JetPens, however that doesn’t impact our opinion of the pens themselves.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen  0.3 mm Set of 6

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen 0.3 mm Set of 6

The particular pens we are looking at here today came in a set of six, with the colors red, green, pink, orange, black, and blue and they are the .3mm tipped version as opposed to the other option of the .4mm tips.

Pilot G-Tec-C .4mm Capped

Pilot G-Tec-C .4mm Capped

Above is a regular Pilot G-Tec-C (Also know as the Hi-Tec-C) for comparison, and as you can see the Hi-Tec-C Maica versions are much brighter and colorful in comparison.  The entire length of the body on the Maica is color coordinated with the color of the ink inside, and the caps on each pen have their own unique look to help them stand out as well.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen 0.3 mm Top of Cap

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen 0.3 mm Top of Cap

The top of each cap on the Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pens have a multi-faceted gem-like design on the top that give the pens some additional sparkle.  With the cap posted, the Maica version of the G-Tec-C is about 1/4″ longer than the standard version, and without the cap in play at all, the bodies of the pens are about 1/2″ apart in length, with the Maica version being the longer of the two.  With that said, the barrel of the Hi-Tec-Maica is also a bit thicker and doesn’t have the same flattened edges, instead it is perfectly cylindrical.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen  0.3 mm Close Up of Cap

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen 0.3 mm Close Up of Cap

The one last major difference on these is that the cap does not have a clip on it like the standard G-Tec-C.  Instead there is a small loop which serves two purposes.  First is that the small loop prevents the pen from rolling when placed down, and second is that it serves as a way to attach the pen to a lanyard or something so you can keep it handy.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen  0.3 mm Writing Sample

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen 0.3 mm Writing Sample

Writing with the Hi-Tec-C Maica is not surprisingly no different than the standard Hi-Tec-C or G-Tec-C pens.  For a .3mm pen that has the potential to be very scratchy, the Maica writes very smoothly, and the color of the inks is very bold and solid with no skipping, feathering, bleeding or splotching.  Personally, you probably wont catch me out in public writing with this version of the Pilot G-Tec-C because they have a little bit too much of that 14 year old girl/Hello Kitty-ish look and feel to them, which is probably fantastic and perfect for a lot of folks, and I’ve got no issue with that but its just not my thing.  They do however look pretty cool, and provide the same great performance that you have come to expect from the G-Tec-C pens, so if you are looking for some nice micro tip .3mm or .4mm pens with great color and sharp consistent lines, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen is definitely an excellent option.  Thanks again to our friends over at jet pens for supplying these for us to review.

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  1. 1
    Jackie says:

    I have several of the Maica pens in the 0.25mm, 0.4mm and 0.7mm and I love every one of them. I will have to get some of the 0.3mm now!

  2. 2
    Sheryl C says:

    I don’t recall where I read it, but that loop on the side can also be used to attach one of those cute little girlie charms. I have one of the 0.4mm and I like it for doodling – smooth and dark (blue).

  3. 3

    @Jackie – Thats exactly how I feel about the regular G-Tec-C series, I love having a few different options for all of the sizes, although I generally skip the .7mm. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    @Sheryl C – Yes, that makes sense and I read it somewhere else too, maybe my brain was just blocking that so I didn’t end up sounding TOO much like a 14 year old girl while writing about these…no offence to any 14 year old girls out there. :)

  4. 4
    Cary L. Tyler says:

    I just purchased a few of these via Jet Pens and they are excellent. I have used the Hi-Tec-C in the Coleto but never in an individual pen and now I am sold (and will thus be purchasing a few regular Hi-Tec-C’s to have a set). Even though they do have a little bit of feminine flare I like a good pen and had no problem showing these off to some of my students who are now also hooked on pens. For more “testosterone” transactions I will probably break out my Uni-Ball Signos, but as a sketchnote taker and graphic design hobbyist there is no shame in using these!

  5. 5

    @Cary L. Tyler – Agreed, I don’t have any graphic design abilities myself, but I could see how the sharp, bold, and consistent output of these pens would be great for that.

  6. 6
    Meg says:

    Interesting — I bought a few sizes of the Hi-Tec-C Maica and found them all to be very scratchy, with the 0.3mm the most scratchy.

  7. 7

    @Meg – I guess “scratchy” is a subjective term, I’m used to writing mostly with micro-tip pens so I probably have a higher tolerance for it. The type of paper also comes into play as well, some smoother papers will reduce that scratchy feeling, so I guess I should mention those caveats in posts, thanks for your feedback though.

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