Bic Easy-Glide Ink System and Another Giveaway

Bic Easy-Glide Pens

Bic Easy Glide Pens, Win a Set of Each for Yourself

The lovely folks from Bic sent me a bunch of new pens that use their Easy Glide Ink technology, and they even sent enough for me to share 3 packs of them with you guys.  The winner will get one pack of each of them, so check out the reviews below, and then see how you can enter to win your own.  First we will take a look at the pens, and then at then towards the end you can see how the Easy Glide Ink performed in my writing samples.

The Bic Ecolution ReAction

The Bic Ecolution ReAction

First up of the pens with the Easy Glide ink is the Bic Evolution ReAction (via Amazon), which are made from 74% recycled plastic, and the paper in its package is made from 100% recycled fibers.  The pens themselves are a 1.0mm retractable tip and come in Black, Blue, and Red.  The retractable plunger on these pens has a green coil set inside of it that really helps to make a very comfortable writing experience.  It acts as kind of a shock absorber so as you write and put pressure on the tip, there is a nice cushioned feeling that adds a bit of softness to your writing experience.

The bodies and the grips on the Evolution ReAction is a smooth solid plastic that mostly have a matte finish, with some groves etched on the lower grip section.  Personally I really like the wider body and grip section on these pens, but be aware that these are definitely thicker than most pens.

Bic Atlantis Easy Glide Pens

Bic Atlantis Easy Glide Pens

Next up is the Bic Atlantis which has a much thinner barrel and sleek design as compared to the Bic Evolution.  The black translucent barrel has a white gel-like grip that is really tacky (in the grippy way, not the ugly way) that is really comfortable to write with, although a bit on the thin side for my tastes.  Much like the Ecolution, the Atlantis has a really interesting plunger on it as well.  When you press down to expose the tip of the pen, you don’t get that little catch or click to act as a way to let you know that the tip is locked in place.  Instead, when you press down on the plunger there is almost no feedback at all, but the tip just locks into place.  It takes a few times using it to get used to the lack of click, but I really like it because its smoother and less clunky feeling as compared to normal retractable pens.

Bic Velocity with Easy Glide Ink

Bic Velocity with Easy Glide Ink

The Bic Velocity is the third pen that I tried out that has the Easy Glide Ink technology.  This is a pretty basic looking retractable pen with a 1mm tip, that come in multiple colors, but to be honest, the rather pedestrian look to them almost hides the fact that the grip is actually really comfortable.  The grip starts out fairly thick, and gets slightly thinner before expanding back out again, which creates a comfortable upward sloping ridge that really removes the need to squeeze to hold onto the pen and instead used the weight of your hand as leverage to keep the pen gripped firmly under your control.

Bic Easy-Glide Ballpoint Writing Sample

Bic Easy Glide Ballpoint Writing Sample

The most noteworthy thing about any of these pens though is the new ballpoint ink technology that Bic is using in them.  There is a noticeable difference between the Easy Glide Ink and the standard old Bic ballpoint refills.  If you take a close look at the writing sample above, you can see that on the left side where the Easy Glide Ink was tested, it really is darker and show far less skipping than the samples on the right where I used my old (but technically new) Bic 4-color multi pen.  Besides laying down a line that is visually more appealing, the feel of the pens with the Easy Glide Ink coasting across the paper is also smoother, and seems to start-up more quickly than their old ink technology.  One thing that I found though was that the red ink samples look quite different, with the new Easy Glide red ink not being as dark of a shade of red as its predecessor.

Overall, I think that if you are looking for some nice writing, but value oriented pens, these are a great choice.  Keep in mind that when you are looking for these, I believe that there are some old versions of the same pens with that don’t have the Easy Glide ink, so make sure your package says that on the front.  Kudos and thanks to the folks at Bic for supplying these, and also for restoring my faith in the fact that they do have some pens that worth checking out.

For the giveaway I’ll keep it simple.  There will be one winner who gets a pack of each of the three pens mentioned above.

1.  Leave a comment for your first entry.

2. For a second entry, become a fan of OfficeSupplyGeek on Facebook, then come back here and leave a message saying that you have done so.  If you are already a fan, thats fine as well, just be sure to leave a second comment.

You will have until Friday, September 24th at 11:59 PM Eastern to leave your comments, and the winner will be announced on the following Sunday.  Thanks and good luck!

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