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Essential gear to get through the day at the National Stationery Show

Off to the NSS

  Heading off to the 2015 National Stationery Show today, so be sure to follow on Instagram, Tumblr, and/or Twitter where I’ll be trying to share pictures and accounts of all the awesome office supplies that are sure to be on hand.  Below I’ve got a picture of my gear that I’m hoping gets me through […]

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Black n Red Notebooks

Black n Red Casebound Notebooks

  I recently shared some awesome and still available deals (via Amazon) for almost 50% off on the large Black n Red Casebound notebooks, so I wanted to share a quick review of them now that I’ve received the two that I ordered.  Some of the pictures you see here also show the two smaller versions that I grabbed […]

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Figurare Concept Flow Notebook How to Use Sample

Figurare Concept Flow Notebook

I hate to share stuff thats hard to find/buy online, but when I found this Figurare Concept Flow Notebook it really jumped out at me as an item I had to review.  I did some checking around and I can’t even find this notebook on the usual sites like Amazon or JetPens, so apologies in […]

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A Label Maker Sale, Maybe?

When I was doing my research on potential sales and deals I came across this Dymo LM160 label maker (via Amazon) at a bargain price of $9.99 compared to the regular price of $39.99.  Oddly enough though over the last few days I’ve watched the price on this bounce back and forth between $9.99 and […]

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Apica Premium CD Notebook Close Up

Apica Premium CD Notebook Ruled B5

When I walked into the Kinokuniya store near my office in NYC a few weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting to pick up a new notebook, but when I came across the Apica Premium C.D. Notebook that changed almost immediately.  Although I grabbed this from Kinokuniya in person, you can also find them via Amazon and via JetPens. […]

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