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Cross Jot Zone Journal Inside

Cross Jot Zone Journal Review

I came across the Cross Jot Zone journals via Amazon one day and I liked the highly contrasting colors against the mainly black covers so I just blindly grabbed one based on that alone.  I’m glad I picked one up because they are definitely an interesting journal that was worth taking a closer look at.

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Cross Satnink Package Writing Sample and Comparison

Cross Satnink Review

For quite some time now, there has been a trend away from standard ballpoint pen ink refills towards hybrid ink refills that look to take the smooth and consistent flow of a gel ink and combine it with the quick drying durable ballpoint ink that people had become accustomed to.  It seems like the Cross Satnink […]

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Baron Fig Three-Legged Juggler Inside Front Cover

Baron Fig Three-Legged Juggler Journal Giveaway

The good folks from Baron Fig sent over one of their limited edition Three-Legged Juggler Confidant Journals and I thought that instead of doing a full review with writing sample, we would do a giveaway instead.  We will take a quick look at the box and journal and then past that you will find the details on […]

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