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I’ve got two lists for you today, one is all of the top posts by views in 2012, regardless of when they were posted, and the second list is the top 10 most viewed posts that were written in 2012.  I like taking a look at these and sharing because it gives you a good idea of what was (and still is) popular among us office supply geeks.  Enjoy!

First up are the top 10 posts (regardless of when they were first posted) by visits for 2012:

10.  In my opinion, the Black n Red notebook is one of the best notebooks out there.  For the money, you really cant get any better quality.

9.   No surprise that the Uniball Kuru Toga continues to be a popular search for writing enthusiasts.  Its definitely a game changer in the world of mechanical pencils.

8.  The Moleskine branding machine probably has a lot to do with how popular some of their products are, regardless of quality, which is why it really isnt a surprise to see the Moleskine Professional Series Project Planning Notebook show up here.

7.  The Doane Paper Idea Journal takes Chad Doane’s unique paper and puts it into a sturdy and durable notebook that is a pleasure to use.

6.  The Jumbo Binder Clip review always gets a ton of traffic and questions, and speaking of questions, unfortunately no I don’t know where you can get these anymore, I dont think they are even being made at this time.

5.  Still one of my favorite products that I’ve ever owned, office supply related or not, our Saddleback Leather Briefcase Review.

4.  I’d venture to say that the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is one of the best beginner fountain pens one could buy.

3.  Unfortunately for the folks at Sharpie, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil garners a ton of interest, but mostly it is from people looking to see if anyone knows why this thing was ever released since it is such a poor performer.

2.  Comparing the Staples Arc system to Levenger Circa products is another favorite search for people, hopefully this post helps those in search of answers on the topic.

1.  Those of you that have read the site for a while know my feelings on the Pilot G-2 being the best pen out there, which I totally disagree with.

And here are the top 10 most visited posts that were written in 2012:

10.  Kickstarter projects for pens were abundant this year, so it is no surprise that the P1 Premier made this list.

9.  The “I Hate Everything Journal” was a review that I almost didnt even do because I didn’t think it was a perfect fit for the site, but I’m glad I did since it appears that so many people seemed to enjoy it.

8.  A look at the growing popularity of the Pilot G Tec C which I as hoping would help unseat the Pilot G2 as such a popular pen.

7.  This Post it Weekly Planner is kind of a surprise, but not really.  It definitely is a unique product that is done well, and who doesn’t love a good Post it branded product.

6.  More Pilot G2, or in this case the oh so similar Pilot G6.

5.  The highly anticipated return of the Palomino Blackwing Pencil drew a ton of interest.

4.  I loved the concept of this Titanium Kickstarter Pen and Stylus that takes over 30 different refills, I’ve actually got my hands on one now to do a review that you will see shortly.

3.  Getting a new pen from Noodler’s (makes of some fantastic fountain pen ink) is always big news, so the release and review of the Noodler’s Ahab Fountain Pen got a lot of attention and made it to the top three reviews for 2012.

2.  I’m going to be 100% dead honest here, I’ve got no idea how this happened, but the PaperMate Ink Joy 700 was the second most popular review in 2012.

1.  And the most popular review for all of 2012 was the Moleskine Professional Series Project Planner.

There were definitely some surprises on both lists this year, looking forward to a fun 2013.  Thanks to everyone that made it possible to do all of the reviews that made the list, all of your support is greatly appreciated.

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