Top 10 Office Supply Reviews of 2010

It seems like the obligatory thing to do at the end of each year is to compile some top ten lists that look back at the things that we found the most helpful, interesting, surprising, or whatever term  is most appropriate.   With that in mind, I’ve got two slightly different versions of top ten office supply lists for you today.  First up is a breakdown of the most frequently visited posts from 2010 as ranked by the number of unique visitors to that post.  As long as it was posted between Jan. 1, 2010 and today, it was eligible.   Second is the overall most frequently visited posts regardless of when they were written up, so it includes 2009 and 2010 posts with the most unique visitors this year.  Obviously there might be some that show up on both lists, but I thought this was the most objective way to look at the most popular posts for the year.  Enjoy!

The most frequently visited posts written in 2010:

These are the posts that were written between Jan 1, 2010 and December 27, 2010 that were visited the most during the same time period.

10. Pilot Precise V5 RT – This is a classic pen that has been around for a while with a few redesigns.  When someone asks me about a “good pen” this one almost always comes up in conversation, so I was glad to see it make its way into the top 10.

9. Noodlers Ink Aerometric Fountain PenIt would be hard for one of the most popular fountain pen ink manufacturers to release a fountain pen and not have lots of interest about it.

8. Monthly Giveaway and NewsletterLots of folks have signed up for this and continue to do so, I was actually a bit surprised to see it end up on the list of top posts.  Make sure you are signed up if you have not already done so, we will continue the monthly giveaways into 2011.

7. Inside Your Sharpie PenThe wildly popular Sharpie Pens spawned many questions, one of them being “Why does my retractable Sharpie Pen run out of ink so quick?”  I couldn’t let that question go unanswered, so I grabbed some power tools and hacked apart a few different versions of the pens to get to the root of the problem.

6. The Best Gel Ink PensThis was a “point in time” look at the best-selling gel ink pens on which yielded some surprising results.  Even better than the list though, were all of the great comments from readers sharing their favorite pens with us.

5. High Grade Uniball Kuru TogaThe upgrade to a skinner metal body for the Uniball Kuru Toga mechanical pencil turned out to be a big win for the folks at Uniball.  This is my go-to pencil in any situation, I always carry two with me in a .5mm and .3mm.

4. IdeaPaintOne of the most unique ideas for office supplies out there, it is basically a white board in a can…put it where you please.

3. Zebra Sharbo XThis is just one of those pens that I love to look at and hold because of its great design, and the quality materials that go into it.

2. Questioning the Pilot G2I’ve always wondered why the Pilot G2 was such a popular pen, and thanks to this write-up, I saw that I was not alone in my confusion.

1. Sharpie Liquid PencilFor better or for worse, this was by far the most frequently visited review for 2010, nothing else came close.  Regardless of how you (or I) feel about this pencil, this is not very surprising since anything that Sharpie does that is new tends to generate a ton of buzz.  I’m still sticking with my Kuru Toga though, it is by far the best writing mechanical pencil (or even non-mechanical pencil) I’ve ever used.  Also of note, this is the most frequently visited review in the short history of this blog, which is impressive since it was only written a few months ago.

The Sharpie Liquid Pencil

The Sharpie Liquid Pencil – This year’s and the all time most visited review.

The most frequently visited posts in 2010:

These are the posts that were most frequently visited this year, regardless of when they were written:

10. IdeaPaintOne of the more cool and unique products that I reviewed this year, IdeaPaint allows you to convert any paintable surface into a whiteboard.

9. Stainless Steel SharpieSharpie nailed it with the Stainless Steel Sharpie, and to this day I still hear and read people proclaiming their love for the new design, not to mention people who are still seeing it for the first time.

8. Platinum Preppy Fountain PenOne of two beginner fountain pens in the top 10, the Platinum Preppy comes in a ton of colors and nib sizes, and can also be converted to an eye-dropper pen or refillable highlighter.

7. Whitelines A4 Graph Paper NotebookThe only notebook to make the top 10 list, and it is a very worthy candidate.  Solidly constructed, and unique with it’s “easy on the eyes” paper design.

6. Zebra Sharbo XThis was one of my first pen reviews for 2010, and it is a very popular pen among pen aficionados.  This is a good reminder that I should probably be using this pen more often, I think I’ve had it out of my rotation for too long now.

5. Pelikan M 215 Fountain Pen – Personally this has been one of my favorite reviews because I love the pen so much, and because I enjoyed taking the photos so much.  I was happy to see this one come in within the Top 5.

4. The Original Sharpie PenNo surprise to see this classic version of the Sharpie Pen still drawing interest.  With all of the revisions and updates to the original Sharpie Pen, you still can’t go wrong with the original.

3. Lamy SafariProbably one of the most popular beginner fountain pens, and one of the most frequently reviewed fountain pens as well.  It comes in a ton of different colors and nib styles, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is someone searching Google for one right now.

2. Uniball Kuru TogaRiding the wave of the #1 most visited review this year, the Uniball Kuru Toga managed to come in as the second most visited product review this year. I think most of the traffic came as a result of being linked within the #1 most popular review for the year which was…………

1.  The Sharpie Liquid Pencil – I was super excited when I heard about this pencil, but that didn’t end well.

The way I see it these are collectively “your” favorite products this year, but feel free to leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on other products that you thought would have made the list.  Keep an eye out in the coming days for the official Office Supply Geek Editor’s Choice Awards for this year as 2010 comes to an end.

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  1. 1
    hen chung says:

    Congrats on your monthly newsletter and giveaway making the top 10! That’s awesome and really positive feedback from your readers! Happy New Year!

  2. 2
    wild violet says:

    Thanks for all of your posts Brian! Of course I’m partial to anything Sharpie pen related. On that note, I saw that updated their section on the retractable Sharpie pens to include a pic of the new style and listing the new colors. They listed all colors in one spot, but not another.

    As I was scoping the pen aisle at Walmart earlier this week, I saw a 2 pack of original Sharpie pens in red. Previously I’ve only seen blue and black in the 2 packs. I wish they’d do that with the other colors. I also wish that they’d come out with some new colors in the original style.

    I have to agree with you about the Sharpie liquid pencil. It was a huge let down. If there’s anyone who wants to try one despite the overwhelmingly negative feedback, I’ve seen them at Walgreens in a small container, available for purchase singly. Honestly, save your money.

  3. 3

    […] Top 10 Office Supply Reviews – Office Supply Geek […]

  4. 4

    @hen chung – Thanks! Hope 2011 is treating you well so far!

    @wild violet – Glad you are enjoying the site, its nice to have you here sharing all of your insights as well. I have not seen the two pack of red either, but that is good to know because it probably means they are selling well. Maybe that is an indication of more to come? Maybe they can funnel some of the profits from the Sharpie pens into improving the Sharpie pencils? 😉

  5. 5
    wild violet says:

    You’re most welcome Brian!

    My birthday is today. I wanted to something for my co-workers on Thursday, I took a cake to work and instead of doing a small bag of candy for everyone, I gave each staff member an original Sharpie pen in black. One person was so excited that she hugged me!

    I bought a set of ultra fine Sharpie markers in the limited edition 80s glam colors with 6 other colors. I noticed that the back of the package states that Sharpie markers are available in 30 colors. C’mon Sanford, expand the color selection in the Sharpie pen line!

  6. 6

    @wild violet – Sorry I am a little late, but Happy birthday, hope you had a great day. Cake and Sharpie pens sounds like an AWESOME day at work to me, that was really nice of you. I’m with you though, Id love to see Sharpie start rolling out more of those colors with the line of Sharpie pens now.

  7. 7
    wild violet says:

    Thanks for the bday wish Brian! Cake and Sharpie pens did make for a great day at work.

    Last night at Walmart, I saw 2 packs of the Sharpie medium point pens. I’m not sure if I’ve seen them anywhere else. I always keep my eye peeled for all things Sharpie pen.


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