National Administrative Professionals’ Day 2012 – Interesting Stats

Today is National Administrative Professionals’ Day

Today is National Administrative Professionals’ Day

Today a big “Thank you!” goes out to all Administrative Professionals out there.  I assume that there must be at least one or two of you that read the blog, so hopefully someone else has already acknowledged you and your hard work today and expressed their appreciation.

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Our friends over at Staples gave us a heads up on an interesting (but non-scientific) survey that they did of their Twitter and Facebook followers regarding the importance of Administrative Professionals in the workplace.  From reading the press release I’d say that by far, the most interesting thing was this:

  • Nearly two-thirds (65.2 percent) felt the office would be more likely to fall apart without the administrative assistant than without the boss (30.3 percent).
Also of note from the survey:
  • The majority of administrative assistants who responded report their roles could be described as all of the following – from crucial business functions (human resources director, accountant) to personal support (concierge, therapist), even the impossible (magician, miracle worker).
  • Most non-administrative professionals respondents report that the administrative assistant knows their day better than their spouse (41.6 percent versus 33.5 percent).
  • When polled whichvfictional television administrative assistant non-administrative professionals would most like to have at their businesses, Pam Halpert of The Office eked out Mimi Bobeck of The DrewCarey Show (31.4 percent vs. 28.9 percent) as the top choice. Joan Holloway of the popular AMC show Mad Men was a distant third (19.6 percent).

You can check out the press release for more findings from the survey but also make sure you thank your local Administrative Professional today because even if they don’t support you directly, I’m sure that they do something on a daily basis to make your life easier…I know the ones that I work with certainly do!

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