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Levenger True Writer Black Nib

Levevnger True Writer Black Nib

Just wanted to quickly share some new stuff with everyone that I’ll hopefully be reviewing soon.  First up is an all black Levenger True Writer all black replacement nib via Levenger.  I love things that are all black so I’m looking to swap this option for my Levenger fountain pens.

Saddleback Leather New Items

There seems to be a lot new going on with the folks at Saddleback Leather, and the list above outlines the new items that they have coming up in the next 4-8 weeks.  I really wish I had a reason to get the dog collar, would be great to have a Saddleback Leather dog collar but obviously I’ll need the dog part first.

NockCo and Dudek Idea Dock

I totally missed these not too long ago when they first came out, and now they are out of stock but I’m hoping to be able to keep a close eye on them to grab one when they are back in stock.  I love the look and concept of the Nock Co and Dudek Idea Dock.

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    Mathguy says:

    You don’t necessarily need a dog to own a dog collar, an adventerous spouse will also do.

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