Clairefontaine Minuscule Notebooks Review and a Giveaway

Clairefontaine Minuscule Notebooks cover

The Covers of the Clairefontaine Minuscule Notebooks Hide Something

Normally I don’t like to review products that are not available in stores, so let me preface this review by saying that you shouldn’t head out to your local stationery store or start searching online for these, because you just wont find them anywhere.  You can however enter to win one of two for your own, and also bug (“bug,” get it?) your favorite stationery retailer to special order them from Exaclair.  When I saw the Clairefontaine Miniscule Notebooks at the National Stationery Show back in May of this year, I knew that many of you that visit this site would probably really like them and now that samples are available, I can finally share them with you here.

Clairefontaine miniscule notebook inside cover

Clairefontaine Minuscule Notebook Inside Cover

On the surface these 6 inch by 8.25 inch Clairefontaine Miniscule Notebooks look pretty cool with their durable black polypropylene covers, and the small square cutout that displays a cute and very vibrantly colored 3-D looking image, but they do have a little secret inside the cover once you open it up as you can see in the photo above.  Once you open up the black cover, you can see two larger and very cool pictures are revealed.  I particularly like the ladybug one because with the notebook closed, the ladybug appears to be on the backdrop of a nice bright cloudy sky, but when you open it up, the backdrop really ends up being a night sky with a big full moon.

Clairefontaine Miniscule Notebook Writing Sample

Clairefontaine Minuscule Notebook Writing Sample

Now don’t let the “cuteness” fool you, these Clairefontaine Miniscule Notebooks come with the same incredibly smooth writing bright white 90g paper you have seen me review before in this Clairefontaine wire bound notebook.  The writing sample done here was with a Lamy Studio EF Fountain Pen loaded with Private Reserve Ebony Green ink.  Personally I think this is absolutely one of the best choices of paper for any fountain pen or other ink for that matter.  There is almost zero show-through and no feathering at all.

Now for the good stuff, like I said before, you can’t just run out and buy this, so we are giving two away here at OfficeSupplyGeek.  The awesome folks at Exaclair who sent these two over to me recently told me that they have an extra one, and I will be giving up one of the ones that they sent over to review.  Each of you will have up to 3 chances to win, as follows:

1st – Leave a comment for your first entry.

2nd – Retweet the following on your twitter account:  “Enter to win a Clairefontaine notebook from @Exaclair and @OfficeSupplyGee #giveaway″ then come back and leave a second comment with a link to the status update with that tweet.  You can get the link to an individual Tweet by clicking the time-stamp right below the text of your tweet.

3rd – Become a fan of OfficeSupplyGeek on Facebook, or if you are already a fan, head on over to the fan page and click the “Like” button on this post.  Come back and leave a 3rd comment to let us know that you either became a fan, or have clicked the “Like” button for this post on the OfficeSupplyGeek Fan Page.

You will have until 11:59 PM Eastern on October 8th to leave your comments to get credit for all of your entries.  I will pick two winners and announce them on Sunday the 9th.  Each winner will have one week to claim their Clairefontaine Minuscule Notebooks.

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