Moleskine Disney Limited Edition Journals

Moleskine Disney Limited Edition

Moleskine Disney Limited Edition

So we are a little backlogged on items to review, but I stumbled across this Moleskine Disney Limited Edition joual the other day while shopping on and wanted to share it quickly since these licensed versions of the Moleskine notebooks are always so popular here.

According to the description on the preorder page on Amazon, its a standard 192 page journal with the usual hard cover, elastic strap, and back pocket.  The additional Disney branding includes a Micky Mouse on the cover and on the insides of each cover, Disney themed stickers, and a Mickey Mouse drawing guide.  You can check out the details of the Moleskine Disney Limited Edition joual for yourself, but according to the site they are not going to be available until February of this year, but I’ve seen Moleskine shift those dates in the past.

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    Michael Francis says:

    Can’t wait for this one!

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