Make Your Own Notebook with Scout Books Review and Giveaway

Scout Book Make Your Own Notebooks

The Scout Book is a notebook that you can custom design yourself

The Scout Book is a cool notebook that gives you, the end user, the ability to create your own cover design, and select your own paper to make a very customized 3.5″ x 5″ pocket notebook.  The nice folks from ScoutBook sent over a few of these notebooks for me to review and to give away to some of my readers.

Scout Book Notebook Back Cover

Back of the Composition Style Scout Book Notebook

As I mentioned, the notebooks are of the pocket-size variety, and measure 3.5″ x 5″ and come in a variety of pre-printed designs, some of which you see in the photos above.  They also come with your standard selection of either blank, ruled, or grid/graph paper inside.  The cool thing about these though is if you are not satisfied with some of their standard designs (see here) you can use your own artwork to create a custom cover.  Now of course there is a minimum order of 50 for any custom design, but I think that is very reasonable.  Because the notebooks are customizable they also make for great promotional tools for your business, school, event, or whatever else you can think of.

Some other nice features about these notebooks are that they are made from 100% recycled paper and use soy-based inks, so they are pretty environmentally friendly as well.  On the composition style notebooks the back cover has a spot to write your name, email address, and a start/end date, while the front cover has space for a title.

Scout Book Notebook Graph and Ruled Paper

Scout Book Notebook Graph and Ruled Paper

You can see that the notebooks are stapled in the center, and the above photo shows the graph and ruled paper, the lines on each are a light gray.  In doing my writing tests with these notebooks I was impressed with their versatility.  All of the pens I tried including Sharpie Pens, Gel Ink Pens, Ball point pens, and my F and EF fountain pens worked well.  I did try a fountain pen with a medium nib, and that is the point at which I started to get some show through on the other side of the page.  While it wasnt bad, even a small amount for me can be bothersome, but I was thrilled that I could use my F and EF nibs with no apparent problems.

I am definitely considering picking up some of these for a project that I have in mind, I just have to sort out the details because for the most part if you do a custom design, you can only print one color on the cover, and then for multiple colors they mention a “custom quote” so that might get a little scary for my small budget, we shall see though.

Scout Book Notebooks Giveaway

Blue, Black and Red Scout Notebooks in the Foregraound for the Giveaway

Now for the good stuff, like I said, the nice folks from Scout Books supplied some of the composition style notebooks for a giveaway.  There will be 3 winners, and each winner will get 3 of the composition style scout books of the same color.  Color choice will be first come first serve for the winners.  To enter, you need to do the following:

-Leave ONE COMMENT and answer the following 3 questions:

1. What would be your ideal color be for the composition style notebook?  Pick black, red, blue, or any other color that you like best, and let us know why.

2. If you won, who would you share your scout books with and why?

3. What will you use your scout book for?

-Three winners will be selected, THE MOST CREATIVE/INTERESTING 3 entries will be the winners.  Decision of the judge (most likely just me) is final.

-You will have until Wed. April 14th at 11:59 PM Eastern to leave your entry.  Winners will be announced at 11AM Eastern on April 15th, and winners will have one week to claim their prize.

-First to respond to the winning announcement gets their selection of color.

-I will ship prizes internationally.

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  1. 1
    Mandy says:

    1. My ideal colour would be green… grass green or lime green. Not because they’re recycled and made from green-products (however I do love that fact) but because I love green! Your standard notebooks come in black, blue and red… snooze!

    2/3. If I won I would give one notebook to my sister and one to my fiance. We’re all in the process of moving or going to be moving in the next little while and being able to use the graph paper notebooks to plan furniture layouts would be very helpful plus keeping packing lists and do to list all in the same section just keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to keep track of.

    Happy note taking!

  2. 2
    Daniel says:

    1. Blue, because I don’t currently have any blue notebooks and it looks like a very nice blue in the pictures.
    2. I would share it with my siblings, because otherwise they’d just be plain jealous :)
    3. I would use it to organize and plan out my ideas that I had for a school club.

  3. 3
    Pearl Mom says:

    I would love a little composition book in purple as that is my “defy your age” color. I was on a test panel for a national health magazine and they used that color for our group. I have tried to keep something of that color with me at all times to remind me to make healthier choices in food and activity each day.

    I would love one of these books to keep in my purse to note what I did eat, what activities I did and hopefully how my fitness level is improving! I would share the two notebooks with my BFF who is recovering from breast cancer and struggling with her health issues and also with my teen daughter who as a high school freshman struggles with body and food issues too.

    Thanks! I hope I win!

  4. 4
    Jeremy C says:

    1. I would pick red because I have always liked the color red. When I was a baby, my mother would always buy me the red and my brother the blue in clothes we would wear. This continued until I was about 12, and no, not all of my clothes were red. I suppose since then, I have unconsciously continued migrating toward the color red. This might be why I am a fan of the Red Sox and The Ohio State Buckeyes. This connection just occurred to me. Also, red happens to be a prominent color in the Korean culture (and I am half Korean).

    2. and 3. I would share the notebooks with my brother and my father. My brother is an artist and is always looking for a nice notebook to carry around and use for sketching and taking notes. My father can use the notebook to keep track of his chemotherapy schedule and to also take notes. He is always writing on scraps of paper and losing them, so this notebook would be perfect. Hmmm, but where does that leave my mother? She could use it to keep track of notes, too. Neither of my parents use a computer, so they would be happy to use these notebooks to be their sole note-keeping system. That leaves me without a notebook. I may have to keep the one I was to give to my brother. After all, he likes blue, not red.

  5. 5
    MattT says:

    1. Blue. Who wouldn’t want their own Project Blue Book? (Am I showing my age? My geekiness? I am, aren’t I? Google it.)

    2. I would share my scout books with my daughters. My oldest (6) is getting into writing and drawing and I want her to have a notebook she can have with her all the time so she can record whatever thought comes to mind when it does. My younger daughter (4) would just _have_ to have one because her sister does, but she does tend to copy her older sister and the habit of keeping a notebook is one I want to encourage.

    3. Too many great ideas get away when I don’t write them down, so I want a good, fun notebook on me all the time. Plus, my kids will be a whole lot more likely to do it if they see me model it. And, also, getting an accurate record of UFO sightings as they happen is important. (Did you Google Project Blue Book yet? No? Oy.)

    Just kidding about the UFOs.

    Or am I?

    Great contest! Good luck, everybody!

  6. 6

    I’m in the process of starting up a web design business, and I was just thinking about using the Rhodia grid notebook as a “sketchpad” for client meetings. These would be a great alternative to that.

    1. My color would be red or maybe black, because those are colors I’m using in my branding.

    2. I’d share my notebooks with clients (see below).

    3. I’d use them during our meetings as we discussed ideas and sketched our pages, use them as I worked on their projects, and then give them to the client as a souvenir when I was finished. I’d probably create a nice decal or something similar to help reinforce good memories of our work together.

  7. 7
    Lindsay says:

    1. I’d pick a nice bright (but not neon) orange, something like the tangerine they display; I don’t wear much orange, or use it in decorating, but I love it beyond all reason and try to work it into the small items in my life like post-its and notebooks. I love the pebbly texture of the cover of these notebooks, and orange sets it off nicely. (Of the giveaway colors, I’d pick the black or the red; the blue is nice, but it’s a little too sky for me.)

    2. My hugsband (that was a typo, but I’ll leave it, because it’s appropriate) would get one, because he always wants one of everything I get extras of; he does a lot of work on his smartphone, and I’d love to remind him of the joys of pen and paper. The other would likely go to my friend Athena, who is an aspiring novelist, for outlines and notes and brainstorming on the go.

    3. My everyday carry notebook is the ittybittiest Moleskine Volant, because it fits in even the smallest women’s jeans pockets; if these came in a 2.5×4″ish size, I’d use them in a heartbeat. As is, this would probably become my work notebook, filled with to-dos, meeting notes, reference materials (marked with post-it tabs), and goodness-this-meeting-is-boring doodles. I always get frustrated with full-sized composition books for work because I want them to fill up faster than they do, so these would be perfect.

    The other possibility that intrigues me is the “custom interior paper” option. There’s not many details listed, but I play roleplaying games, and how cool would it be for a game manufacturer to release a notebook filled with character sheet templates, so you could fill out a clean one every time you level? (Pretty darn cool, that’s how.)

  8. 8
    Stephen Panaro says:

    I would choose the red notebook because it is
    bright and cheerful and easy to spot.

    If I won I would share the notebooks with
    my son and daughter to use for school.
    The notebooks would help them stay
    organized for school.

    I enjoy reading and taking brief notes of
    interesting thoughts I find. That is what I would use the notebook for.

  9. 9
    Robin Clegg says:

    1. Blue would be my ideal colour. The multiple shades of blue can encompass more emotions and convey more feelings than any other colour – warmth/cool, joy/sadness to name two extremes.

    2. I will be sharing my scoutbook with my girlfriend. We share everything equally

    3. The scoutbook will be used to record our time spent travelling in Western Australia over 12 months – blue would be the most fitting colour for the book here

  10. 10
    Aimee says:

    1. I’d want a plain notebook and I’d decorate it myself with drawings or some of my handmade stamps. Or I’d get my daughter to draw something on it, she’d draw me as a superhero or something, it would be cool!

    2. I’d share one with my daughter. She’s going to be 9 in a few weeks and has recently started keeping a journal and likes to write down her thoughts. She’d like a little notebook to carry around with her.

    3. I use little notebooks like Scout Books every day for every-old-thing, shopping lists, reminders, ideas for writing projects, just whatever. By the time they’re used-up, they’re a mess of random things. Before I “retire” them, I go through and pick out anything unfinished and transfer to the new one.

  11. 11
    Avital says:

    1. Orange. but of course.
    2. There’s no way I’m sharing it with anyone. I will let everyone look but I won’t share!
    3. In these notebooks I will lay down my plot to take over the world – ideas, sketches and inspiration :)

    I am just an ordinary girl…

  12. 12
    edina says:

    1. Something bright such as red or orange because it would be easy to find in a messy pile!
    2. I would share my books with some knitting buddies (see #3)
    3. I would use it for knitting project notes and charts (which use graph paper)

  13. 13
    Zack Seibert says:

    1. I would probably pick the black one, just because it’s classic.
    2. I would give the one of the notebooks to mom because she loves to write but doesn’t do it as often as she would like to. This would give her a reason. I would give the other to my brother because he is always mentioning how he never has a pen and paper at the ready when he needs to write something down.
    3. As for me, I would probably use the notebook to keep track of my calories. Since they’re the pocket version, it would be perfect to have in my backpocket all the time so I can keep myself accountable with my attempt at a healthier lifestyle.

  14. 14
    Mary says:

    1) Blue- because it matches the color of my ’98 Beetle. (In my mind, that makes sense.) I love that they’re called Scout Books as that’s the name of my first dog…and he’ll always be special.

    2) Share? Do we have to? Well…I DO have a blogger friend who sends me surprises every now and then. If I won these, I could return the favor. (Who doesn’t love a surprise notebook arriving in the mail?!)

    3) Dream journal, for sure. Mine are epic. And in color. Time to get them down on paper.

  15. 15
    Rachel says:

    1. Light blue, because it is peaceful.

    2. No, I horde office supplies. I may just look at these– kind of like not even sharing with myself.

    3. I like daily lists. But see #2 above, there is a distinct possibility that these will just be admired.

  16. 16
    ScottyJ says:

    1. Orange. Hardcore orange. Like the crossing guard keeping my kids safe orange. Why? Maybe then I’d stop losing all my writing pads/books so often. Consider adding a tether, too.

    2. My wife just started her own home-based business. Since breaking a champagne bottle over her office/the spare bedroom door seems inappropriate, how about a notebook instead?

    3. My recent purchase of a pocket briefcase was something of a fail – I can’t bring myself to carry it consistently for fear of marring the leather. This, though, would be ideal as a backpocket notebook for on-the-fly capture of actions, ideas, -isms, and promises I make that I actually want to keep.

  17. 17
    Ida Fischer says:

    1. my ideal notebook would be the highlighter yellow so it doesn’t get lost in my backpack. Also it helps your notebook to be a fun experience if you have a funky color instead of a stuffy stuffy color. It could also double as a safety measure when i forgot my bike light- I can just stick my notebook on my back and then everyone will see me ( and be jealous of my notebook)

    2. I would share my notebooks with my younger sister. She has been into creative writing since we were kids and I wasn’t always very supportive of her creative endeavors. Now I respect her tremendously and having been trying to encourage her and show support. She would also apperciate a cool notebook more than anyone else I know. Additionally writers ALWAYS need more notebooks.

    3. Inevitably my notebook would be host to a variety of things because all my notebook end up being multi-purpose in a pinch. However I am soon to start a project in which I write down something new I learned everyday. I am doing this to remember to look for things to learn and also to remember that learning never stops ( that last bit is cliche but true).

  18. 18
    Kelly Guimont says:

    I’d have an orange one. Like, Safety Orange. Then while carrying it around, I could do a Safety Dance (while you’re Googling a Project Blue Book, look this up too.)

    I would gladly give one to my friend who gave me a Field Notes notebook. Then we’d be even!

    I will use my notebook for ideas and notetaking. I am learning to write code and having a reference book I built for myself will be exceptionally handy. And since I will have one more left over, I’ll use that one to take notes for my ongoing World Domination Project. I’d tell you more, but…

  19. 19
    Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein says:

    1. Blue – The blue in the pictures reminds me of the notebooks that I used in college for tests that included essays, and those are fond memories for me. For composition and journaling it would be nice to use a notebook that reminded me of those old notebooks.

    2. If I were to win I would share the notebooks with my mother. She goes through notebooks faster then I do and we are always sharing our finds with each other.

    3. I’ve got notebooks going where I keep track of and review books, movies, beer and whiskey. I’d use these for music and CD reviews most likely. I’d have one each for the different types of music that I’m listening too.

    I took a look at their website and I’ll try their notebooks for sure. Thanks for the review and bringing them to my attention.

  20. 20
    Amber says:

    What a neat idea!

    1. What would be your ideal color be for the composition style notebook? Pick black, red, blue, or any other color that you like best, and let us know why. Ack! It’s gotta be violet! Back in high school, circa 1996, my friends made fun of me for my penchant for purple. I don’t wear purple eyeshadow or lipstick anymore, but I love it just the same!

    2. If you won, who would you share your scout books with and why? My son would have to get one, because, at four, he’s almost as pen/paper obsessed as I am. He loves to take “orders” at his imaginary restaurant or grocery store. The other one would be for my best friend, whose birthday is in June. She’s a 2nd grade teacher and is bound to be able to fill it quite easily!

    3. What will you use your scout book for? My son gave me a calendar for Christmas. So, for him, I’ve been writing down some highlights of his day in it, every day, so he can have it later. I’d like to keep one where I can journal some things for both him and my daughter together…for me. I have mommy-brain, and I know there are some really fun things I’ve forgotten already in my short tenure as a mom.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Very cool!

  21. 21
    RC says:

    I’m going to kinda answer all 3 questions at one go, since they’re pretty interlinked in my (note)book.

    I’m a sponsor of a low-income child in Bangladesh through Compassion International, and one of the requirements is for sponsors to regularly correspond with the child in order to build a relationship and let the child know that someone is encouraging him/her, even if it’s from afar. My sponsor child is 6 and will enter school next year, and I believe it would really signify the importance of education for me to send him a good quality notebook as a gift.

    I think these notebooks are both good quality, but don’t look as expensive as e.g. a Moleskine, which I’m hesitant to send him both because (a) he’s 6, and (b) I’m afraid some other kid will steal it or something if it looks too nice. On the other hand, it’s kind of stupid for me to send him a cheapo Mead spiral bound notebook!

    So I’d choose the red notebooks since red is his favourite color. I’d send him one and keep one for myself, and encourage him by using mine to write down new things I’m learning everyday which I’d send him when I’m done. I think this would be an excellent way to demonstrate the power of learning and education – my parents did a similar thing when I was a kid, and it really was instrumental in my subsequent academic achievement (I was the first to go to college).

  22. 22
    Marianne says:

    1. My ideal color would be black, because it’s my son’s and my favorite color.

    2. If I won, I would share the scout books with my children. They would both use theirs for recording story ideas (which they seem to have TONS of), as well as for making sketches (drums for my son and horses for my daughter).

    3. I will use my book for more practical purposes: lists, reminders, contact information, and maybe some sketches (of DIY planner ideas and ideas for various forms).

  23. 23
    Emmeline says:

    1. My ideal color would be black simply because it’s a more classic color and would be more versatile and “professional.”

    2. I would share the notebooks with my father. He’s always needing something to write in at the most random (and sometimes worst!) times and he never has any sort of paper with him. It’s problematic since he tends to forget what he needs when he does have paper in his hand.

    3. I’ll use the notebook to help keep myself more organized with my classes. It’d be useful in jotting down ideas I need for my research papers or lab reports.

  24. 24
    Aaron says:

    Probably not the most creative, but, I prefer black. It would go with all of my black journals better that way.
    I probably would not share it with anyone since I don’t share any of the others that I have.
    I would probably just use it as a catch all GTD book like a couple that I have now.

  25. 25
    Superpooky says:

    I would normally choose black, orange or lime green for favourite notebook colours but the Scout notebooks really suit the blue. It’s a slightly unusual shade and I love it so blue for me.

    I would give one to my friend who is not a stationery addict in quite the same vein as myself but I know they would touch the cover and open and shut it several times before using it the same way I do with new notebooks. A second one I think I would decorate and then re-giveaway on my own blog with a link back to OfficeSupplyGeek of course.

    I will use one notebook to plan this years trip to Europe (from the UK) in our VW campervan. We are meeting up with friends this year and I am the sort of person who likes to record dates, campsite addresses, places to go, passport numbers, travel insurance, pet insurance etc etc in the one place. You get the picture :-)

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone elses comments too. Good giveaway questions.