Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Cover

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Cover

The Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook is something that almost flew under my radar due to its somewhat no-frills visual appearance.  Lucky for me though the good folks from Jetpens made it easy for me to pick one up free of charge in exchange for this review, otherwise I’d probably still be in the dark in regards to this awesome little notebook.

Clairefontaine 1951 Notebook Cover Close Up

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Coral Cover Close Up

These notebooks come in a 5.8 inches x 8.3 inches size, and the covers are a heavy stock of cardboard that have a slight textured feel.  On the cover there is also a large rectangular eggshell colored rectangle for your name or for the date and subject of your notes.  The cover is held on by two staples that run lengthwise on the spine of the cover, and the inside of the covers are not color coordinated with the outside, and are instead the same eggshell color as the rectangular spot on the front of the notebook.

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Back Cover

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Back Cover

Now the paper in this Clairefontaine 1951 collection notebook is a bright white 90g paper with blue-ish, purple-ish, grey rulings, and there are no margins on the pages on the sides or top.  Each of these notebooks has 96 pages, or 48 sheets inside.  Essentially, these guts of these notebooks are the same as the very popular Rhodia Webnotebooks with 90g paper.  There is a very slight (.25″) difference in the size of the paper, but the quality of paper is the same, and it is about half as much paper, but the cost is much less than half so it is a great deal.  On the outside you also don’t have the same elastic closure strap and hard leather-like cover, but if paper is your only concern, this notebook has you covered.

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Writing Sample

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook Writing Sample

If you like the writing experience that you get with a Rhodia Webnotebook with 90g paper, the Clairefontaine 1951 collection notebook delivers the same paper in a more economical and no-frills wrapper.  This is a great choice for the student that uses a fountain pen because this paper just does not feather or suffer from having in show through to the other side.  In short, this paper handles fountain pen ink, and other inks like a dream, so at this cost it is much more economical to grab one of the Clairefontaine Collection 1951 notebooks, which is available in lots of colors from Jetpens.


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  1. 1
    linnefaulk says:

    What did you do? JetPens is all sold out. 😉

  2. 2
    Arleigh says:

    Webbies have 96 sheets, or 192 pages.  So these puppies only have half the number of pages of a webbie.  Too bad; I like the look of these notebooks but I’d go through 48 sheets way too quickly.

  3. 3
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Yeah, I noticed that too…pretty popular item.

  4. 4
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Thanks for that correction, you are right. I think I was being sloppy there, but they do come in a bundle of two which equals the same number of sheets as the Webnotebook, and at only $8, its still a pretty awesome deal for some very good paper….you just arent paying for the fancy cover, elastic strap, and back pocket I guess. Either way thanks for the clarification!

  5. 5
    bored_and_agitated says:

    what’s the ruling size on these bad boys?

  6. 6
    OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Hey there, those are college ruled, sorry for excluding that in the review.

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