TWSBI 540 Demonstrator Fountain Pen – Giveaway Week Item #2

The TWSBI 540 Demonstrator

The TWSBI 540 Demonstrator

Today we have a review (and giveaway) of the TWSBI 540 Demonstrator fountain pen.  Previously we reviewed the TWSBI 530 fountain pen, and this model has only very minor differences, but one is actually major in the impact it has on the pen.

TWSBI 540 Demonstrator Broken Down

The TWSBI 540 Demonstrator Broken Down

If you are not familiar with the line of TWSBI fountain pens, they are a pretty unique product even outside of the fountain pen world.  The original design and features of the pen were actually determined by the fountain pen community as a whole through feedback that was collected by the folks at TWSBI.  The above picture shows what I believe is the coolest part about this pen, which is that it can be completely broken down which makes it super easy to clean and / or repair….hopefully you won’t need to do any of the latter though.  In order to break the pen down into its individual components, you only need the one metal tool that you see in the background of the photo, and it comes with the pen.


TWSBI 530 and 540 Ink Chamber Comparison

TWSBI 530 and 540 Ink Chamber Comparison

Now as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, there is one really significant difference between the TWSBI 540 and 530, and that is the size of the ink chamber.  In the photo above, the orange pen is a TWSBI 530 with the smaller ink chamber, and in the foreground is the new TWSBI 540 with the larger ink chamber.  You can see the difference by looking at the space between the silver rings on the left, and the end of the plunger which is the thick black section to the right of the silver ring.  To me, this was a big enough improvement to warrant purchasing the new version (at a slight discount thanks to Goldspot) since I was also in the market for a new demonstrator anyway.

TWSBI 540 Demonstrator  Full Ink Chamber

TWSBI 540 Demonstrator Full Ink Chamber

One of the really nice things about the TWSBI 540 (even the 530 for that matter) is that the outside walls have multiple facets that reflect the light well, and really show off the color of the ink inside.  With darker inks like the ones I typically use, this is not AS obvious, but it is still noticeable.

One of the other advertised feature improvements is that they have made to the new version has to do with the cap threading.  On the previous model when you twist the pen open or shut, the motion is slightly unforgiving, especially when closing, it just kind of grinds to a stop.  With the new threading, it feels more like a hydraulic process where the final closing twist actually comes to a gradual and controlled slowdown.  Not a major improvement, but certainly nice feeling once you notice it.

TWSBI Different Clips

TWSBI Different Clips

Something else that I noticed is that the clips on the caps of my two different TWSBIs are different.  On the left in the photo above you see the original 530 and on the right is the new 540.  It doesnt jump out at first, but you can see that the clip on the right has the underbelly tapper inwards, while on the original it is flush with the sides of the clip.  Again, not huge, but noticeable if you fiddle with the clip when you are holding or using the pen.

TWSBI Different Clips Top

TWSBI Different Clips Top

Another difference with the clip is on the other end where the clips just look a bit different.  You can see on the left, the old TWSBI has a square hole in the top, and the new one is lacking it.  Again, not major but I thought I’d ooint it out.

The TWSBI is a pretty fantastic fountain pen, however there is one issue that I called out in my previous review that I wish they would have addressed in this upgrade.  It still bothers me that when you post the cap, it latches onto the twist knob for the piston filler, which gives you the “opportunity” to twist it by accident and sppill ink.  I know many people don’t post their caps, especially on a pen this big, but I do, and I personally think it is a bit of a design flaw here.  Otherwise though, this is really a fun pen to write with and I think it looks absolutely fantastic.  My review version here was an EF nib, which is made of steel, but it is also available in Medium, Broad, and Fine sizes.

The Giveaway:

Similar rules as the giveaway for the Stainless Steel Sharpie Pen, which you still have time to sign up for.  For this giveaway there will only be ONE winner thoughm, but you can pick the nib size that you would like.  Also, many thanks to our friends at since they are the ones that will be fulfilling the prize for the TWSBI 530 giveaway winner.

Rules are as follows:
1. You must be a US resident
2. Entries must be left by 11:59 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, December 14, 2011
3. Up to 3 entries per person, but only one of each method (ie. 1 straight comment, 1 twitter comment, and 1 newsletter comment)
4. Winner will be announced on Thursday December 15, 2011. Winners will have one week from that day to claim their prize

How to Enter:

1. Leave one comment
2. Sign up for the newsletter and monthly giveaway and leave an additional comment here, if you are already signed up just leave a comment as well
3. Retweet the following: “ Enter to win a TWSBI 540 Fountain Pen @OfficeSupplyGee #Giveaway Week ”  and leave another comment with a link to that particular status update.  To get a link to your status update, just click on the time stamp below it on Twitter.

So to summarize, a maximum of 3 individual comments, one per entry method and you have until 11:59 PM eastern on on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 to enter.  Also, there is no need to include your email address in the body of any comment, that is just asking for spam to your email account.  There is a place for your email address in the comment form itself that doesn’t get displayed and we don’t use it for anything here.

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    Wow, hope I win this!  Looks amazing.

  251. 251
    Sheila Thomas says:

    i wanna check out this pen!

  252. 252
    Sheila Thomas says:

    also i already subscribe to the newsletter

  253. 253
    Jim Berman says:

    Huge fountain pen fan! This would be treasured!

  254. 254
  255. 255
    Wbtrez says:

    I love the Tswbi fountain pen.

  256. 256
    trez brooks says:

    I love TWSBI fountain pens

  257. 257
    Marcus says:

    What a pity I am not in the US. This pen is great. I have the 530 and I love it.

  258. 258
    Pen says:

    I’d like to have it!!! Thanks!

  259. 259
    Cindy Weaver says:

    Demonstrator pens are so much fun – they also get you a lot of curious looks and comments.

  260. 260
    MGE says:

    This is such a cool pen! I would looove it :) 

  261. 261
    pyr says:

    and they say I never won anything as wonderful as this fountain pen…

  262. 262

    Good looking pen and I really like the fact that you can take it apart to clean.

  263. 263
    Sara Anderson says:

    Crossing fingers and other stuffs :) Thank you for the chances~!

  264. 264
    Sara Anderson says:

    I am a rabid reader of your website, newsletters and tweets ^^

  265. 265
    Sara Anderson says:

    I enthusiastically tweeted:

  266. 266

    Would love to win this pen. Coooolio!

  267. 267
    Derek S. says:

    Here is my first entry.

  268. 268
    Derek S. says:

    I am already subscribed to the newsletter.

  269. 269
    Derek S. says:

    And here is my tweet:!/ThirdeYe1337/status/146253164658700288

  270. 270
    Sara R. says:

    Wait!  I forgot to leave my second comment (already left my newsletter comment).

  271. 271
    pyr says:

    and they said I never won anything like this awesome fountain pen…

  272. 272
    pyr says:

    and they said I never won anything like this awesome fountain pen…

  273. 273
    Taylor Skidmore says:

    I’ve been looking all over for a new fountain pen, and this might be my opportunity to get my hands on a nice one!

  274. 274
    Taylor Skidmore says:

    I’ve also signed up for the newsletter.

  275. 275
    Jess says:

    And I subscribed!

  276. 276
    TWSBI down says:

    I let a friend use my TWSBI 530. He posted the cap (Nooooo!), wrote his note (while complaining about this strange pen), then ripped the guts out of my pen when he unposted the cap. The cap is broken, the barrel is cracked and I’m very sad, indeed.

    Now I’m longing for a new TWSBI because I miss it. What a great pen.

  277. 277
    Elizabeth P says:

    already signed up for the newsletter!

  278. 278
    Elizabeth P says:

    My status:!/NoPenIntended/status/147006354568134656

  279. 279
    Steve Wilson says:

    I’m in!  Always wanted to try a TWSBI

  280. 280
    Steve Wilson says:

    Signed up for newsletter!

  281. 281
    GrannyKass says:

    Enjoyed your review of the Twisbi’s. I’ve heard so much about them, but never saw a review. Nice to know the difference between the two pens. Thanks so much. Happy for the chance at the giveaway, too.

  282. 282
    Hanry Yang says:

    0_o I have really been wanting one of these!  

    …perhaps ill get lucky!

  283. 283
    Hanry Yang says:

    and a little more luck from having previously signed up for the news letter

  284. 284
    Hanry Yang says:!/hanryy/status/147139931528118273
    and even better/the best odds I can get

  285. 285
  286. 286
    Matthew says:

    I would like to win this please!

  287. 287
    Matthew says:

    Also I have subscribed to newsletter a bit ago. Second post.

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