Our August 2014 Goldspot Gift Pack Winner

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard


Before we get to this month’s winner of the Goldspot.com gift pack, I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this Logitech Solar and bluetooth keyboard (via Amazon).  I currently have a wireless keyboard but when I bought it I didn’t realize it was so small so I’ve got my eye on this one now.  The reviews on Amazon look pretty positive, but the I’d put more weight behind the knowledgeable readers of this blog when it comes to good quality office supplies.  If you have it or know of a better keyboard let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you have not had the chance, check out the new Pennaquod Search that is a search engine focused on searching pen blogs only.  Its a pretty handy tool when looking for pen and pen related reviews.  I’m sure you have all experienced searching Google for the pen that you have your eye on, only to be directed to a search results page full of links to Staples, Amazon, Target, or Walmart which really isn’t helpful in most cases since we all already know that you can probably buy just about anything from those sites.

Congratulations to Steven Waggoner, who is our monthly Goldspot Fountain Pen Package winner.  If you are Steven, just leave a comment below to let us know you are claiming your prize, and also shoot us an email so we can get the ball rolling on your selection of prizes, you can email us through the contact page.  If you aren’t Steven best of luck for our next giveaway coming up at the end of the month…assuming you have already signed up for our twice monthly giveaway?  Continued thanks to Goldspot for continuing to support our monthly giveaway!

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  1. 1
    Melinda Pollmeier says:

    I believe I have that keyboard but in white/pink. I really like it. I have had no problems with the solar charge power and the unit is lightweight. Works great with my Mac mini

  2. 2
    Patrick says:

    The Logitech k800 is a really good wireless keyboard. Charges over micro USB, has back-lit keys, and the charge lasts a decent amount of time.

  3. 3
    Don says:

    I’d pass on that keyboard. I have an employee that works from home that has trouble with hers. It acts like the batteries are dead, but being solar… I will second the K800 recommendation. It’s an awesome keyboard, and uses rechargeables. And if in a pinch, regular AA’s can be put in. NiCad batteries last me a week of heavy daily use, AA’s last a couple months.

  4. 4
    Brian Greene says:

    @Melinda – Thats good to know, I was worried about the solar aspect of it since it says it charges by the sun or artificial light, seemed like a stretch to me. Thanks for the info!

    @Patrick – I do like the back-lit keys, thats a very nice feature, I’ll have to take a closer look at that one, thanks for sharing!

  5. 5
    Patrick says:

    I bought this because I wanted a wireless keyboard with a 10-key. It works perfectly, is lightweight, and holds charge great. It’ll take up a USB slot on your Mac though, if that’s something you’re worried about.

  6. 6
    Brian Greene says:

    @Don – Thank you, thats very good to know…disappointing but definitely helpful, thank you!

  7. 7
    Revital says:

    A rubber-dome chiclet? I am surprised at you :) I would have expected you to use a mechanical keyboard, to go alone with all your fine office supplies!

  8. 8
    Brent says:

    I have the K760 (http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Wireless-Solar-Keyboard-iPhone/dp/B007VL8Y2C/ref=sr_1_15?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1408893650&sr=1-15&keywords=logitech+bluetooth+keyboard) which is solar, but connects to devices via bluetooth instead of the USB dongle.

    It doesn’t have a number pad like the one you linked. I like it a lot, particularly for two reasons: 1) Even when I leave it in my bag for a long time, it always seems to have juice whenever I pull it out to use it and 2) An awesome feature is you can pair it with three different devices at the same time, and then switch between which one you’re controlling from buttons on the keyboard itself. If you might want to use more than one device (e.g. desktop and iPad), it’s a great feature.

  9. 9
    Brian Greene says:

    @Patrick – Thank you. The number pad is a key option for me as well….no Mac here but always good to keep in mind the number of available ports. I’ve got a few USB 3.0 ports left on my PC but seems like a waste to use those on a keyboard…I don’t think anyone types THAT fast. :)

  10. 10
    Brian Greene says:

    @Revital – I definitely prefer the mechanical, but I also really like the idea of the wireless and solar power in one…I’m not fully decided yet though! :)

    @Brent – That one looks cool but definitely smaller than I’m looking for as it will be a full time resident of my desk, plus it appears to be Mac only…thank you for sharing though definitely looks like a great option for a portable Mac only option.

  11. 11
    Patrick says:

    In addition to the K800, I have a performance MX mouse. They can use the same USB receiver which is nice, I am sure more of the logitech stuff can do this as well. Something to keep in mind when looking at wireless peripherals is if they can also do data over cable, letting them still work as you charge them.

  12. 12
    Brian Greene says:

    @Patrick – Another excellent point, And funny enough I actually USED to have that mouse and you can see it pictured here:


    I lost it somehow when I moved about two years ago…not sure how I managed that.

  13. 13
    Black Velvet says:

    I live and breath Logitech products BS when that keyboard came out I immediately bought it for my desk at work and have used it happily for the past two years. My knee complaint is that I’ve used it so long that some of the letters have started to fade away. Beyond that I’ve never had charging issues or connection problems, even after coming back to work after a month long vacation.

  14. 14
    Jason says:

    I’ve used a couple of those keyboards at home and at work for about a year and a half and haven’t had any problems with them. Even working late at night in a dim room, they’ve had plenty of charge to keep going. I was a long time user of a Microsoft ergo keyboard, but the shift between that and my laptop keyboard started to be a problem. The Logitech feels much closer to my laptop and has been quite nice to work with.

  15. 15
    Martin Norland says:

    I have the PC version of that keyboard – the K750 – and it’s phenomenal. It’s got great spacing, travel, and action. I used to have issues keeping it charged (because I’d always have my blinds drawn, my home office gets a LOT of morning sun, and I don’t normally use overhead lights) but now I leave it on the windowsill once every other week and it’s always got a full charge. Balances just fine on a standard ledge and slides below my blinds easily.

    One word of caution – there’s a US layout and a UK layout – and it’s hard to ensure you’ll get the right one via Amazon and the different sellers – so before you tear into the box, make sure it’s the one you wanted. I acquired a second one as a gift and didn’t realize it was the UK version – it has the tall/narrow enter key and a small left shift for some reason, which makes typing on it surprisingly difficult – I always hit \ on the left instead of shift and \ on the right instead of enter. Chaos, it’s relegated to the emergency pile.

  16. 16
    Brian Greene says:

    @Black Velvet – Sounds like you got some serious use out of that thing, that in itself is a selling point for me.

    @Jason – Good to know about the dim work environment since I enjoy working in low light environments, thanks!

    @Martin – Sounds like you have a good process in place for keeping it charged up. Great insight on the US vs UK layout as well, thank you for that.

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