Winner of the OfficeMax TUL Pen Set

Time to announce the winner of the OfficeMax TUL Pen Set!  Also just a reminder to check your email today as well since we are also announcing the winner of the monthly JetPens gift card winner.  The winner of the OfficeMax TUL Pen set  is…

Matt Bloom with this comment due to his subscription to our email newsletter:

And here is the proof from  I’m still working on getting the comment numbers to show up next to the comments again, but it is pretty easy in this case to count to 11. :)

If you are Matt, just post a comment below letting everyone know that you are claiming your prize, and then use the About/Contact link above to send us an email so we know where to ship your prize.  Thanks to everyone that participated, and thanks to OfficeMax for supplying the pens for the review and giveaway.


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    Matt Bloom says:

    Awesome! Thanks Random Number Generator.

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