Staples AvantPro Pen Winners

Staples AvantPro Giveaway

Staples AvantPro Giveaway Winners

Well, as we try to get back on track with posts, I frustratingly learned today that somewhere along the line, Disqus changed their comment system, yet again, removing the ability for us to display numbered comments which makes it much harder to administer giveaways.  After doing a ton of manual work to get the list of all comments into Excel and pull the random numbers, here are the randomly selected winners based on the exact full name they used to comment:

  1. Jenny Thoma
  2. Jeff Petty
  3. Keith M.
  4. thatsiebguy
  5. Aisazia
  6. Lynne Tilley
  7. Jimmy
  8. Brian Z
  9. Dave (not Dave Marler, Dave Cauffield, or Dave King…sorry, but needed to clarify)
  10. schofer

If you are one of the above folks just use the About/Contact link above to email us with your full name and mailing address.  If you didnt win, check out the Staples AvantPro on their website or hit your local store to see one in person.  Going forward I will be using a different method for administering the contests, I have one option in mind already that I think will be much easier based on some other sites that use it, so keep an eye out for that next time.

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    Aisazia says:

    Hey there, I contacted you awhile ago. Just wanted to make sure that you got my contact information. 😀 Thanks again for the giveaway! 😀

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