Organizing Business Cards with The Contact Keeper

Contact Keeper Business Card Organizing

The Contact Keeper Business Card Organizing System

Many of the systems for organizing business cards focus mostly on compact storage or alphabetized filing as their major selling points.  The Contact Keeper business card organization system takes a different approach and not only lets your organize business cards, but also gives you a way to keep detailed notes on each person.  In the spirit of transparency I want to make it clear that the product samples for this review were given to me by the nice folks from Contact Keeper to review here.

Inside the Medium Contact Keeper

Inside the Medium Contact Keeper

The Contact Keeper is currently available in 3 sizes.  there is a small, medium, and large, with the medium and large sizes being almost identical in format and functionality.  In the above photo you can see the medium size  (the large is behind it) opened up with a business card inside and some notes below.  The way that the contact keeper works is that the yellow sheets that you see in the binder come pre-cut with the slots and locking tab that allow you to very easily slide a business card in for safe keeping.  Below the slots there is space for you to take notes about your new contact.

In normal situations without something like the Contact Keeper, you would be forced to awkwardly write notes on the back of a tiny business card with nothing to lean on for support.  Alternatively you cuold write on another sheet of paper that will eventually get separated from the card itself.  The notebook style of this business card organizer gives you not only a unique way to organize business cards, but also a functional tool that makes it easy to write and keep notes on your contacts.

Contact Keeper Inside

Inside the Medium and Large Contact Keeper

In addition to having the pages that are dedicated to just one business card, there are also pages that let you store multiple cards (3 in the medium size, and 4 in the large size) with smaller spaces for notes.   These are better page layouts for a quick introduction with someone, and the one card per page format is better for sit down meetings where you expect to have a longer discussion.  In addition to the pages that hold business cards and allow you to take notes relevant to your new business card, the Contact Keeper also comes with some other pretty helpful features.  Inside you will find a 1 page calendar for 2010 through 2013, some simple day planner sheets, an envelope for your receipts with a table on the front to track your expenses, and finally in the back there are some regular ruled note pages.

The front and back side of the medium and large sized versions also have a clear window for your own business card, and some larger pockets to store a quantity of your own cards, or anything else you might need.  In addition to all of these unique features, you will also find some old stand-by features like a pen loop for your favorite pen, and elastic straps (front and back inside cover on the medium, inside front only on the large) to help keep you ready to get to your next empty page in a flash.  The large version of these business card organizers also has a clipboard clip on the top inside back cover to help hold onto any handouts or notes you might pick up along the way.

Small Contact Keeper

The Small Contact Keeper

The small version of the Contact Keeper is more like a business card wallet than a notebook.  Inside the flap of the small version, there is a sticky pad that is slightly smaller than a standard size business card and there are two pockets on either side to store business cards.  As you collect cards from contacts, you can quickly jot notes down on the sticky pad, and easily remove the note, stick it to the card, and store the card inside one of the pockets.  The small version also has an elastic strap to keep the entire thing shut while in your pocket, which is nice because it avoids having the individual sheets of the sticky pad from getting mangled while in your pocket.

Personally I find the medium and large contact keepers to be the most practical and innovative of the group for organizing business cards.  They really serve the purpose of not only organizing your business cards, but also giving you a fantastic and easy way to keep notes about each contact.  While the small version does give  you a unique way to take and keep good notes, you do still run into the size restriction that makes it a little awkward to have a good surface area for writing.  I only found one minor issue with the large version, which was with one of the elastic straps.  It seems like the elastic strap on the inside cover didn’t return back to its original tight state, and remained a slight bit loose.  It still functioned perfectly and didn’t cause any issues for me, but it did make me wonder if this is just a minor random issue on this one, or if the others will eventually have this problem.  I think this is a pretty minor issue, but it is something worth keeping an eye on and being aware of just in case.

You can find the nice folks from Contact Keeper on Twitter @ContactKeeper or you can also just head on over to the Contact Keeper website to get a better look at their products, and even pick some up if you are like me and think they are a really innovative way to better organize business cards.

Update: These are now available from Goldspot.

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  1. 1
    Bret Schultz says:

    I own a company that has about 80 sales reps that call on various types of clients. Typically, most of the sales representatives can not keep their contacts organized and many times forget or lose important notes they took from their meetings. It is very frusterating as a sales manager when you miss an important note or contact.

    Then comes Contact Keeper.

    We have been using the large & mediums for about 60 days and i have had great responses from my reps. The most interesting ones came from my “sloppy but good” sales people.

    I have 12 additional people that will be going to a trade show in June that will be testing it at the show. I am sure it will go over well.

    Finally, something that improves business that isn’t only computer/internet related.

    Do they have other items?

    Please let me know.

  2. 2

    I really like the look of these at the moment I keep my business cards in a standard holder.

    When I get given a new business card I try and put a few details on to an Access database to remember who gave it to me and where we met.

    If these become available in the UK I would certainly buy one.

  3. 3

    Great quality for a new product. I was given a med. sized CK by one of my sales reps who found the product online. He ordered 12 for the sales team and one extra for me. I just returned home from a trade show in Las Vegas and the CK traveled very well in my luggage. This is a great upgade from my rubberband full of business cards…
    My only drawback is I still live off of my ACT and I need to have my assistant input all the notes into my electronic database.

    Overall, I love it for the purpose it provides…

  4. 4
    Fountain Pen in French says:

    I have many questions

    Is the paper fountain pen friendly?
    What are the covers made of? Leather, Synthetic leather, plastic?
    How thick are the pages, are they made of card stock?

    How many pages do the medium and large Contact Keepers fit,
    how heavy are they when they are close to, or at full capacity?

    Can this product replaces personal organizers such as Filofax or Day Timers?

  5. 5

    @Fountain Pen in French – It feels like a synthetic leather, but more towards a vinyl-like material. the pages are pretty thick, almost the thickness of a standard index card. The medium comes with 35 card pages 3 of which hold 3 cards at a time instead of just one. The large comes with 30 pages that hold one card, and 3 pages that hold 4 cards. In both the medium and large, you can certainly squeeze in a few more sheets.

    I woldnt say its a total replacement for a Filofax or Day Timer, but since they are just standard 3-ring binders, you can create or find calendar/planner pages that could be put in here in addition to the card holder pages. Or conversely, you could find another 3-ring binder with a bigger set of rings, and just buy the refill pages for these, because the pages are truly what makes this a unique product.

    As for the weight of them when full, that would depend on many variables. Not all business cards are the same size and weight, and there are also many other things that would impact that such as the number of the additional pages you keep in the back for notes and calendaring, as well as if you use the receipt folder to store manage your expenses.

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