Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder

Duo Accordian Folder and 3 Ring Binder

Duo Accordian Folder and 3 Ring Binder

Today we have a review of a pretty innovative product that combines a 3 ring binder with a 7 pocket accordion folder so they function as one complete unit.  The Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder is a great way to keep all of your important documents and notes together in one convenient place that can be tossed into a work bag or even just carried on its own.  Before we jump into the Duo Binder review, I want to point out that this product was provided free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Duo Accordian Folder and 3 Ring Binder Elastic Straps

Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder with Two Elastic Straps

The Duo Binder Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder has two elastic closure straps on the front.  The top or left hand elastic closure opens to reveal a 7 pocket accordion folder, while the second elastic strap on the right opens to reveal a standard 1″ 3 ring binder.  Now although I think the Duo Binder concept is great and the execution is almost perfect, I do have one issue with the elastic closures.  being that they are round straps of elastic, they are sometimes hard for me to grip and unfasten because my lack of any significant length finger nails causes them to roll a bit and make them hard to pinch between my fingers.  The elastic n the Duo Binder also seems like it is a bit rigid in that it doesn’t stretch a ton, and sometimes they even appear to hold a good deal of their shape which makes the closure and securing of the flaps a bit precarious.

Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder with Binder Open

Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder with the Binder Section Open

The 3 ring binder portion of this unique storage and organization solution works well and from a logistical point of view, it opens so that the accordion part of the folder acts as the backing of your binder while you are writing.  This makes for a better writing experience if the accordion folder has a decent amount of papers stored in it so you have a stiffer backing to write against.

Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder Side View 2

Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder Side View

The accordion folder portion comes with 7 tabbed pockets as well as a sheet of cardboard cut-outs to label each of your tabs.  This side view above shows how the back of the 3 ring binder acts as the front wall of the accordion pocket folder.

Duo Binder Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder Side View

Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder Side View

Above is another view of the binder and accordion folder as they sit together, again you can see how the back cover of the 3 ring binder is also the front cover of the accordion folder.  The whole package is designed in a very clean and neat way, and will definitely help keep your various documents organized and easy to transport.  As I said before, its a very innovative product and its very well done except for the elastic straps.  Don’t get me wrong though, the straps definitely serve their purpose and perform the function they were intended to, its just that the ease of use with them could be improved a bit.  Regardless of the elastic strap issue I’d still recommend the Duo Accordion Folder and 3 Ring Binder as a great storage and organizing tool that is especially handy for transporting important documents around.

Duo Binder Folder and 3 Ring Binder Updates.

UPDATE 1: One comment below asked about other colors of the Duo Binder, and there are a few, here is a link to a few different colors and patterns even.

UPDATE 2:  There is now a Trio Binder by Inovntions that takes things one step further on the original Duo Binder by including hooks to make it a hanging file folder.



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  1. 1
    David says:

    Epic Design FAIL!

    If you write with the notebook flat against the table (as it should be to provide a stable writing surface) the pockets cannot be accessed easily because the flap is folded under against the table.

    Turn the notebook the other way around and you have access to the pockets, but now when you write you have to write on top of the pockets – not a stable surface, especially if the pockets are full.

    When the notebook is open flat on the table, for stable writing the pockets should be oriented in such a way as to allow easy access. Yet, when the notebook is closed, you should still be able to easily to the pockets. That’s not the case with this design.

    If I could post a picture of the way it should be – I would.

    Anyway – one could make good arguments that a separate notebook and Z=file have more utility.

  2. 2
    B Irwin says:

    I was thinking this would be an awesome way to keep handouts & other presentations together with my notes at conventions while controlling the paper to make it fountain pen friendly.

    How much does the pocket realistically hold? I currently use a Habana or Webnotebook and shove handouts inside the back pocket which also involves closing what I’m currently writing and bulking/leaving uneven the pocket behind my notes, resulting in an uneven writing surface. This would keep me from having to fold over the 8×11″ handouts. I wouldn’t have a crease in the middle, resulting in better images on my antiquated scanner.

    Do they come in colors?

  3. 3

    @David – I’d have to disagree with the rather emphatic declaration regarding this being a miss on the design. It actually works quite well as designed. Between having a few papers in the accordion folder and the fact that you are most likely going to have more than one sheet of paper in the 3 ring binder when you are writing, it all provides a fairly stable backing to write against.

    Additionally I don’t think that this is something that is designed with the intent of being something that you write volumes in, or write in on a frequent basis. It seems that anything with an accordion folder like this is set up more as a semi-regular reference and archiving tool rather than a daily or frequent use active note taking device. This is the kind of thing I’d picture as being more useful for tracking records like taxes or business documents, not really for lugging to class every day to take notes.

    @Irwin – I think that being conservative you could put about 40 sheets in one folder, but if these are handouts from presentations and conventions, I would assume that they might be on heavier stock paper so you might need to consider that. They do come in other colors, Ill update the review with some links to those other colors for you, links in the current comment section get kind of messy.

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