Cyber Monday Deals and Sales 2012

So here we are, its another Cyber Monday with retailers trying to lure you away from your work with great deals and sales on lots of things including some of our favorite office supplies.  It is getting harder and harder to find deals specific to Monday as retailers are changing their strategies a bit, but I’ve pulled together the best of what I could find, so hopefully this helps out a few of you that are looking to upgrade your office or pick up that perfect gift.

Good luck, and congratulations not getting trampled in a physical store on Black Friday…every year that situation seems to get worse and reminds me how happy I am to avoid physical retail locations at all costs.


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    Beth Irwin says:

    My Brother label maker finally wore out after 10 years and multiple drops. Okay, technically it’s not worn out because it still makes labels with much groaning and squeaking. But the lid stopped closing and it’s obviously in agony, so I treated myself to another. Amazon carries the TZ tape cartridges that snap in and they come in a variety of colors. As soon as the new one gets here, I’ll start treating myself to the stranger colors.
    I mean, who can resist white lettering on lime green? Tho’ I’ll pass on the pink, Ugh! Since the cartridges snap in and out, it’s a [pun alert] snap to change colors back and forth. Files, food storage in the freezer and pantry, office supply bins – how did I remember where anything was before these machines?
    The ones that use the AA batteries do pretty well with batteries, but do yourself a favor and get one with the A/C adapter. You’ll end up leaving it plugged in near your desk, the adapters cost almost as much as the machines if you buy them later, and who wants to be out of batteries right when you realize you need 50 labels for something?

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