Sharpie Blade Highlighter Three Tip Sizes in One

Sharpie Blade Highlighter Side View

The Sharpie Blade Highlighter (via Amazon) is yet another entry into the crowded highlighter market.  In the case of the Sharpie Blade Highlighter though, it has a somewhat unique tip that sets it apart from most of its other competitors.  I say "most" because I don't think anything really rivals the innovative Sharpie Clear View Highlighters that we recently reviewed. … [Read more...]

Sharpie Clear View Highlighter

Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Window

The new Sharpie Clear View Highlighters (via are designed with a clear window built into the tip so that you can actually see what you are highlighting as you highlight it.  As  you will see below though, you can pretty much skip these if you already own the exactly identical Uni Promark that we reviewed about a year ago. … [Read more...]

Fader Vanishing Ink Highlighter

Fader Vanishing Highlighter

So here is a product from Quirky that I've been following and influencing for a little while now.  It is a pretty cool highlighter that is being designed in a way that is beneficial to college students that want to sell their books back and earn more money.  Its called The Fader and is a highlighter that will have special ink that disappears after a fixed amount of time, like 6 or 12 months, pretty cool, right?  Now is your chance to influence exactly how … [Read more...]

Uni Promark View Highlighter with See Through Tip

Uni Promark View Highlighter Window

The Uni Promark View Highlighter was a new item listed over at Jetpens that almost escaped my attention, but I'm glad I ended up taking a closer look at it when browsing their site.  This highlighter is the first one I've ever seen that has a little window (7mm x 7mm) built into the tip that lets you see right through it to the text that you are highlighting. … [Read more...]

Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set

Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set

Today we have some Moleskine Highlighter Pencils to take a look at, which I am pretty sure are recent additions to the Moleskine line.  I don't remember seeing them until recently, but I could be wrong.  The set consists of two pencils with one cap and a sharpener, as well as some small stickers that can be put on the top of the cap or the long flat side of the body.  You wont see the stickers pictured in this review because to be honest, I lost them...I … [Read more...]

Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office

Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office Kick-Stand

The Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office is a unique set of writing tools that is perfect for keeping in a bag for school or for travel.  This set was given to us for review by Cheryl over at the Writers Bloc website. … [Read more...]

Sharpie Gel Highlighters

Sharpie Gel Highlighter Uncapped and Extended

Sharpie is out there innovating in the office supply world again with this follow up to the Sharpie Liquid Pencil.  This time they give us the Sharpie Gel Highlighters that they claim resist smearing on multiple surfaces and resist smearing on multiple different inks including inkjet printer ink.  How do the hold up to those claims?  Well read on and lets find out what the deal is with this Sharpie gel highlighter. … [Read more...]

Smudge Proof Highlighters by Avery

Avery Smearsafe Highlighter Bodies

These Avery Smearsafe Hi-Liters are smear resistant highlighters that come in four standard colors, yellow, pink, orange, and purple.  At first glance when I saw these highlighters I was not immediately impressed because quite honestly, the packaging and the design of the highlighters themselves look a little bit older, but when I saw that they were supposed to work well with ink jet print, I was sold. … [Read more...]

Pen and Highlighter in One: Bic Duo

Bic Duo Highlighter Pen Combo

I've been meaning to review this Bic Duo Highlighter for a while now, but Amazon only had them in bulk quantities so I kept holding off on buying som.  I finally gave in and picked up a pack of them because I was so curious to see how they worked.  Lets take a look at Bic's pen and highlighter in one and see if there are truly any efficiencies gained by combining these two writing implements. … [Read more...]

Help Bring Some Really Cool Aluminum Refillable Highlighters to Market

Refillable Aluminum Highlighters in a Dual Purpose Carrying Case and Stand

I've shared some stuff from and Jared Joyce with you before, but I think these new aluminum refillable highlighters have a great chance to succeed, but only with your support.  Simply head over to Quirky to vote on and provide your feedback on this product, and you could actually earn a percentage of every sale should the product make it to market.  Just think, for as long as people keep buying these, you could be earning money for providing … [Read more...]

Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighter Review

Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighter Tip

I almost forgot hat I had these Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighters that I bought a few weeks ago, so I figured I should get this review written up already.  I picked up just the yellow version from Amazon, but they also have a 5 pack of these that comes with pink, yellow, orange, blue, and green . … [Read more...]

Zebra Stainless Steel Refillable Highlighter H-301

Zebra H310 Stainless Steel Highlighter Refill

A nice new option for those of you looking for a stylish refillable highlighter is this new offering from Zebra.  Brad over at the Pen Addict reviewed it a little while ago, so check out his review to see what he has to say about it as well.  This pink version of the Zebra stainless steel highlighter was provided to me by the kind folks over at Zebra along with a few other items that you will see reviewed over the coming days.  The Zebra Stainless Steel … [Read more...]

Inkjet Safe Highlighters – Staedtler Textsurfer Classic

Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighters Uncapped

Inkjet Safe Highlighters are hard to come by, but these Staedtler Textsurfer highlighters make that claim, and on top of that they also claim that the violet and turquoise highlighters that come in this set remain visible when photocopied.  Pretty impressive claims, and if these Staedtler Textsurfers stand up to them I'd say thats a great qualification to be considered for the cool office supplies category that I try to focus on reviewing here. … [Read more...]

OXO Good Grips Retractable Highlighters

OXO Good Grips Highlighters from Staples

About a month ago I reviewed the OXO Good Grips Retractable ballpoint pens that are sold exclusively at Staples, and while they functioned as expected I wasn't as impressed with them as I usually am with other OXO Good Grips products.  With that in mind, I thought it was finally time to review the OXO GOOD GRIPS™ Retractable Highlighters … [Read more...]

Need a Long Lasting Highlighter for Law School?

The Platinum Preppy body full of highlighter ink, and the excess silicone grease that you will need to wipe off.

In the time that I've started this blog on office supplies, I've had one question that seems to keep coming up regarding a Long Lasting Refillable Highlighter that wont fade and will hold up to the demands of a highlighter happy law school or medical school student.  There are a ton of options out there for highlighters, but knowing the demands of law and medical school students, I think that a refillable highlighter is the best option, so Ill be exploring … [Read more...]

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