Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite

Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite Against Edelstein Ruby Bottle

Our friends over at Goldspot recently provided us with a sweet new Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite for review.  You can check out their stock of the M805 Souveran Stresemann here.  I'm going to start off by apologizing for the number of pictures in this review though because I couldn't stop taking pictures of this pen, I think its pretty amazing looking.  The picture above is just the box that the Stresemann comes in, kinda looks like a … [Read more...]

Platinum Preppy Extra Fine 02

Platinum Preppy Extra Fine 02 Capped

The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen with an Extra Fine Nib (02) (via JetPens) is a great beginner fountain pen for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of fountain pens.  It will only set you back about $5 and still provide an experience to give you the feel of what using a fountain pen is like.  This review sample is from our friends at JetPens, provided free of charge as part of their sponsorship of our monthly giveaway. … [Read more...]

Zebra DelGuard Review – Resisting Lead Breakage

Zebra DelGuard Green Inner Workings

The Zebra DelGuard (via Amazon) is a new offering that tackled the difficult problem of lead breakage in mechanical pencils.  According to this Wall Street Journal article by Jun Hongo, the Zebra DelGuard was actually conceptualized in 2009 and it took until the end of 2014 to get it out on the market. … [Read more...]

Uni Jetstream Prime 3 Review

The Perfect Pen Uni Jetstream Prime

I recently realized that one of my most used non-fountain pens was my Uniball Jetstream multi-pen in both the .5mm and .7mm version.  The .7mm version is the one in the front with the white clip and the .5mm is the one in the center with the clear clip and glossy black body.  The other pen in this picture is the Uni Jetstream Prime with .7mm refills, which I was pretty much assuming would be the perfect pen (for me) with its solid metal construction and … [Read more...]

Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Review

Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Shavings

I liked the description of this Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener when I read it over on the JetPens website. The "Rachetta" portion of the name might be a giveaway for those of you that have ever picked up a wrench or are evenly slightly mechanically inclined. … [Read more...]

Black Post-it Notes to Get Attention

Black Post it notes and pen choices

I'm sure you have all seem some of the ridiculously artistic and amazing murals that people have made with Post-it notes, but I never really gave much thought to the Black Post-it Notes (via Amazon) and what they might be able to be used for.  It had me thinking though, these might make a great and unique calling card to get the attention of people at work since the standard yellow, blue, green, and pink ones can pretty much go unnoticed at times.  The … [Read more...]

Dry Erase Notebook The NUboard

NUboard Dry Erase Notebook Inside

I picked up this great looking NUboard Dry Erase Notebook from Jetpens early last year and just never got around to reviewing it because I thought I was going to have more need for it than I really did.  In the foreground you also see a set of Staedtler Fine Point Dry Erase Markers that we reviewed previously and picked up over at Amazon. … [Read more...]

Caramel Pilot G2 Refill Review

Pilot G2 Caramel 7mm

I've often written about how the Pilot G2 (especially the black .7mm) is awful and I can honestly say I consider it my Penemesis...get it Pen-Nemesis? OK, maybe not as clever as I think, but I've seriously never understood the love for the G2 after all of the testing that I've done that shows how awful they write. Today we will take a look at the .7mm Caramel Pilot G2 refill from JetPens.  The last time we looked at a different color refill was the .7mm … [Read more...]

Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil Review

Pentel Sharp Kerry Tip

Mechanical pencils, or just pencils in general admittedly don't get much love (excluding the Kuru Toga) around here, so I thought it would be good to seek out a quality mechanical pencil for a review here.  Lucky for me, the Pentel Sharp Kerry (via Amazon) made its presence known.  Although available in many colors I decided to go with this nice blue .5mm version pictured above. … [Read more...]

Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Fine Point Dry Erase Markers

Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Fine Point Dry Erase Markers Writing Sample

Just about every dry erase marker I've ever used was pretty thick, even the supposed fine point dry erase markers I've used would probably be the equivalent of about a 5 mm gel ink pen, and thats not "point five" mm, thats FIVE mm.  They are just flat out thick, but then I found the Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Pens (via Amazon) that are legitimate fine point dry erase markers that measure in at .6mm, yup, POINT 6 mm. … [Read more...]

Karas Kustoms INK fountain pen Review

Karas Kustoms INK fountain pen Uncapped Writing Sample

This post is sponsored by the folks from MassDrop. The MassDrop website is an online community of enthusiasts where people with similar interests (from pens and notebooks to electronics, watches and fashion) connect to identify the best products in those spaces and then coordinate to buy those products together to leverage bulk discounts.  Take a moment to register on MassDrop so you can check out the current deals and vote on upcoming opportunities for … [Read more...]

Cross Satnink Review

Cross Satnink Package Writing Sample and Comparison

For quite some time now, there has been a trend away from standard ballpoint pen ink refills towards hybrid ink refills that look to take the smooth and consistent flow of a gel ink and combine it with the quick drying durable ballpoint ink that people had become accustomed to.  It seems like the Cross Satnink Hybrid refill (via Amazon) is a bit late to the party, but when it caught my eye I figured I would grab one to check out and review. … [Read more...]

Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi

Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi body capped

The good folks over at JetPens make it easy for us to get review samples for the blog as part of our partnership with them for the monthly giveaway that we do.  Today is exciting because this is the first time we have actually had a JetPens branded product to try out, and its their fairly new Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi which you can check out here as an option to add to your cart to make sure you hit that $25 minimum for free shipping. … [Read more...]

Retro 51 Tornado Betsy and Some Refill Options

Retro 51 Tornado Betsy with George

The Retro 51 Tornado is just an all round great pen that has a ton of available colors, themes, and styles that it is available in.  With my personal penchant for all things retro flag related, the new Metalsmith Betsy version of the Tornado (via was a must have.  There was a nice post regarding the of Retro 51 series over at that you should check out too.   Although the Retro 51 Tornado Betsy for this review was received free … [Read more...]

Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil Review – DOA

Rotring 800 Tip Retracted

I've always been a fan of the Rotring 800 mechanical pencil (via Amazon) but was reluctant to pick one up because of the hefty price tag and the fact that I'm not a huge pencil user.  I finally decided to pull the trigger and pick one up recently to see if it was worth the price and deserving of all of the praise that I've heard for them. … [Read more...]

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