Black n Red Mini Notebook

Black n Red Mini Notebook Comparison

I'm a huge fan of the Black n' Red notebook line for their great quality, stylish looks, durability, and awesome fountain pen friendly paper, but I recently found one I hadn't used yet.  This mini Black n' Red notebook (via Amazon) measures only 4.125" x 5.875" which is slightly bigger than what I'd consider "pocket size" but its still pretty darn small.  It took a few weeks of actually having it and using it before I figured out the perfect use for it, … [Read more...]

Figurare Concept Flow Notebook

Figurare Concept Flow Notebook How to Use Sample

I hate to share stuff thats hard to find/buy online, but when I found this Figurare Concept Flow Notebook it really jumped out at me as an item I had to review.  I did some checking around and I can't even find this notebook on the usual sites like Amazon or JetPens, so apologies in advance for that.  I was able to grab this at the Kinokuniya store near my office in NYC where they have a huge selection of great Japanese stationery items.  If you are ever … [Read more...]

Dry Erase Notebook The NUboard

NUboard Dry Erase Notebook Inside

I picked up this great looking NUboard Dry Erase Notebook from Jetpens early last year and just never got around to reviewing it because I thought I was going to have more need for it than I really did.  In the foreground you also see a set of Staedtler Fine Point Dry Erase Markers that we reviewed previously and picked up over at Amazon. … [Read more...]

Nu Elite Wiro A5 Journal

Nu Elite A5 Journal Black Cover

Earlier this year when I attended the National Stationery Show in NYC, I saw these journals by NUCO International and they looked great so the kind folks at the booth there offered to send a sample my way after the show.  What we are looking at here today is the Nu Elite Wiro A5 Journal with 120 gsm paper.  As with any other review where the product has been supplied by the manufacturer or retailer, that doesn't influence the opinions you are about to read … [Read more...]

Poppin 3 Subject Notebook

Poppin 3 Subject Notebook Cover

    On my recent trip to Staples, the brightly colored Poppin display caught my attention so I took a look at the notebooks that they had to offer and thought it would be a good idea to do another review of a more student oriented notebook as opposed to some of the premium notebooks that we usually review.  The Poppin 3 Subject notebook is available online via Staples and direct from Poppin online. … [Read more...]

Rhodia Meeting Book

Rhodia Meeting Book Cover

The Rhodia Meeting Book comes in both an A4 and an A5 version and you can get either in black or orange.  They both come with 80 sheets (160 pages) of 80gsm paper that are formatted with a date, notes, and action section.  There is also an unlabeled section at the top, which I've taken to using for the meeting description and participants.  The pages are also micro-perforated and separate very cleanly and easily. … [Read more...]

Notebook with a Zip Pocket Cover from Kyokuto

Notebook with a Pocket Cover

Today we have a pretty cool notebook that was sent to us from our friends at JetPens.  It is the Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook, which is quite a mouthful for this little notebook.  Although our review today is for the red version it is also available with a black or white cover and in multiple sizes.  Check out the JetPens Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook page to see all of the options once you read our review. … [Read more...]

New Leaf Basic 100% Recycled Paper College Ruled Notebook

New Leaf Recycled Notebook

When I first started this blog, the intent was to focus only on higher end and nicer office supply items.  Over time I've had lots of emails about more basic items geared towards students on a budget.  With that in mind I figured I'd take a look at a few notebooks that fit into that category in the coming weeks.  First up though is this New Leaf Basic 100% Recycled Paper College Ruled Notebook from Amazon. … [Read more...]

Blueline MiracleBind Notebook

Blueline MiracleBind Notebook Paper Removed

This MiracleBind Notebook by Blueline may look like an ordinary hard cover notebook at first glance, but that is definitely not the case.  The Blueline MiracleBind is actually an alternative or competitor to the functionality offered by the Levenger Circa disc binding system. … [Read more...]

Armed Notebook – The Revolver

Armed Notebook Revolver Cover

Every year I do an "Editors Choice" list of the best new office supply products, which made me wonder if I should do a "worst of" list as well.  I probably won't but if I were to do one, I am pretty sure this series of "Armed Notebooks" that includes a revolver, knife and grenade cover might make the list. Now before you jump to any conclusions, I'm personally a believer that people should own and know how to use guns, and I have been shooting … [Read more...]

Oxford Flingbook Movable Tabs

Oxford Flingbook Cover

I've had a few of these Oxford notebooks hanging around for a while now, and I really like them but unfortunately they are hard to come by here in the US.  By "hard to come by" I pretty much mean impossible, and although I hate sharing stuff that I know most readers wont be able to find, I really like this notebook so I thought I'd share anyway. … [Read more...]

Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Note Pad

Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act Note Pad

  Good friend of this website, Brad from The Pen Addict and now with JetPens recently sent over some stuff for me to take a look at and review, including this awesome little "to do" notepad called the Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act Note Pad.  I first saw the line of Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks when Brad did his first post about working from home in his new job with JetPens, and I knew that I had to eventually get one to give a try.  The pen you … [Read more...]

Keynotes Repositionable Notebook Inserts

Keynotes Repositionable Inserts

    A few weeks ago I did a review of an Oxford Meetingbook, that the nice folks from Oxford sent over to me, and if you remember I said that they sent me a bunch of cool products.  This Keynotes product of theirs is by far my favorite that they sent over. … [Read more...]

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