Field Notes Ambition Edition Review

Field Notes Ambition Gilded Pages Side View

The Field Notes Ambition Edition (via Field Notes) is the newest Colors Edition for Winter 2014.  The two things that make this set unique are the gilded edges and the fact that each of the three journals in this set have different formats.  The three different page formats for the pages are a weekly calendar, grid, and a general ledger layout.  For easy identification you will also see that each different format has a different color cover. … [Read more...]

Hello Kitty Moleskine Limited Edition

hello kitty 2

We always like to keep up on the new limited edition and licensed Moleskine journals as they come out because they are usually well done with some of the most iconic characters in popular media.  Just recently Moleskine announced their newest series, which as you can already see is the Hello Kitty series.  Sometimes I think that the world of Hello Kitty is really just an evil cult determined to brainwash the and take over the world for some unknown evil … [Read more...]

EcoQua Pocket Notebooks by Fabriano

EcoQua by Fabriano Spines

I don't remember exactly how I stumbled over these EcoQua Pocket Notebooks by Fabriano on Amazon, but it was completely random and I was not actively looking for any new notebooks at the time.  Something about the bright colored covers and the "Made in Italy" designation caught my eye though and I ended up with a package of these in my shopping cart before I knew it. … [Read more...]

Baron Fig Apprentice Pocket Notebook Review

Baron Fig Apprentice Yellow Thread Binding

Above you see the Baron Fig Apprentice (via BaronFig) with its packaging still intact, well minus the shiny plastic wrap because that makes for bad photographs.  This pack of three Apprentice pocket sized notebooks was sent to us by the lovely folks at Baron Fig who have always been very happy and proud of their product, just looking for honest feedback from people like yourselves so feel free to drop any thoughts below in the comments section if you have … [Read more...]

Blackwing Slate Journal Review

Blackwing Slate Spine and Blackwing 602 Pencil

Not too long ago, the good folks from Palomino sent us their new (at the time) Blackwing Slate Journal (via to take a look at for a review.  The 5 inch x 8.25 inch journal has a smooth black cover with minimal branding and has a great high quality feel to it. … [Read more...]

Ardium Classic Notebook

Ardium Classic Notebook Main

Back in May when I attended the National Stationery Show, I ran across these Ardium Classic Notebooks that were surprisingly big. I was quickly bummed by the idea though that the manufacturer had not found a US distributor at the time of the show because I was really hoping to get my hands on one to review.  Lucky for me, Pil (Peter) Kang is one of our readers of this blog and he happens to be very thoughtful and generous as he was able to get his hands on … [Read more...]

Rhodiarama Notebook Review

Rhodiarama Notebook with Turquoise Cover

Our friends over at Exaclair were recently kind enough to send over one of their Rhodiarama notebooks in Turquoise for us to review.  These are essentially the same as the Rhodia Webbies but they have a variety of different color covers. … [Read more...]

Rhodia Ice 80th Anniversary Notepad

Rhodia Ice Notepad with Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Back in May of this year when we reported on the National Stationery Show, one of the items we highlighted were the new limited edition 80th anniversary Rhodia Ice notepads.  Lucky for us, our good friends from Exaclair (distributor of Rhodia products) were kind enough to send us a sample of one of the new notepads. … [Read more...]

MAGNOTE Magnetic Notebook

MAGNOTE Magnetic Notebook

In addition to cool pens and notebooks, I've also always had an interest in magnets and the cool things you can do with them.  This new Kickstarter project called the MAGNOTE is a magnetic notebook as you can see in the animation above.  Just as a quick point of clarification, I do often get contacted by people running their Kickstarter projects asking to have me feature their products on the site, however this was not one of those cases.  I came across … [Read more...]

OrangeArt Tattersall Journals

OrangeArt Tattersall Journals and Matching Shirt

Earlier this month at the stationery show I was amused by the OrangeArt Tattersall journals that just so happened to match one of my favorite dress shirts from Gambert Shirts, so I couldn't resist picking up a set for myself.  Check out these tattersall journals at the OrangeArt website and then check out the rest of our review below. … [Read more...]

Clairefontaine Basic Clothbound Notebook Review

Clairefontaine Basic Clothbound Spine

The Clarefontaine Basic Clothbound Notebook lives up to the name "Basic" in looks alone, but in terms of convenience and performance its anything but basic.  The above photo shows the cloth (linen to be specific) binding of the Clarefontaine Basic Clothbound Notebook which was generously provided to us for review by our friend Karen from Exaclair.  As always though, I offer the standard disclaimer that free products do not influence the actual reviews … [Read more...]

Baron Fig Confidant Review

Baron Fig Box

The Baron Fig notebook was originally a Kickstarter project that far surpassed its original funding goals to get produced.  As you can see above, the premium notebook has a bit of a minimalist look and comes in its own box, reminiscent of Levenger notebooks. … [Read more...]

Tomoe River Paper Hard Cover Journal

Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Binding

The search for perfect paper for fountain pens to write on seems like a never ending quest sometimes.  The folks over at seem to have put together a fantastic little journal that comes pretty close. Their Tomoe River  paper comes bound inside a very well constructed journal cover.  You can even get it in any color cover, as long as you wan't blue or blue. :) … [Read more...]

Custom Notebooks Hand Crafted by

imakenotebooks large front

We were recently contacted by Marcela from to see if we wanted to take a look at her hand made notebooks with custom covers made from any pictures we wanted.  Only a fool would turn down that offer, so I jumped at the chance to review these.  Above is my original picture sent to Marcela for  one of the notebook covers.  It's a picture from when I was inside the old Yankee Stadium during the last home game, and in background you can see … [Read more...]

Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals

Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals Yellow Small Ruled Bart

  We have a love hate relationship with Moleskine here, and these Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals remind us of that situation.  On one hand, the paper quality really leaves a lot to be desired but from a branding and marketing perspective they do some pretty awesome and fun things.  These Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals are a great example of some of the fun things they do when it comes to licensing iconic pop culture … [Read more...]

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