Divider Tab Sticky Notes with Index by RediTag

RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes Side View

Most folks that love their notebooks and office supplies in general are always looking for ways to customize or modify what they have because there seems to be a never ending search for the perfect product.  If you can relate to being in that frame of mind, then these RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes (via Amazon) might be a perfect notebook accessory for you to consider adding to your office supply inventory. … [Read more...]

Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets

Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Full

These little Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets by 3M (Buy via Amazon)are a really handy little accessory for your notebook or just about anywhere you don't mind affixing some 3M sticky adhesive to.  Although the above photo and this review are for the 2 pack of 2 5/8" x 3 7/8" version, they come in a few larger sizes as well. … [Read more...]

Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop

Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop Package

One of the benefits of going to the Stationery Show every year in NYC is meeting some of the great people behind the great products that we all enjoy using.  This year I met Philip Döbler (@PhilipDoebler) from Leuchtturm1917 who I mentioned in my summary of the Stationery Show as the person that made my custom initialed OfficeSupplyGeek Leuchtturm1917 notebook.  He was also kind enough to give me a Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop, which I didn't even know existed … [Read more...]

Notebook Cover with Storage – Lihit Lab Smart Fit Cover

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Cover Notebook Storage on Front Cover

The Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover is probably the most storage friendly portfolio or notebook cover that you are going to find anywhere.  In addition to being a great notebook cover, it also comes with a pretty cool notebook tucked inside that you will see towards the end of this review.  This particular version was provided to us by our friends over at JetPens free of charge for the purpose of this review today. … [Read more...]

Office Supply Ideas from Kickstarter

Finger mouse and metal notebook cover

  I came across two very cool products that are currently being funded on Kickstarter, so I wanted to share them quickly, although I don't have any samples to review yet.  One is the IPX-PRO Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Notebook Cover, and the other is the Mycestro 3D Mouse. … [Read more...]

Leather Pen Holders by Quiver for Your Notebook

Quiver Single Pen Holder on Rhodia

There are many different pen holders and attachments for notebooks out there to hold your pens, however I think the Quiver Leather Pen Holders might be the nicest and most nice fitting that I have seen to date.  Also, just for the record, these were sent over to me courtesy of the manufacturer, but as always the review remains completely impartial. … [Read more...]

The Staples Better Divider with Sliding Tabs

Staples brand divider

I usually enjoy a stop at my local Staples to see what kind of stuff they have, but as much as I love it there, they dont usually have what I consider to be really unique office supplies because they obviously need to cater to the larger market of folks who just need the basics.  I was surprised when I saw the better divider sitting on the shelf a few weeks ago when I stopped there, because it looked like such a great idea. … [Read more...]

The Booksling Bookmark and Dual Pen Holder

The Booksling by Everyday Innovations.

The Booksling by Everyday Innovations is a very practical and helpful tool that I had the chance to use while on my recent flight to CA.  I dont know if it technically fits into the office supplies category, but its close enough for me, maybe its a reading tool?  Either way, no matter what you call it, I really like this thing. … [Read more...]

Levenger Circa Nickel Discs Update

The Levenger Circa Nickel Discs in my Bomber Jacket notebook.

A few days ago I posted a review and went on and on about how great I thought the Levenger Circa Nickel Discs were, and how I was sorry to see that Levenger had discontinued them.  I knew that Levenger had discontinued them, but I was hoping that somehow they might reconsider and make them again, and also make them in the larger 1" size.  I pretty much knew it was not likely, however I felt like I had a forum to voice my opinion, so I should do it. To … [Read more...]

Levenger Nickel Disc Review

Close up of the Levenger Circa Nickel Discs.

I dont want to make a practice of doing office supply reviews on items that  are not currently available, however I am making an exception for this review because I love this product so much.  Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Levenger is no longer making these Nickel Circa Discs, so my far fetched hope here is that this review gets so much attention and so many comments that Levenger decides they really need to start making these again...and … [Read more...]

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