Sprout Pencils with Seeds

Sprout Pencils with Seeds

There is a fine line between gimmicky and cool office supplies, and I guess it can be a fairly subjective issue as well.  From my perspective though, I like having greenery in my living and work space because it just looks nice and some plants even have certain health benefits by cleaning the air.  Since I enjoy having plants around AND like office supplies, these Sprout Pencils with Herb Seeds seemed like a pretty cool item to try out. … [Read more...]

Custom Notebooks Hand Crafted by imakenotebooks.com

imakenotebooks large front

We were recently contacted by Marcela from imakenotebooks.com to see if we wanted to take a look at her hand made notebooks with custom covers made from any pictures we wanted.  Only a fool would turn down that offer, so I jumped at the chance to review these.  Above is my original picture sent to Marcela for  one of the notebook covers.  It's a picture from when I was inside the old Yankee Stadium during the last home game, and in background you can see … [Read more...]

Landmade Cork Journals With Cork Paper and Covers

Landmade Cork Journals and Accessories

One of the items that I saw at the 2013 National Stationery Show was the above Landmade Cork Journal, which not only has a cork cover, but the paper is also made from cork, which is a easily renewable resource because it grows so quickly.  This version of the cork journal is unlined, but there are also lined versions available as well as some other cork covered office supply accessories. … [Read more...]

Briquetting Paper Shredder

Briquetting Paper Shredder

Here is a quick look at a pretty cool idea over on Quirky.com that makes for a perfect Earth Day office supply write up today.  The concept is pretty simple.  This  is a Briquetting Paper  Shredder that takes your shredded paper and converts it into a brick of paper that can be used for burning in your fireplace.  Cool office supplies like this really help to push the envelope on what has become a stale green office supply category. … [Read more...]

New Leaf Basic 100% Recycled Paper College Ruled Notebook

New Leaf Recycled Notebook

When I first started this blog, the intent was to focus only on higher end and nicer office supply items.  Over time I've had lots of emails about more basic items geared towards students on a budget.  With that in mind I figured I'd take a look at a few notebooks that fit into that category in the coming weeks.  First up though is this New Leaf Basic 100% Recycled Paper College Ruled Notebook from Amazon. … [Read more...]

Innovation with Office Supplies – The Staples Better Binder

The Staples Better Binder with Removable Rings and Hanging File Compatibility

Our friends over at Staples recently contacted us in regards to a pretty interesting product called the Staples Better Binder, and with a name like that, you might be wondering what exactly makes it "better" than other binders.  Luckily the fine folks at Staples sent us over a sample of the Better Binder to get a hands on look at what makes this binder stand out from the rest. … [Read more...]

E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen with Wood Body

E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen Resting in Hand

The E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen is a really unique looking and feeling pen body, and it comes in a bunch of other colors too, so check out the link there.  This is another item that was sent to us for review by our friends at Jetpens.com. … [Read more...]

Moss Terrarium in a Recycled Wine Bottle for your Desk

Looking into the Moss Terrarium Open End

This time of year can be pretty dark and dreary, so when I saw this Moss Terrarium wine bottle over on Uncommon Goods, I thought it might be a good way to "green up" the place even if this is not technically an "office supply" I still think its a great decorative touch for any desk.  For full disclosure, this moss terrarium wine bottle was one of those complimentary items that we sometimes receive from vendors, so thanks to the folks at Uncommon Goods for … [Read more...]

PooPooPaper Cow Poop Notebook

PooPoo Paper - A Notebook Made from Cow Poop

I typically steer clear of doing reviews of what I consider to be more "gimmicky" types of products, but it was hard to pass up a chance to take a look at this cow poop notebook.  Before I get started, I'll just state what is hopefully obvious, but the notebook itself is clean and does not actually smell like cow poop. … [Read more...]

Pilot Bottle to Pen (B2P) Recycled Water Bottle Pen

The Pilot B2P Water Bottle Pen

These new earth friendly pens from Pilot called the Bottle to Pen (B2P) get their interesting name because they are made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  Seems like a cool idea from Pilot to be earth friendly, so I thought I'd pick some of them up to take a closer look at and share with you. … [Read more...]

Mead Recycled Notebook

The Mead Recycled Notebook with Embossed Cover

I've been feeling like a bit of a notebook snob lately so when I saw this Mead 100% Recycled notebook on Amazon, I thought Id check it out.  Mead notebooks were pretty much the staple of my high school and college career, so I figured there had to be something good about them, right? … [Read more...]

Bamboo USB Flash Drive by Staples

Bamboo USB Flash Drive by Staples With the Cap Removed

A few weeks ago, my friends from Staples sent me some environmentally friendly items to review, including this Staples 4GB Bamboo USB Flash Drive.  I am a big fan of the clean and simple look that you get with bamboo products, so lets take a closer look at this USB flash drive. … [Read more...]

Recycled Paper and Sugarcane Journal by Tree-Free Greetings

Tree Free Notebook

For some reason, this environmentally friendly journal by Tree-Free Greetings initially gave me the impression that it might be one of those notebooks that might be more focused on putting out a pretty package rather than a quality product, but that still didn't stop me from picking it up from Amazon with one of my recent orders.  Pretty graphics aside, lets take a look at this environmentally friendly notebook. … [Read more...]

Sustainable Earth All-Purpose Environmentally Friendly Cleaner by Staples

Staples Sustainable Earth Multi-Purpose Cleaner Bottle

This Sustainable Earth by Staples® All-Purpose Cleaner and Refill made its way to me via the nice folks at Staples, along with one other item that I will be reviewing in the near future.  I thought it would be a good time for a review of a nice desk cleaning product that is also environmentally friendly since this seems to be the time of year we start to see those research articles telling us how our desk is dirtier than a toilet. … [Read more...]

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