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Motivational Sticky Note Quote

One of the great things about attending the National Stationery Show is getting to meet new people with great products and ideas.  One of those people this year was Michael Russo who had his new product there, called StickyQuotes. The name and picture of the product above probably already give you an idea what these are all about, but lets take a closer look. … [Read more...]

Slickynotes Self Adhesive Dry Erase and Sticky Notes

Slickynote Self Adhesive Pads

There seems to be a lot of innovation with whiteboards and such lately, and these Slickynote self adhesive dry erase boards and notes from EcoStatic Inc. are really pretty awesome.  As you can tell from he name of the company these self adhesive dry erase boards are electrostatically charged which allows them to stick to any smooth flat surface.  They can be hung and removed many times and the charge will hold for 4 to 6 months depending on the surface … [Read more...]

Justick Electro Adhesion White Boards, Bulletin Boards, and Displays

Justick Electro Adhesion Bulletin Board

This has to be one of the more interesting and practical office supplies we have had our hands on in a while.  The Justick Electro Adhesion Display Boards (via Amazon) don't require any type of thumb tacks, glue, magnets, tape, or staples to affix flat smooth items to them.  These bulletin boards rely on electro adhesion (imagine the static electricity from a pair of wool socks fresh out of the dryer) to attract smooth flat items like paper, flyers, … [Read more...]

ACCO Brands Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Close up of the back side of the two magnets provided with the white board

Dry erase boards usually are not really that exciting, they dont jump out as being unique office supplies, but when I saw this silver-colored magnetic dry erase board it really grabbed my attention.  I actually did need a new dry erase board, but this one just looked really cool because of its silver surface, so before I even really looked at any of the others that Staples had, my mind was pretty much made up.  Read on though, because this is another … [Read more...]

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