Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Fine Point Dry Erase Markers

Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Fine Point Dry Erase Markers Writing Sample

Just about every dry erase marker I've ever used was pretty thick, even the supposed fine point dry erase markers I've used would probably be the equivalent of about a 5 mm gel ink pen, and thats not "point five" mm, thats FIVE mm.  They are just flat out thick, but then I found the Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Pens (via Amazon) that are legitimate fine point dry erase markers that measure in at .6mm, yup, POINT 6 mm. … [Read more...]

Nock Co Dot Dash Index Cards

Nock Co Dot Dash Index Card Ruling Up Close

So in addition to all of the cool pen cases that Brad from the Pen Addict has been selling over at his newly founded Nock.Co he also has some pretty nice and unique 3x5" dot dash note cards that I picked up a few weeks ago.  I've been using them and enjoying them for a while now so I figured it was time to share them here already.  As you can see from the above photo they have a pretty cool dot and dash grid pattern.  I'm not sure if this reminds me more … [Read more...]

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Standing

The Clipbook is a pretty cool and innovative clipboard that I ran across back at the National Stationery Show this year, and the nice folks that make this here in the US were kind enough to send me a sample for this review.  There is a lot to this unique clipboard that isn't immediately obvious at first glance so hopefully I'll be able to properly highlight those things in the review below.  The Clipbook is available in several different colors and can … [Read more...]

Tom Bihn Synapse 25

Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Closed

Its been a while now since I picked up my Tom Bihn Synapse 25 backpack (via for my laptop and commute to work every day so I thought it was time to share my thoughts on it.  One quick note on the photo above, the holder that you see my monthly train ticket in is not a Tom Bihn product, but it is attached using one of the Tom Bihn lanyards attached to the "O" ring inside a pocket on the bag.  This American made backpack does have lots of great … [Read more...]

Nock Co Dudek Modern Goods Idea Dock Review

Nock Co Dudek Modern Goods Idea Dock Front View

When I first saw the teaser for this Nock Co and Dudek Modern Goods Idea Dock (I think it was on Instagram from Brad) I knew I was going to purchase it ASAP.  Unfortunately I missed its initial release and they sold out so I had to wait for them to come back in stock again, which happened a few weeks ago thankfully so I finally got my hands on one. … [Read more...]

Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan

Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan Dry Erase

Many of you have probably experienced having super strong and light weight Corning Gorilla Glass on your cell phone, but the folks at Corning and Egan have come up with a great new application of the incredibly light and strong material.  Glass whiteboards look cool, but they also tend to have some pretty noticeable drawbacks that the Corning Gorilla Glass  Marker Board by Egan overcomes.  I want to thank the folks from Corning for sending this sample over … [Read more...]

Cordies from Quirky for Easy Cable Access

Cordies With Cables

Quirky has tons of cool office supplies to help you keep your desk organized, and one of those items are the Quirky Cordies that help keep your cables organized and easily accessible.  The Quirky Cordies give you the ability to easily access and organize 4 cables. … [Read more...]

Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes

Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes Sticky Area

 This is a short post today.  Not short because the Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes don't deserve a long write up, but short because they are just what you would expect from this exceptional brand.  The Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes are standard 3 inch by 3 inch sticky notes with one difference from their regular counterparts.  There are many variations that you can buy these in, however this package has 4 colored pads with 25 sheets on … [Read more...]

Snable Cable Manager and Phone or Tablet Kickstand

Snable Cable Manager Headphones

Snable Cable Manager and Mobile Device Stand Update. Just a quick update today.  Below is our original post on the Snable Cable management tool, but recently we received final production versions now that they have been fully funded on Kickstarter.  They work just as promised but just look a bit more polished and clean than the original sample we received.  You can now grab your very own Snable in black or white.  It's cool to see a product go from … [Read more...]

Evernote Post It – Guest Blogger Needed

Evernote Post-it notes

We are looking for a guest blogger to help us out with a review of the recently announced Evernote Post It Super Sticky Notes.  Check below for details on what we are looking for from a potential guest blogger.  If we pick you, we will send you the products to review once they become available. … [Read more...]

Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag

Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger

  The Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag (via Amazon) is a great looking bag and it has a ton of storage space too.  Beyond the functional specs and the great looks though, this bag was tested by Altego in a pretty unique way that I've never seen before for a messenger bag.  The video above will give you an idea what I mean.  It's worth watching the video just for the great scenic views.  Also, just a heads up that this bag was provided free of … [Read more...]

Trio Binder by Inoventions

Trio Binder Expanded

This Trio Binder by Inoventions (via Amazon) might look like a simple accordion folder, but trust me when I tell you that its much more than that.  Before reading on to see what makes this binder so amazing, just a quick required note that this binder was sent to us for free for the purpose of this review by the folks from Inoventions.  That of course in no way influences this review and the following is our honest opinion of the product based on our … [Read more...]

Ergonomic Clipboard and Tablet Holder

Ergonomic Clipboard Tablet Holder

  You may remember a while ago that we featured an ergonomic clipboard from inventor Jared Joyce.  It was presented on the social product development site Quirky and is back again with a major enhancement and needs your votes and support to make it to the next round where it will be considered for production.  Today I wanted to share the update with you and also revisit the benefits of the original design.  You can check out the Ergonomic Clipboard … [Read more...]

Justick Electro Adhesion White Boards, Bulletin Boards, and Displays

Justick Electro Adhesion Bulletin Board

This has to be one of the more interesting and practical office supplies we have had our hands on in a while.  The Justick Electro Adhesion Display Boards (via Amazon) don't require any type of thumb tacks, glue, magnets, tape, or staples to affix flat smooth items to them.  These bulletin boards rely on electro adhesion (imagine the static electricity from a pair of wool socks fresh out of the dryer) to attract smooth flat items like paper, flyers, … [Read more...]

Exacompta FAF Pad – Retro Desk Pad

Exacompta FAF Pad Writing Sample

This year when I was checking out the Rhodia booth at the National Stationery Show, I saw the Exacompta FAF Pad on display, which I had seen in previous years, but never had a chance to review.  This year, friend of the blog, the wonderfully friendly Karen offered one of these up for us to review.  Clearly I jumped on the chance to do a hands on review of this cool looking retro notepad. … [Read more...]

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