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J Herbin Stormy Grey Saturation

J. Herbin Stormy Grey Review

  I'm a bit late in getting to review this J. Herbin Stormy Grey ink (via Goldspot), partly because I'm a just slow but also because it can be hard to track down sometimes.  I actually placed an order on Amazon for it but they cancelled because they ran out of stock before my order was filled, so that should give you an indication as to the popularity and demand.  If you have missed it and don't know what the big deal is, I'll fill you in with some great pictures of this one of a kind … [Continue reading...]

Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Package Example

Pendaflex Divide it Up Folders

Back when we did the quick round up of some of the different types of file folders out there, I was surprised to get feedback from folks looking for something a little more in depth on some of the options so I figured I’d hit a few of them in coming reviews, starting with these […]

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Platinum #3776 Century Winner

Thanks to everyone that entered our Massdrop sponsored giveaway for the Platinum #3776 Century fountain pen, and apologies for my missing the announcement date originally communicated.  Today however we have the winner to announce: Pete, check your email, you should have something from the folks at Massdrop to respond to so you can get your […]

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  So if you signed up for a chance to win the Platinum 3776 Century from our sponsor Massdrop, you are probably wondering where the announcement of the winner was since we promised it would be up today.  The simple answer is I messed up and had no idea what day it was today, so […]

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Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite Against Edelstein Ruby Bottle

Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite

Our friends over at Goldspot recently provided us with a sweet new Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite for review.  You can check out their stock of the M805 Souveran Stresemann here.  I’m going to start off by apologizing for the number of pictures in this review though because I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this pen, […]

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Noodlers Q Eternity InkJournal

Noodler’s Q Eternity Fast Drying Review

Noodler’s Q Eternity Blue Black (via Goldspot) is part of their fast drying inks that takes pleasure in mocking the questionable Federal Reserve policy of “printing” excess currency in attempts to help stimulate the economy, known as Quantitative Easing.  The spawn of this name for the ink comes from the fact that there seemed to be […]

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Platinum Preppy Extra Fine 02 Capped

Platinum Preppy Extra Fine 02

The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen with an Extra Fine Nib (02) (via JetPens) is a great beginner fountain pen for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of fountain pens.  It will only set you back about $5 and still provide an experience to give you the feel of what using a fountain pen […]

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Massdrop Giveaway

Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen Giveaway

Our friends over at Massdrop are offering up a great giveaway for our readers here today.  They are giving away one black and gold Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen with a fine nib as well as some Platinum Carbon and Platinum Pigment Sepia inks.  All you need to do is click on this link and sign […]

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