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Plug Hub Box

A Discount and Our October 2014 Goldspot Winner Announced

A while back we reviewed the PlugHub CableOrganizer from Quirky and inventor Jared Joyce.  When we first reviewed this nice organizing solution, it was $30, but now with 25,000 units sold they are running a sale on it for just $10!  In addition to the discount on the PlugHub, you can use the coupon code "JARED" to use for an additional 20% off any purchase at the Quirky website. We also have a new site sponsor that has some great pens and notebooks not to mention other awesome accessories, so … [Continue reading...]

Pentel Graphgear 1000 Body

Pentel Graphgear 1000 Mechanical Pencil

The Pentel Graphgear 1000 (via Amazon) is a pretty popular mechanical pencil thats definitely got that engineering or drafting look and feel to it, rather than looking like it was designed for every day writing.  Don’t take that the wrong way though because you can definitely use this mechanical pencil for any of those purposes.

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TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger Side View

TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger Review

The TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger is one of the more interesting chargers you will find with its unique shape and bright colors.  Initially I almost skipped over it because I thought it was too flashy and didn’t seem like a serious option.  Eventually I took the plunge and grabbed it regardless of the slightly more […]

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A great alternative to thumbtacks that leave no holes in your pictures or documents

The Q-Pin Giveaway

We just did our review of these creative and very cool thumb tack alternatives so its time to do our giveaway as well since the manufacturer was kind enough to throw an extra set of 24 our way so we could share with our awesome readers.  We are going to keep this giveaway quick and […]

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Q-pin thumb tack alternative in four colors

Alternative to Thumbtacks The Q-Pin

  If you were looking for an alternative to thumbtacks…you’re welcome.  These Q-Pins (via the Q-Pins website) were sent to us by the manufacturer to take a look at for this review and although reluctant at first, I’ve definitely taken a liking to this creative and very useful product.  As always, although this product was provided […]

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Nu Elite A5 Journal Black Cover

Nu Elite Wiro A5 Journal

Earlier this year when I attended the National Stationery Show in NYC, I saw these journals by NUCO International and they looked great so the kind folks at the booth there offered to send a sample my way after the show.  What we are looking at here today is the Nu Elite Wiro A5 Journal […]

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BIC Disposable Fountain Pen Nib Front

BIC Disposable Fountain Pens

I recently stumbled across these BIC Disposable Fountain Pens (here via Amazon or here via Staples) which were new to me, so I decided to grab some and see how they performed.  I’m also always looking to add to our list of beginner fountain pens because I think some of these more inexpensive fountain pens […]

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Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Standing

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard

The Clipbook is a pretty cool and innovative clipboard that I ran across back at the National Stationery Show this year, and the nice folks that make this here in the US were kind enough to send me a sample for this review.  There is a lot to this unique clipboard that isn’t immediately obvious […]

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