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Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Logo

Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Review

Call me crazy (in fact it was already implied here by loyal reader and friend of the blog, Pete Lavelle) but I really couldn't resist the temptation to pick up a Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad.  You will usually find that reviews here exclude prices because I hate to get into the conjecture of whats "expensive" or "too much" for certain items, but in this case...$45 for a mouse pad, well it certainly wasn't "cheap" so I'll just leave it at that.   One of the first things you might notice about the … [Continue reading...]

Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Binding

Tomoe River Paper Hard Cover Journal

The search for perfect paper for fountain pens to write on seems like a never ending quest sometimes.  The folks over at PaperforFountainPens.com seem to have put together a fantastic little journal that comes pretty close. Their Tomoe River  paper comes bound inside a very well constructed journal cover.  You can even get it in […]

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Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad Writing Sample

Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad

The Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad is an item that I’ve probably meant to add to just about every Amazon order I’ve ever placed for the last two years, but somehow I kept forgetting.  I finally remembered to grab it for myself and I’m pretty pleased that I did.  Note that on the top of […]

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Quirky Align Stapler Box

Quirky Align Stapler

Here is another cool office supply that I picked up from Quirky recently, its the Align Stapler.  As you can see from the box, its main competitive advantage is that it detaches from its base allowing you to extend the reach further than that of a standard stapler.

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